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  1. I don't have any insight as to how hard Evernote thinks this is or not. Do you? I just know that historically they've not been interested in doing it, though that may change (there's a post elsewhere from an Evernote employee that claims that they are planning on adding nested notebooks; I'll try to find it and add the reference) . You do need to use some sort of a user-enterable delimiter that doesn't conflict with existing usage, since ':, (as well as other punctuation characters) are already allowed in stack names. And likely some changes required to support stack searches as well (stack:MyStack). Not very likely, but over 200 million users, definitely possible. Moreover, given nested stack trees A/B/C and 1/B/2, so is the stack 'B' the same one in both subtrees? Maybe that's not a problem. And search: if 'B' is a virtual stack as before, then a search string of "stack:B" should do..??? My take: stacks are already a hack (they're just a name attached to a notebook, and not separate entities). Your idea is clever, but it just compounds the hack, rather than Evernote just taking a big breath (and the development hit) and implementing nesting correctly.
  2. jefito

    Backwards Compatibility in Evernote

    PDFs are just attachments, and should be handled in the UI according to the Evernote client version you're using. I wouldn't worry about those. Tables are rendered differently in newer Evernote clients, and there's specific UI for editing these. They may be problematic in older versions, but those versions may just default to treating a table as a table. That'd probably be worth testing.
  3. jefito


    This just seems to be a request for comments as implemented in MS Word. You have a shared document, you can highlight a selection, and comment on it, and the comments live in the margin area.
  4. The merge process, as I understand it (based on the Windows client), entails making a new note, copying the selected notes in, potentially with separators, and then moving the selected notes to the Trash, leaving only the merge note. If you can't delete a shared note, then evidently you cannot use it in a merge operation. Workaround: copy / paste.
  5. The first one, though they may be related...
  6. This is a known issue. Moving to a Windows-specific subforum.
  7. The original Evernote installer comes from Evernote. Then, as far as I can tell, it gets wrapped up in some other executable (e.g. EvernotePortable_6.5.4.4720.paf.exe ) that portabalizes it. The portabalizer stuff isn't written by Evernote.
  8. jefito

    Can't edit parts of a note

    A web search on "evernote old version windows" turns up several locations where you can get old versions of Evernote. I've used the FileHippo site in the past for other software. Can't testify to other sites.
  9. jefito

    User Manual? Real help functionality?

    A web search on "evernote windows shortcuts" yields, for one, https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-What-are-the-keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows-. Not sure how up-to-date it is, but worth reading. Date+Time shortcut, as documented there, is Alt+Shift+D, but Ctrl+; also works, and it's the one that I use.
  10. Doesn't really work if you've just typed a tag name in the "Add a new tag:" edit control, as that control swallows the Enter to add the tag to the list. Ctrl+Enter should probably work there, but it doesn't either; it just acts like Enter does
  11. jefito

    other Evernote for Linux

    But hey, if you're Evernote, maybe you're saying "cool, someone else is doing that work for free." Is this where we cue the Open Source chorus "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"? Not to mention that Evernote has plenty of bugs that make it irritating for some people to work with. Given that Evernote hasn't historically seemed interested in developing a native Linux client, how about supporting the person who does? In addition, I think that everyone's hoping that the promised new version of the Evernote web client becomes a much more viable application than the current one.
  12. jefito

    Hyperlink Automatic or Not

    The purpose of the feature request forums is to gather new ideas for Evernote, and collect other users' interest in those new ideas. Sometimes Evernote employees chime in, often they do not. I noticed that there are no votes for this idea. If you like the feature, then you should do that...
  13. jefito

    windows Context reminder popup is annoying

    Not sure what this has to do with the Context display...
  14. e.g. https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/8/17318334/windows-10-sets-apps-programs-website-tabs-microsoft-build-2018
  15. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    Good to know that this is just an Evernote Windows client display issue. Not my call (and I don't understand your implication that emoji broke "... core features"), and since I don't have any knowledge as to level of effort to implement emoji in the Evernote client vs, say, getting editing to work exactly rock-solid perfectly (though I might have some intuition), I can't make that judgment. Not that I care about emoji all that much, but I had just read about the Win 10 emoji 'keyboard', and it amused me to mash it up against the new Evernote emoji support, and report my findings, particularly given the bitterness that some folks seem to feel about them having added it, and hey, lots of people like emojis (witness their popularity)...1 1 In other words, it was all a light-hearted troll