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  1. Searching based on multiple tags

    In addition to what DTLow said, if you want to use the any: term: On the other hand, there is a way to implement mixed AND/OR searches if you can use wildcards. For example, if @Home and @Errands are the only tags that you have that have a '@' at the start, then a search like "reminderOrder:* tag:@*" should work, since using wildcards act like OR filters. But that's not a general solution, just a side effect of wildcards.
  2. Hmm, OK. The Web Clipper Product Feedback and Help subforums seem to have emigrated to the Penultimate forums, here: Curious...
  3. Showing Reminders in Windows

    Click on the little button directly to the left of the search box above your note list to switch views; you'll find Snippet and Card views available. Also, F5 will cycle around the different view types.
  4. Worth a shot, anyhow. Please post back to let others know how it worked for you.
  5. Goodbye Evernote

    Hmm, haven't seen anyone else be confused over the Evernote merge function -- it was introduced and presented as a note concatenation tool, and nothing to do with note conflicts. I read a lot of posts on these forums (though not all), and that was a new one on me. For what it's worth, you can diff/merge (my goto is BeyondCompare) the exported ENML versions, if you're using either the Windows or Mac desktop versions. It does seem odd though. My setup is two accounts, one for work and one for personal. I work at home sometimes, and I find it useful to share my work notebooks to my personal account, and a couple of my personal notebooks to my work account. In particular, my work Todo notebook sees a lot of activity across multiple devices (mostly Windows desktops), and I have rarely (maybe one per year over ~9 years of Evernote) encountered note conflicts. I know that they plague some people, but I can't figure what I might be doing right
  6. Windows Client Slow

    Um, see Halting Problem...
  7. Maybe housekeeping Hercules and the Augean stables style?
  8. The web clipper forum seems to have disappeared. Is that unintentional and something's gone wrong with the forum database, or is Geoff just in the process of moving the furniture around? Inquiring minds want to know...
  9. Evernote for Windows 6.7 GA

    Appreciate it; it's a pain, I know pretty well...
  10. Evernote for Windows 6.7 GA

    Not sure whether this has been reported yet, but here goes: When using Ctrl+UpArrow and Ctrl+DownArrow to scroll up and down in a note, the current cursor location in the document should move so that it stays in the note window. If you scroll the current location off the screen, then try to do something; the display pulls the current cursor location back into the window, and the jump is startling. Relevant examples: Notepad++, Visual Studio, WordPad.
  11. Tag menu idea

    In the Evernote Windows application, if you Shift+Click on a tag in a note header, the tag is added to the current search. It probably would be more discoverable to have a menu entry in the context menu, but at least you can accomplish the same thing.
  12. My default note font size is 10 (Tahoma), in 6.7.4. Works for me... ?!? If you're really having problems with this and don't want to wait, try completely shutting down Evernote by right-clicking on the Evernote icon in the Windows notification tray, and selecting Quit Evernote. Open the registry editor and navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Evernote\Evernote and look for the value labelled "NoteFontSize". If it's not 10, then edit it.
  13. Windows Client Slow

    I'm not sure what all of the fuss is about. The Windows Evernote application is way better than the web app, in terms of usability and functionality, and I wouldn't trade in the current state that they're in. I use Evernote for Windows on two separate machines (work and at home), both decent but not overkill (16GB RAM, one or mode SSDs),.both used for software development of a relatively large project (> 2500 source files of ours, plus many utility libraries); the project itself is for GIS analysis -- a lot of it multi-threaded -- and visualization, including 3D . Aside from that, I do keep my Evernote databases on SSD drives, and rarely encounter any slowdowns / stuttering / etc. I don't have a particularly large Evernote database (2400+ notes, 1GB drive size here, ~600K memory footprint for the executable here at work, larger at home), so maybe it's that. But it just works. It's certainly fit for my purpose. Your mileage may vary, but the only person who can determine that for your environment is you.
  14. No; that's is a separate request. Maybe it would work for you, but that's not what the people requesting for nested notebooks are asking for. The "Table of contents" is actually akin to a request for "internal links", or "anchors", which can take you from one location in a note to another. They've been requested before, elsewhere in the forums. Internal links would be useful.
  15. Flagged your post for moderator attention. Though thinking about it, you're posting here. I'm not sure what you're asking for; I see your post right here: Evidently you are already approved.