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  1. I don't think that there is one. First place to look ins in the Evernote search grammar doc ( You can search for resources of a particular type using "resource:[MIME type string]", but not a resource's name, as far as I can tell. That would be a good addition, I think. If you want, and nobody else knows how to do it, I can move this to a Feedback Forum, which would turn it into a feature request that other users could vote up.
  2. No problem. It's great that you want to foster better communications among Evernote users, but bumping posts isn't really necessary here -- the forum highlights posts that users haven't read yet, so people will see them, and if interested, will respond. Bumping doesn't really add to the conversation.
  3. Please stop bumping your own post.
  4. How about Tools / Options / "New note options" / "Set new note focus to title"?
  5. Ok, right, I have some of these, but I don't use them that often. Anyways, if you right click on the shortcuts area, is the setting "Synchronize shortcuts" checked?
  6. Can you explain that a little more, please?
  7. When the Evernote "bubble" (green elephant with white outline animation) comes up, tap on it, and check the "Clip full article" setting.
  8. Tags are useful for describing things (if that's what you mean by 'taxonomy'), and that's how I tend to use them, but because they can be organized hierarchically, they can be used to reflect hierarchical organization as well -- indeed, multiple independent hierarchical organizations -- with some caveats. The big one is that tag names are unique: if you use a, say, 'Language' as a tag name, it can only exist in one location in your tag hierarchy (or hierarchies). If you assign a single tag from your hierarchy to a note, or to reverse that to resemble a folder analogue, put a note into a single tag in your hierarchy, then you can navigate the tag tree in much the same way as you navigate a folder tree (in the Windows client, anyways). And that's across notebooks, if you wish it, or restricted to a single notebook or a single stack if you wish that. Sure, you need to tag every note if you want them to appear in your tag hierarchy, but you'd need to make sure that you're creating a note in the correct notebook if there were notebook hierarchies. Level of effort seems similar. Beyond that, I'd suggest that you already know how to operate taxonomically: if you use Google or any other search engine, it's pretty similar, mentally. Or just describing objects in your world of discourse. Mind, that's with or without tags, as you can filter on either tags or text in a note: you add tags or text terms to filter your note database down to a smaller set of results. But getting used to thinking that way with respect to the world of computing seems to be a hurdle (even though I guess we overcame it somewhat when we kicked the Yahoo approach to the curb after Google appeared). Don't know what to tell you otherwise. It doesn't look as though Evernote is going to change its mind on nested notebooks any time soon, if at all. I find it to be a great tool regardless, but it's certainly understandable that some folks may not be able to do without notebook hierarchies. Good luck...
  9. What's weird is that I'm seeing the switch happening when I switch themes. Maybe because I explicitly set the style to default? You're right about that. Looks like they need to cover that case as well. By the way, that's a very poorly phrased option label; they should use something like: "Update search results when a note is changed". The tooltip is clearer, but still a bit awkward.
  10. Hmmm. Can't seem to reproduce this: I edited a note in a separate window. Then deleted it from the note list. The separate window doesn't close, but it becomes read-only, just like any other note in the trash.I can't edit it at all; the editing toolbar disappears, and is replaced by buttons that let you Erase or Restore the note. Erase Note closes the separate window. Tried editing the note in the main UI. Deleted it: it disappears from the main UI immediately.
  11. I reset my shared notebook default color to black (not sure what it was before, but I had already styled them to green). So now it's black in the light sidebar, but when I switch to the dark sidebar, the notebook names are white. That seems OK.
  12. This is more likely just the interpretation of the internal markup on the note, projected onto a different OS' viewer. If you export to ENML or HTML, you can examine the markup on text with the two sizes; I'd bet that there's a difference...
  13. When I click that link, I get: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 Contact Us *shrug* That's also not linked to from the main forum page. This seems to be the place, at least for now.
  14. Haven't heard anything either way from the Evernote folks. So sure there's a common core for editing, but that core is embedded into native applications, which need to do all of the interaction with the operating system (files, networking, etc.). And this feels to me like something that's outside the common editor, possibly related to background syncing (because jumping cursors have been associated with that in the past). But that's just a software developer's intuition speaking here, from outside of their actual code world. On the other hand, if it were the common editor, then we'd be hearing about this on other platforms, I expect, and I don't recall any reports on say, the Mac, not that I follow the Mac forums closely at all.
  15. What beta forum? They've been posting about new releases (including betas) here in the Windows product feedback forum for some time (there's also a Product Releases section on the front page of the main forum). I prefer this to using Hangouts for the Android betas, myself...