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  1. Simple value proposition of Premium: it works for me, at home and helps me at work, too, all for a price that's considerably less than my coffee bill (which helps me in the same contexts, but doesn't keep my stuff). OneNote turned out to be clumsy with my notes, so it's not worth it to me, even for free. Other Office components are worth it, but aren't what Evernote is. Other Evernote competitors not even in the game. Easy choice.
  2. From Chantal's original topic post: "On demand sync: an option if you want note content to be downloaded only when you see the note in the note list." That might lead one to believe that your expectation was the right one. But I think it's more complicated than that: I boldfaced the parts that lead me to believe that just because a note appears in a note list that it will be fully downloaded. That wold imply that if you selected a notebook, then all of its notes would be downloaded, and I doubt that that's the intent. It's really to try to identify notes that you've been looking at (i.e., notes you select individually get higher priority) and download those fully. But hopefully Peter will chime in and set us all straight on that. This question does make me wonder whether operations like "Download selection", "Download notebook", "Download note list" would be useful. I think they would, but it seems that Evernote is trying to make this facility pretty transparent with less UI involvement. Not for me to say either way, though.
  3. As far as I know, there's no email support for any Evernote level (I See the following for submitting a support ticket: There's also chat support for paid users users: Priority chat for Premium users: See for more. There's also support via Twitter : See I'd try there first.
  4. I tested this before I wrote my reply. Make sure that you're not trying to drag the PDF onto reminders (i.e., close the reminders panel) if you're using Snippet, Card, or Thumbnail view. Note that if you're trying to drag onto one of the list views, you cannot drag it onto the first entry in the list, for some reason, which seems like a small bug.
  5. As far as I know, note zoom is a local setting; it is not transmitted to someone sharing a note (i.e., it's not part of the note's ENML content). As far as I can tell, it doesn't even persist between different viewings on the same machine (i.e., click on a note, change its zoom, click on a different note, and then return to the original note: its zoom is set to the default) It sounds as though the other user may have modified font size (Ctrl+> or Ctrl+<) of all or selected parts of the note.
  6. I know of several drop areas in Evernote for Windows client: inside a note in the note editor (the note body, not in the note title or editing toolbar) your note list (the actual list, not the reminders panel) On a notebook in the notebook list in the left panel There may be others. Have you tried the above?
  7. There should be no problem with extremely long lines; carriage return/linefeed characters are not significant when interpreting the underlying Evernote ENML markup. "<div><br/></div>" sequences shouldn't cause any problems, if properly balanced (if they're not, than Evernote should tell you that there's a problem with the note). On the other hand, by removing them, you've probably removed blank lines used for formatting purposes: in ENML, <div> ...blab...</div> puts "...blah..." on a line by itself; <div> <br/> </div> just creates a blank line. In fact, if your note contains code samples, it makes perfect sense for them to be there because we use blank lines in code all the time. If there were lots of them in the note in sequence, then that might indicate that something weird may have happened (did your cat fall asleep on the Enter key?), but they really shouldn't be problematic on their own. It not clear why what you did seems to work, but if the note now looks OK, maybe that was indeed the problem. It's just that something doesn't seem to quite jibe with that explanation. Reference: ENML: Understanding the Evernote Markup Language
  8. This is kinda a pain, and it's somewhat explained in the search grammar reference (, but it would certainly be handy to have better Evernote search facilities, including this one. Upvoted.
  9. DTLow's correct. See
  10. In the Windows Evernote client, when you right click on a note in the note list, in the section directly below "Copy note link", you should see entries for "Copy to notebook..." and "Duplicate note".
  11. Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? Help us help you. Multi-select certainly works on the WIndows client...
  12. That's the way it works today, but that will change soon. See the discussion on the latest beta for the Evernote Windows client here: ...specifically the stuff about demand syncing.
  13. See And
  14. Sorry to hear that your mother is ill. Free accounts can be used on only two devices at a time (not including the web client); assuming that you're already using 2 devices (your iPhone, right?), then it may suit you to temporarily disable your home computer while you're working on your Mom's computer, and that should work fine with your free account (all of this is via the Evernote user interface; you don't need to be on your home computer to disable it). When you get home, disable your Mom's computer, and you should be good to go. You don't need to do anything special on your home Evernote; just download the application on your Mom's PC, install it, and log in with your Evernote account. It will sync, and you should be good to go. Ditto the iPhone (if you haven't already). When you're leaving your Mom's, make sure that you sync the Evernote installation on her PC before you leave, then when you get home, the new stuff will sync to your home computer.