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  1. I can confirm the behavior. In addition, general search on the recognition text doesn't seem to find the note either (it does in the native Windows application, though it doesn't in the web version). I did check and made sure that the desired text was in the recognition text. You will likely not get a direct answer from Evernote here, as this is primarily a user forum, not an official support forum. For official support, you can try https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps?lang=en
  2. I'd like to see that standard, but from my experience, Alt+F4 closes the current active window. It's just the same as clicking the 'X' icon in the title bar, or clicking Alt+Space and then selecting "Close" from the popup menu. Internally, I think it just sends a WM_CLOSE message to the current window, and then that window does its thing. Some Microsoft documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/learnwin32/closing-the-window. In particular, this means that you can do Alt+F4 t o close a child window of an application (e.g., a dialog), and it won't close the whole application. I believe that that's the intent, and anecdotally, that's the way that the software I work on behaves as well. As does the Windows Evernote application. I think that Evernote is working as it should with respect to Alt+F4. It should not be changed. With respect to Escape, I think that it's a poor choice in general, though the stated problem, "I was just trying to de-select some text" isn't really valid as that's not how you de-select text anyways (the selected ext just sits there looking at you saying "So what."). For completeness sake, we should note that for using Escape for closing a dialog is certainly common practice in Windows (I think it's the default behavior), but in this case, it's surprising, as the separate note window doesn't look like a dialog, it just looks like a separate document window. That's what should be changed.
  3. I see word and character counts in the Evernote native Windows application. at the bottom of the note editor window. What are you using?
  4. I can't tell you what Evernote's business strategy is, but my any measure, they've achieved a pretty good market share in the note-keeping/taking market. As far as I can tell, Evernote is most commonly used for collecting and organizing disparate sorts of information. It's great for research, record keeping, and many other related uses. As you found out, its tools for to-do list activities are on the light side -- in fairness, they've never advertised themselves as a dedicated to-do list application, and that's pretty clearly not been their business strategy. I use Evernote's reminders for light to-do stuff at home; for the real thing at work, we use dedicated software for that (though Evernote still plays a pretty good-sized part of my day-to-day). So OK, you expended some energy figuring that out; that's pretty much what you have to do when looking for tools of any kind, software or hardware. And sure, a recurring reminders facility is a longstanding request, one of a fair number; many software companies have a significant backlog of feature requests, and they, like Evernote prioritize on things like level-of-effort, fit for their customers, and their own vision for what Evernote should be. Companies have limited resources, and must choose how to use them. Sometimes they're smart about it, sometimes not. Moral of the story: you were looking for a tool that solved your need for recurring reminders. You expended a some effort and found out that Evernote was not that tool. Sorry that you feel like you wasted your time, but it also feels as though you let your own expectations override actual facts. As far as wasting time registering for the forum and writing a post here, you chose to do that. I'm puzzled as to why you even bothered.
  5. You'll get better answers if you tell us which Evernote applications you are using, e.g. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS,or web...
  6. Which Evernote applications are you referring to? Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web? The Windows application has some pretty nice UI for selecting tags.
  7. On Android, you use the "hambuger" menu to pop out a panel from the left side of yout screen. You should see a "Tags" entry in the list, underneath the entries for "All Notes", "Notebooks" and "Shared with Me". Tap it --> Tags!
  8. This is not hijacking you or holding you captive. It is just part of the Basic, free Evernote plan. It looks like you ran into the device limit: you are limited to using a maximum of 2 synced devices at a time, plus the web version. Here's some info on the device limit: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218558068-Understanding-the-device-limit
  9. Right you are -- probably should have specified "though the Evernote application UIs", but it seemed to be part of the problem definition. Even so, if you want to do this with ENEX files, you'd need to understand how to figure out which note each highlight markup belongs to, and then add a special tag to the note, and then re-import the note back into Evernote in such a way that it replaces the original note. Let's just say that this isn't going to win any UX prizes any time soon...
  10. Is this Windows? Mac? Web? I see that the Android app has them, though they only appear when they apply. To tell the truth, I always use Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y; these are about as common in all Windows editing programs as they get, even in web-based applications. They're pretty hard-wired into my fingers at this point...
  11. Except that the original request was how to search and pull up only highligted text So before you can tag a note that has highlighted text, you have to be able to find those notes first. And in Evernote, there's no way to do that.
  12. Yep. If I was doing anything particularly fancy, especially with use of different font faces, I'd use the dialog, as that lets you get everything in one fell swoop. But since I generally just do simple boldface, italicization, increase/decrease of fonts, bullet-pointing, and simple stuff that has keyboard shortcuts, that fits my workflow better. Choice is good.
  13. I think they already know it's a feature request...
  14. Just because they haven't implemented this request doesn't mean that they don't take privacy seriously. Their security focus is mainly on security of your notes when they're being transferred over the Internet, and on their servers. More info here: https://evernote.com/security. Currently, if I want stuff encrypted in Evernote, I just use an encrypted container attachment (.zip file, PDF, etc.). For the short term, while Evernote sorts out its platform re-org and infrastructure, that's probably going to have to suffice. Once that's done, then maybe they'll address this feature request. Zoom is still wildly popular, as far as I can tell. They've had some security stumbles, no doubt, but they've been working to address them. See e.g. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/zoom-security-privacy-woes. Not sure what you mean by 'end up'; they're still in business. Hadn't heard of these folks before. Hard to tell how well they're doing or how well it stacks up against Evernote, feature-wise. I guess is privacy is a pressing concern, they might be worth checking out.
  15. Keyboard combinations are generally acknowledged to be faster for typists; you can obviously also to it via the note editor formatting menu as well (or the formatting dialog, as pointed out by @CalS).
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