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  1. Not sure what you're expecting here. This is a known problem (I'm sure that Evernote knows about it, too), without a known solution. Some folks have found that putting your Evernote database on an SSD will improve this (it did for me); that's good -- and relevant -- information, as there's no real answer as yet, but that can help some cases. There's nothing here that's non-topical; there's just no known fix. Of course we want Evernote to solve this; I have a feeling that if it were easy to fix, then they would have already, as this directly affects user interaction with the Evernote application.
  2. According to the FAQ (, the process of moving to the Google servers hasn't started yet, though that doesn't mean that they haven't made some changes behind the scenes to get ready for it. Short form: you're losing data. You need to open a support ticket.
  3. Moving this to the Evernote Feature Request forum so that you all can vote on it proper like...
  4. Notebooks are containers; they are where your notes live (each note is in exactly one notebook). Notebooks can either be local or synced on the desktops. For mobile, they can be offline or not. Also, notebooks can be shared. Tags are labels you stick on notes; you can have any number of tags on a note, so they can't be considered to be containers in the same way that notebooks are. They're just a means of describing notes. Tags apply to notes regardless of whatever notebooks they reside in, whether they're local, synced, offline, or shared. So there's no such thing as an offline tag, and it's unlikely that there ever would be. One property of the tag hierarchy is that a tag name can appear in only one place in the tree, unlike with folders/files in file system. That is a tag subtree of, for example: Photos Countries Sweden Japan Languages Countries Sweden Japan would be illegal in Evernote. That's why I say that tags "kinda, sorta" work as hierarchical storage; there are some gotchas. This means that you need to carefully consider the tag hierarchies that you set up. You need to first consider your notebooks, and set them up as collections according to whether you would want to use them as offline or as shared. That's your basic partitioning. Then work on your tag structure from there. Generally, the way I use notebooks is to partition my notes according to how I want to share them and how I want them to be usable on mobile. I share certain notebooks with my work account. And I only need certain notebooks on my mobile devices (a different set of notebooks for each of my two devices). The rest of my organization is done using tags.
  5. I believe that users want to navigate their tags much like you'd navigate a folder tree, seeing only the notes that have the current tag. It's sorta do-able on the desktops and Android; not so much on iOS, I guess. And this is what Evernote recommends as as alternative to notebook hierarchies for people who want some sort of hierarchical organization.
  6. Tags are presented hierarchically on Android, though not quite in the same way as on the desktop. Are you on iOS?
  7. But can you still tell it where to find the database in its custom location?
  8. Are you seeing their actual posts? You shouldn't be. Are you seeing their quotes in other people's posts? Ignore doesn't make those go away.
  9. I gotta say that the choice of exporting a note to ENEX format when dragging it out of Evernote into the shell seems a little strange and surprising. Making a shortcut to the note seems more natural...
  10. Yep; too much trouble for me, too, and my desktop is usually too covered with application windows to make interacting with it worth my while, anyways. One of those windows is the Evernote window, of course. As you learn more about Evernote and accumulate more and more notes, you'll find ways to organize your notes so that they stay easy to find. You're welcome. There are a number of people who are very knowledgeable about Evernote and its various clients (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.) and are active in helping other users. Feel free to ask anything.
  11. If you drag a note from Evernote onto your desktop, then what you're really doing is exporting that note to a separate file.Then when you double-click on it from the desktop, it imports it in as a new note. Sounds like that's your main difficulty. There is a way to put notes on the desktop as a shortcut, I believe. See: Local notebooks are notebooks that are never synced to the Evernote servers. Notebooks are synced by default; you need to designate a notebook as local to change that.
  12. Yes, they do. They don't always respond.
  13. This quote is from the first of the linked articles. Seems pretty definitive to me. " On August 2, 2016, Evernote Touch will be replaced with the full-featured Evernote for Windows desktop app in the Windows Store. "
  14. If you hit F5 (change view type) until list view comes back, does it look correct? If, then maybe you'll want to try the reboot/re-install route.
  15. Does the following help? How to change your account login email address