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  1. Yep, the canonical workaround.
  2. First place to start in learning about advanced Evernote search facilities is the Evernote Search Grammar reference: One very important limitation of the Evernote search language is that you cannot have mixed AND/OR searches (except under very constrained circumstances). Normal Evernote searches are AND searches. By adding the search term "any:", it becomes an OR search. An Evernote search may only be one or the other, not both. And it looks to me that that's what you're trying to create. It sounds like you want to isolate to notes having one of the tags "apple", "lemon", or "tomato", and then select those notes that are not tagged as "not-to-eat" or "deadly"). That would equate to (tag:apple OR tag:lemon OR tag:tomato) AND (-tag:not-to-eat OR -tag:deadly). So that's a mixed AND/OR search, and you just can't express it in Evernote in general. I assume that the explicit Evernote search you tried was "any: tag:apple tag:lemon tag:tomato -tag:not-to-eat -tag:deadly". That's the equivalent of (tag:apple OR tag:lemon OR tag:tomato OR -tag:not-to-eat OR -tag:deadly), which isn't what you want. There's already feature requests for things like "Full Boolean Search", and plenty of debate and discussion, which you can find by searching the forum. I'd suggest that you find one and add your vote to it. Here's one:
  3. You can also use the new "markdownish" shortcut to automatically insert a table with a specified number of elements (see Tools / Options / Note / Note editing options / "Automatically format text elements"). E.g., to insert a 3x1 table, type "[][][]" then Enter. Or to insert a 4x2 table, type [][][][]x2", then Enter. I just did a 10x10 using "[][][][][][][][][][]x10".
  4. In fact, as near as I can tell, it's always the updated date. I was checking this out and thought I was seeing a bug, since there was a note I created two days ago that was not listed using the "updated:day-28" criterion. Turns out, I'd copied the note from a template, and then edited the template rather than the new note, so it had retained its original date. Doh.
  5. Doesn't make sense. Non-local notebooks that are part of the account are synced by definition, regardless of whether they're shared to someone else or not. Looks like an ENScript bug to me.
  6. You are using the snippet view. You should be aware that the data shown on a snippet may not be the created date. You should verify your search using a list view.
  7. It really helps to mention which Evernote client you are using; Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web, etc. Searches can be slow for any number of reasons, and some clients do searching while you type. It might help to figure out why searches are slow for you, when in general, they're not for other users. Also, define your term "very large"
  8. On Windows: Export Excel file as HTML Drag/drop the HTML file into Evernote Edit: Retracted. Didn't work as I expected it to. Will think about it, but copy/paste should work for simple cases.
  9. No idea. I'm just an Evernote user like you are. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this, if I were you.
  10. Oh, duh -- yes, so-called selective sync. My fault; somehow I had stuck in my head that you were referring to multiple notebook search. Chalk it up to #BadAtMultitasking
  11. Not sure that's in the cards any time soon; that's a search language change, so it affects all clients. No question that it would be useful, though. Hope the on-demand sync thingie works out for you...
  12. Moved to web clipper Product Feedback subforum, since it's a web clipper issue. Subject Date vs Create Date is the question. Remarks wouldn't be that useful: if it's in the note, then you can't really sort by it.
  13. You certainly can: use the notebook dropdown in the toolbar above the note to select the new notebook.
  14. Yes? What problem? Which Evernote client? The forums are here to offer help from the Evernote community, and there are a lot of knowledgeable Evernote users here. But you have to ask first. Evernote works for a lot of people, me for one You still haven't been specific about what your difficulty was. If you're not here to seek help, and you're not here to offer constructive criticism of the Evernote product, then... ????
  15. Appears to be Mac-only. Is that true? (this is a Windows-specific subforum).