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  1. Yeah, later on I gave it a shot, too. No dice for me, either. Oh well.
  2. I usually think of that sort of activity as a jobs program for QA types... Hope you're enjoying your new gig. Do they want dark mode too?
  3. AH, OK. I don't do that sort of thing myself. I think I'd wind up making way too many separate tags. Just doesn't seem worth the bother. I don't use tags as a navigation system, though I understand that people do. I have a "Book" tag, sure, but I'd use other means, like a text search, to do the other thing. But for the tag case thing, you're welcome!
  4. You didn't say whether you tried a reboot before re-installing. A pain, yes, but might work. Another thing, if you can't restart Evernote, you should Use Task Manager to make sure that all Evernote processes are shut down. Then retry to launch as usual.
  5. Well, the "tabs" would be encoded in the Evernote ENML markup, and that wouldn't change between different platforms. Maybe it's just a configuration difference in the embedded . Just for experimentation's sake, I whipped up a simple indentation test; the first some plain indentations, the second, a bulleted list, something like the following: Unindented Indented 1 Indented 2 Indented 3 List item 1 item 1.1 item 2.1 item 1.2 Here's the ENML for that: <en-note> <div> <div><b>Indent Test</b></div> <div><br/></div> <div>Unindented</div> <div style="margin-left: 40px;">Indented 1</div> <div style="margin-left: 80px;">Indented 2</div> <div style="margin-left: 120px;">Indented 3</div> <div><br/></div> <div>List</div> <ul> <li><div>item 1</div></li> <ul> <li><div>item 1.1</div></li> <li><div>item 2.1</div></li> <ul> <li><div>item 1.2</div></li> </ul> </ul> </ul> <div><br/></div> <div><br/></div> </div> </en-note>]]> I see the "tabs" used by simple indentation as absolute pixel offsets, while the "tabs" used in a bullet list are implicit in the list markup. I'd guess that the latter case is what's different among different platforms due to the implicit indentations for list, but I don't know for certain.
  6. ?? Are you having problems with the web version of Evernote or one of the desktop versions (Windows or Mac)?
  7. I suppose that you could try using the Evernote web client (https://www.evernote.com/Login.action) in the Paperwhite's browser, but I'd give it 50/50 chance that it would work at all.
  8. It's the note's source URL, for example, if it comes from, say, a web clip operation, or yo do a cut/paste from a web page to create the note. I's also displayed in the note Info panel, the "URL" entry, or if you use one of the list views, it's in the "Source Url" column. No way that I know of to remove that field from the header panel above the editing toolbar, or to even configure that panel in general.
  9. While you're waiting for this to happen (if it ever will), you should consider using Evernote reminders to manage your most urgent items. Reminders are displayed in a separate note list above your standard note list and that list can be configured to be sortable by due date or manually (i.e., you can drag notes into any order you please).Got something urgent? Make it a reminder, and it will go into the reminders list; when it's finished, mark it done (and maybe move it to a different notebook) For the basics: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314338-How-to-use-reminders.
  10. So this is really nothing to do with AutoHotKey, then. Just the behavior of Evernote as it's been for some time. It'd be nice to know the rationale behind the prompt. Maybe a security issue? It could certainly be an attack vector, and I'd guess that AV probably wouldn't pick it up if it were malicious. But that's just guesswork on my part.
  11. Yeah, I can replicate that, but I'm not sure why it's not picking up the image. Maybe it needs to have an actual web link (http:// or https://)?
  12. Please post a link to the forum topic you're referencing... If the error coming from the .exe that you are creating, and that's the "some-file.exe" you see in the error message? I don't see how Evernote is getting into the mix here.
  13. Have to ask these questions; sometimes people don't know how do check things out for themselves. Plus the fact that that all links, internal and web links, are working fine for me, at least in (308702) Prerelease, and I can't recall them being broken, since I use them all the time. What type of link is it? A web link?
  14. You didn't say what device type you're using Evernote on (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), but I'll assume it's mobile (Android or iOS0 since the Windows and Mac Evernote applications by default download all of your notes onto your device, so they're always there whether you're online or not. For mobile devices, you may designate certain notebooks as "offline"; that means, if possible (i.e., subject to device storage restrictions), notes in offline notebooks they are kept downloaded on your mobile device. This is done on a notebook basis; there is no way to designate notes as offline using a tag.
  15. Yeah, you've never been able to specify sort order using the search language.
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