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  1. The original error was easy enough to replicate. Create a string 300 characters long (0123456789012345678901...", copy it into the Title area, and press Enter. Get the "too long" message. Easy enough to fix: shorten the title.. Never saw any inescapable loop. Folks who *have* seen it on the most recent release (I'm running (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)), should give a precise set of steps to replicate. Oh, and the title length limit is specified in the API: it's 256 Unicode characters (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Limits.html#Const_EDAM_NOTE_TITLE_LEN_MAX). Evidently it's enforced differently in the Windows client (if not others).
  2. I'd guess that the level-of-effort for implementing sub-notebooks would be about the same as implementing sections. It would be an architectural change, affecting the internals of notebook (need a list of sections) and notes (what section am I in?), as well as search and sorting (remember, notes can be sorted across networks in various ways, so "visual separation" wouldn't always be apparent), across all Evernote platforms, including the Evernote servers. I don't see much difference, conceptually.
  3. I'd suggest rolling your own template, probably using a table. I don't use the Evernote template system; instead, I just use the Windows client's Duplicate Note function to replicate my note templates for new items (weekly journals, in my case). Works pretty well for me.
  4. I'm sure they are (and btw, which comments?): the search language is designed to work this way. From the search grammar reference (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php); the relevant section is: I don't know of any plans to change this, but I'm not privy to Evernote's internal plans.
  5. What's the big deal? You start typing, and that text goes away. Entirely harmless, and useful for the people who do use templates.
  6. I'll move this to a feature request forum so that people can vote on it, but I don't agree that it needs to be a basic feature. Evernote needs to have some incentive for people to pay for their service; this is one of them. Aside from that, you could probably find some tool to rotate them on whatever devices you use, and rotate them before storing them into Evernote.
  7. I don't use them very often, but when i do I use the toolbar tool or Alt+Left or Alt+Right. I would usually reference them as back/forward in web history. I actually use them more often in Evernote, typically just to go back from a previous internal link navigation.
  8. What do forward/back keys do in Chrome? This sort of thing might be possible using something like AutoHotKey.
  9. Nobody is sleeping. Developers develop the features that they're told to develop. Support folks report when there's some news. The company -- obviously -- hasn't prioritized this feature, so the developers are working on other stuff, and there's no new news to report here on the feature.
  10. I don't recall seeing anything like that. Screen cap?
  11. The Windows beta has always been easily available to anyone: Tools / Options / General / "Enable beta features and updates". The most recent beta or public release is usually announced in the Windows Product Feedback / Feature Request subforum: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows/
  12. You can certainly put encrypted attachments into an Evernote note. Not as convenient, but I know for a fact that some folks do this. That sounds like something that would be interesting to all of us. Care to share?
  13. But they will. See the beta web editor for a preview. No hotkeys for those but I'd guess that there will be.
  14. On Windows, Evernote uses the Windows short date/short time settings, configurable in the Windows Settings for Date & Time
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