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  1. Evernote for Windows 6.8 Beta 4 Released

    Is this a problem with the web clipper or the Windows client? It'd probably be helpful to post a sample site, if that's feasible...
  2. Then go discuss it in a Mac-specific subforum. This is a Windows-specific subforum. Did you even read what I wrote (and which you quoted)?
  3. If you're having trouble with the Mac client, then you should post in the Mac Help forum: The current topic is a Windows-specific topic, in a Windows-specific forum.
  4. Evernote updated and deleted all my notes

    First check to see if you've actually logged into your account correctly. Second, log into the Evernote web on your account to see whether your notes are still on the Evernote servers.
  5. Shared Link

    This is what I see in the current Windows beta ( With a note selected in the note list, Ctrl+Alt+L : evernote:///view/48005074/s244/afccaae4-c681-43f1-824a-363a60a2291d/afccaae4-c681-43f1-824a-363a60a2291d/ Note / Copy Internal Link : Right-click on note / Copy internal link : Right-click on note / Ctrl + Copy internal link : evernote:///view/48005074/s244/afccaae4-c681-43f1-824a-363a60a2291d/afccaae4-c681-43f1-824a-363a60a2291d/ Ctrl+/ : Copy Sharable Link :
  6. Note missed in a upgrade

    You didn't mention it, but did you check the Trash folder? For support, did you should the EvernoteHelps twitter feed? See :
  7. Loss of Notes after Merging of Notebooks

    If you're saying that you did a merge operation, but no merge note was created, then that's a bug, and you should report that in a new topic in the Mac Product Feedback forum here:, as this is a different issue than what the original post here discusses.
  8. Why oh why is there no literal search in Evernote?!

    So why is it that I seem to be the only one who *doesn't* have "single mom" in my notes database??? . . . OK, so that was rhetorical.; I'm sure it's just a demographical thing, right?
  9. Loss of Notes after Merging of Notebooks

    Are you saying that you merged separate notes into a single note?The original notes should be in the Trash. Are they? Or are you saying that you moved a bunch of notes into a different notebook, and you deleted the original notebook, which is the original problem reported here. Are you using the Mac Evernote client?
  10. The snippet view in Windows already does list the note's tags: It only lists the tags on one line, which does not wrap, but they are there, in blue, following the date (which is the updated date, I think). The notebook is not present. Card view and thumbnail view do not show either of these bits of metadata.
  11. What is the OS for your Evernote client? What is your email client? Is it Outlook? Outlook is the only email application that has a direct integration with Evernote, as far as I know ( Other than that, there should be no way for Evernote to be reaching into your email client for notes; it would need to be on the other end (IFTTT hasn't fully stopped forearding emails along, etc.). You might try exporting an emailed note to Evernote format (.enex) and examining the exported file in a text editor for clues...
  12. Why oh why is there no literal search in Evernote?!

    If this is indeed a bug, then this a valid forum for discussion.
  13. Do you have any autoforward rules in your email client that sends certain classes of emails to your evernote email account?
  14. Search is inefficient for the most part

    You'll need to be more specific about the searches you are using, and what results you're getting vs. what you expect...
  15. Why oh why is there no literal search in Evernote?!

    I'd check with the author of that product to see whether they're submitting the phrase "cool with that" as a single search item (or submitting it correctly) or as three separate search terms. See the Evernote API search section: