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  1. In the latest release, 8.12.3, on my Pixel 3a, a shortcut to the note goes directly to the note, skipping the list. Not sure what the difference in your case...
  2. OK, so what you're asking for is that Evernote, when it detects that you have a notebook that contains only one note, automatically opens that note? Seems like it would be work wasted on something that probably rarely happens in the realm of Evernote users, most of whom have multiple notes in each notebook. But hey, it might happen. In the mean time, I think that what you might try is making a shortcut to that note, which will appear in your Shortcuts list, then you can tap on that, and the note will open. Open the note's notebook, and then long-press on it so that a checkbox appears to the left of the note header.Then open the three dot menu at the top of the screen, and select "Add to shortcuts". That should now be in your shortcuts list.
  3. You missed a golden opportunity to point out who's been in the forums even longer... I suppose that puts me in the realm of cave paintings...
  4. Which is data, ironically... Don't know whether that's a big use case for them in the context of the normal single-user Evernote accounts. Some setting *should* be up to the individual user (maybe most), even in a business environment. In the current system, with no explicit support for shared settings, an admin could determine what settings are governed by the registry, and distribute .reg files for users to install. But there's be no stopping users from overriding those settings, though. Just curious: which Evernote settings would you be interested in being common? That being said, there may be better support for onboarding new users in the Evernote for Business product (I don't know a lot about that). You might try asking in this forum: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/277-evernote-business/
  5. @gazumped has been around here for so long, he remembers when Evernote customers were asking for auto updated link titles on their clay tablets...
  6. Great tip, but I think you highlighted the printer, not the trash can. Though my printer does seem to act like a trash can, sometimes....
  7. Sorry to hear this, for your troubles of course, but also for that market segment. I may be an Evernote "fanboy", but competition is a good, thing and it's difficult for a single application to meet all of the needs of a broad spectrum of users. But thanks for leaving the warning.
  8. Works on Windows as well, except that the command is "Move Note to Trash".
  9. The URL is actually, in the API, called the "SourceURL", and is intended to be a URL for the note source, in particular, notqbly a web clip came from (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html#Struct_NoteAttributes). Containing a single URL in this field is not just a Windows thing, btw.. I find the URL field to be incredibly useful (I do a lot of web clips for research-y type notes), and particularly useful in the case where a web clip fails, (as they do sometimes); usually the URL does get captured, and I can just go there and hand clip the content that I want (which is irritating). If I need multiple URLs in a note, I add them to the note body. Its presence in the note header doesn't bother me in general; I typically have a lot of that space filled with tags anyways (tags and notebook name take precedence over URL), and I am able to ignore it like the notes on my fridge: I only heed it if I need it.
  10. My so-called dashboards are pretty simple, but I did start using tables to do divisions to demarcate things that should be kept separate. This seems to work out better than horizontal rules for me, because I can then have horizontal divisions if need be, rather than only vertical divisions.
  11. In the "Classic" and beta web applications, drag/drop of an image from the Windows file explorer seems to work fine. Copy/paste from a Windows File Explorer window doesn't seem to work, but curiously, you can paste from the Windows Evernote screen clipper or the Windows image viewer. Kind of inconsistent there. In the web beta, you can use the "Insert..." menu at the right hand side of the editing panel.
  12. Which Evernote application? Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web?
  13. The import folder @CalS references is the way to go to get separate notes for each PDF. I did try what you did with the latest prerelease ( (308781) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)), and it also concatenated the PDF titles, but it also added all of the PDFs to the note. The behavior you note -- just adding only one PDF -- would clearly be a bug. Adding them as separate notes would be a nice enhancement; maybe if you had Ctrl or Shift down when you dropped the PDF's it could do the separate notes thing, while retaining the current behavior (modulo not capturing all of the PDFs). I can see where both would be useful. So add it to the dictionary, already. Sheesh.
  14. ?? "Dashboard" is a common term: https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/dashboard. Your car has a dashboard. Other applications have dashboards that give you a quick overview of what's going on. It's not that difficult a concept to grasp. It is not a Mac vs. Windows thing. In Evernote, it's just a note; you can be as creative, or note in designing it (mine tend to be more prosaic and less flashy).
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