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  1. Thanks for reporting the installer issue. We fixed it and updated the link above with a new build
  2. Today we released Windows 6.25 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.25 GA? Fixed: Some users experienced issues with switching Google accounts once authenticated on non-Chrome browsers Issues with note history import Security update
  3. Today we released Windows 6.24 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.24 GA? Fixed: Some users experienced errors when connecting Evernote to Google Drive The app would not restart after changing language settings When clicking on a notebook, the app would not always load the first note in that notebook The confirmation window when exiting the app was not always visible “Synchronizing notes” progress bar was not appearing
  4. Today we released Windows 6.23 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.23 GA? Fixed: Issue with logging in using Google sign-in Issue with access to Google Drive/Contacts in the app Items in “Shared with Me” disappeared when searching for an invalid keyword Restarts after crashes required the user to first “End Task” via Task Manager Issue with “Send a Copy” if email address contained a capital letter
  5. Today we released Windows 6.22 beta 2. It's available here! What's in 6.22 beta 2? Fixed: - Sometimes the app crashes when clicking on notes in the Note list - Evernote freezes when opening images pasted from Snipping Tools - App becomes unresponsive and fails to save note edits after adding hyperlink with UNC path - Notebook that contains note link shows with "0 notes found" when clicking on a note link in a tagged note - Note list is empty/cut off in the notebook that contains linked note when opening a note link in a reminder note from "All notes" list - Text change in the upgrade window
  6. Today we released Windows 6.22 beta 1. It's available here! What’s in 6.22 beta 1? Fixed: Issues with Evernote links when accessing via shortcuts or after searching for tags Fixed a crash when editing shared notes with images
  7. Today we released Windows 6.21 beta 1. It's available here! What’s in 6.21 beta 1? Fixed: Fixed several crashes Encryption block turns into a .png file after Drag and Drop All notes from a notebook duplicate if opening a notebook from notebook kingdom when using touchscreen Japanese/Korean characters are changed to Kanji or question marks in Work Chat Hyperlinks containing & created on Windows client are broken on other Evernote clients
  8. Today we released Windows 6.20 beta 1. Its available here! What’s in 6.20 Beta 1: New: * Import now allows multiple enex files to be imported (or automatically import entire sequence) Fixed: * Links to Google drive documents created in 6.19 GA on Win client do not work in Web client * Typing in newly created shared note body removes cursor focus and deletes typed text * Edits made on a large note in a separate window are not saved * Fixed an issue with attachments not being saved sometimes when created in large notes in new window
  9. Today we released Windows 6.19 beta 1. Its available here! What’s in 6.19 beta 1? New: * Automated file splitting on export of enex files. We are making it easier to backup and import files, especially on file systems that do not support large files or systems with low memory... * Security update Fixed: * Fixed an error in export option when selecting all notes (Ctrl + A) * Cursor jumps to beginning of note body during sync while editing note in shared notebook * Fixed an issue with changing Evernote DB location
  10. Today we released Windows 6.18 beta 3. It's available here! Update: We reverted to the previous version of Chromium. Please find a new version of beta 3 in the above link What’s in 6.18 beta 3? New: Security update Fixed: German: Transitional HTML entities display in the warning box when moving unshared note to a shared notebook Expanded Notebooks or Stacks in Notebook Kingdom view does not keep after expanding them and returning back Incorrect notebook name is shown on notification message in Japanese Source url field is blank if it is set to https:// in Note info Tooltip is missing from the "Save as Template" icon
  11. Today we released Windows 6.18 beta 2. It's available here! What’s in 6.18 beta 2? New: Shortcut Keys: FindInEvernote: Ctrl+Shift+F CaptureScreen: Ctrl+Alt+S CopySelection: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A Fixed: Security update Print window appears when viewing note that contains clipped PDF Selecting "business notebook" from "All notes" dropdown switches to Personal side in Legacy Business accounts Notes are not saved locally after premium user reached monthly upload limit Unable to open new note window if users save a note as template then invoke Template Gallery
  12. Today we released Windows 6.18 beta 1. It's available here! What’s in 6.18 beta 1? Fixed: - Printing a note with a PDF always prints a blank page first - UserID is shown when user shares a note - "Save as template" icon is too small on note panel toolbar in HiDPI display - Fixed several crashes - Text search blocks last of text in the note - Tag is added to notes without prefix when adding a tag with prefix ";" to notes on multi select view - Drag and drop a resource from computer into an existing note with text does not paste where the cursor is
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