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  1. Code block language formatting

    We like to see more of them, too, but they don't generally do it too often. Usually following the beta releases will give you a flavor of what's coming up soon; for some of the clients there are forum topics so that you can read what's going on without actually using the beta. More long term plans tend not to be revealed.
  2. Disable clipper

    As far as I know, you can't disable it without disabling the rest of Evernote. If you don't want it to load at startup, then disable that: Tools / Options / Launch Evernote at Windows Startup. But from what I'm seeing, it's taking up about 8MB of memory (not that much) and very little CPU when not being used.
  3. F7 Spell Check Gone

    The curious thing to me is that while I've read the reports that it's broken, I see the spellchecking part of it working for me, as well as the adding of words like 'F9' to the list of approved words, though they're not winding up in the user.dict that I think should have them (more spelunking required). Mysteries abound...
  4. If you need premium, why not just pay for it? Or maybe you can get by with Plus..
  5. F7 Spell Check Gone

    OK, that's the part that's unclear/ambiguous to me. I certainly believe that you shouldn't need to make an explicit feature request to restore the spellchecker feature, and that your tech should have done it for you, and that's how I read their message. But that's an assumption on my part. That being said, posting on the forums should also make this a feature request (and if you want, we can move this to an actual feature request forum, so that others can vote on it). In addition, I'd still be wondering whether spelling errors are redlined in your version automatically? I can certainly see them on my machines. Lastly, you should be able to fetch an older version of Evernote and re-install. They can be found at in the column to the right.
  6. Not sure what you mean. Are you saying that you're selecting the URL in the browser header, copying it to the clipboard, and pasting it into an Evernote note? Or are you making a selection on the web page, and copy/pasting that into an Evernote note? Or are you using the Evernote web clipper to clip the page into a note?
  7. ruler doesnt operate well

    Windows? Mac? Android? iOS?
  8. F7 Spell Check Gone

    I don't see this as dismissive, just informative. The support person (almost never someone who can control product feature inclusion/removal) is telling you what happened: someone at Evernote decided to remove the spell checker (possibly due to usage telemetry??) and that's what they did, and a possible resolution: the request to reinstate it will now be treated as a feature request. I understand that loss of the feature is disappointing (and I certainly agree that feature removals should be announced rather than dropped as a user surprise), but the tech's reply seems purely descriptive, and not as if they're trying to blow you off. All the tech can do is relay the request up the line. Oh, and the way that I read it, the spell check should happen automatically; you should see red underlines on things like 'F9' and 'K42'' without needing to spellcheck automatically, at least I do.
  9. native linux client

    Anyone looked at the open source Tusk Evernote client? Purports to be available for Linux.
  10. Code block language formatting

    'Super gurus''and 'gurus' are users just like you are, not Evernote employees. They are typically ardent Evernote users who are also allowed to express their own opinions on the forums. Nobody, but nobody, is being silenced (modulo forum posting rules).
  11. Remove all formatting does not remove tables

    I tried this in the current Windows client, I noted the following: * if you select text (not cells) in a table, then Ctrl+Shift+Space will remove the formatting from the selected text * if you select one or more cells, then Ctrl+Shift+Space removes formatting from the text in all of the table's cells * if , you just have the cursor anywhere in a note with no selection (including in a table cell), then formatting is removed from all text in the note. Note that link formatting (blue underscore, clickability) is preserved with Ctrl+Shift+Space, as are bullets and checkboxes. Ctrl+Shift+Space then appears to act only on formatting specific to a piece of text, and not structural formatting like tables and lists. I don't know of a single operation that removes a table but leaves the content, but you can fake it by selecting all cells in the table, and then using the little dropdown arrow at the top right, select "Merge cells". You should wind up with a single celled table with all of your content present. Select that, and copy/move it elsewhere, and delete the table.
  12. Stack Searching

    Don't know whether an official ticket was filed, but I am still operating under the impression that all forum posts are read (and bugs filed as needed)...
  13. Hi Leo, I'm a personal edition user (so I can't Business edition specific things out), and am just trying to wrap my head around what spaces are and how they fit into the Evernote architecture. I understand that stacks are pretty evanescent in Evernote (they're just a name in a notebook object). I've read the Stacks tutorial ( and still haven't quite figured things out. From that, I see: Spaces, unlike stacks, can contain individual notes. Spaces, like stacks, can contain notebooks. A notebook may reside in at most one Space (similar to stacks) Spaces, unlike stacks, may be shared with other users Questions that come to mind: Does a note in a Space also reside in a notebook? Or does this mean that the owner of a note can be either a notebook or a space? Can a notebook reside in a stack and a space at the same time? Can a space contain other spaces? Are spaces searchable via the search language similar to notebooks (and at least in the Windows client, stacks)? E.g. 'space:MySpace updated:month-1' Can spaces contain other things like saved searches? You can pin notes for easy access in a Space; will reminder notes also participate in the pinning? Cheers, from a curious Evernoter
  14. Because Evernote are (at least considering) adding Spaces to the personal version as well: So therefore, some of us non-Business users want to try to understand what they are because 1) they may be coming to our town, and 2) we can help explain them to other users who may ask questions about them here in the forums.
  15. Stack Searching

    @greggc You're right. This is broken. Since stacks are valid search contexts (Since the "stack:<stack name>" term is allowed in the Windows client, and still works), the search control shouldn't change contexts when you add a new term to a stack search. If your context is a notebook, then this behaves correctly. I'd rate this as a bug.