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  1. Moving to Mac subforum.
  2. Ah, OK, my mistake. I don't know any way to do this at all then.
  3. Please search the forum for 'linux' to find an existing feature request for a Linux client, and add your vote, rather than making new requests. There are several.
  4. Evernote users tend to use tags for categorization; the rationale is that tags are more flexible than notebooks, since a note might validly belong to more than one categorization scheme (think library book categorization, e.g. historical fiction, true crime, science fiction, etc.)
  5. To find untagged notes, use the search: -tag:* The Windows client (you didn't specify your platform) allows sorting a view by Tags.
  6. If you add the term "-resource:application/pdf" to your search, this will exclude PDFs. I know of no other way to do this in the Evernote clients that I use (Windows, Android, web).
  7. Windows? Mac?
  8. As I say, a separate account (it can be free), can be a good option, at least temporarily, provided you can reasonably limit the number of note's you need on the smaller device. I do something similar with my work, though for a different reason: I want access to my personal software development library (somewhat large), but I don't want my personal stuff visible in my work account. I share work notebooks with my personal account freely, useful because I do work at home semi-regularly. One drawback is that you cannot create new tags in the other account, but that's pretty minor in my usages, since I don't create new tags very often. The other option would be to use the web client, of course, that that seems to be languishing in terms of development efforts these days...
  9. Presumably you've reported this bug through official channels -- the forums are certainly monitored, but in this case, I'd try to cover all of the bases -- that's something that should be fixed. In the meantime, what I'd do is recommend a second account, and use it on the Dell, sharing only the notebooks you need there to that account. Eventually, when On Demand syncing gets sorted out (it's in the current beta; discussed here:, latest beta thread here:, that might be a better option for that device.
  10. I guess the questions would be: are you both editing the same note concurrently? And is the "syncing" actually note syncing (the note undergoes a sync-with-server action), or just an indication that since the notebook is shared, Evernote needs to monitor both accounts to coordinate any changes among shared notes?
  11. "Filing" for me is most often via tags. Creating new notebooks is *extremely* rare (your limit is 250 for personal Evernote accounts anyhow). While the ability to easily add new notebooks via the UI would be a nicety, I'd guess that this is a minor annoyance for most Evernote users. In any case, upvoted. I doubt that there's anything that would intrinsically prevent this in the Evernote architecture, but you can read up on that here: Developer Documentation and API Reference, and specifically the createNotebook function. I haven't seen anything that indicates that creating a new notebook is particularly onerous, but I've never actually programmed against the Evernote API, so a grain of salty there.
  12. Seems like some nasty bugs have been fixed in this one. In the prior beta, I would occasionally find some notes that would have bulleted text disappear if ( did a paste operation into the note, seemingly anywhere. Was really weird, and not really reproducible, though I suppose I could have saved the note to ENEX and re-imported it to see if if failed in the imported copy as well. Anyhow, so far, one note that I had problems with doesn't have the problem now.
  13. Manual install. I believe that the bits of the executable are supposed to be the same, but there is evidently a difference, at least in that respect. I wonder whether it's a permissions thing?
  14. I see it in the Startup folder for my account. Press Win+R, type shell:startup at the prompt, then Enter, and that's your startup folder. You should see shortcuts for EvernoteClipper and EvernoteTray. You could also use the Microsoft Autoruns utility to track it down.