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  1. Actually, I don't think that it's quite that simple. For instance, what *is* the database size? Remember that database size on disk is deceiving, because the database may be fragmented. And size of database probably correlates to amount of memory used in export, but that's likely not an exact an exact 1-for-1. BTW, in Windows, 32-bit apps get to use somewhat less than 3GB; it's 2GB normally, but 3GB if you flip a certain Windows switch (I forget exactly which one; it's been awhile). Ball-parking it low is probably useful (I'd put up a warning, up front, myself), but not conclusive either. And one of the problems with export is if you're reliant on 3rd-party libraries, then memory error handling may not be entirely in your hands. But yes, in general, you try to catch and recover and clean up when memory runs out, but it can be difficult to firewall all possible crash scenarios. I'd agree that a conversion to 64-bits would be helpful (though again, they might be at the mercy of 3rd-party libraries). I still maintain that a wholesale export to any supported format (including ENEX) is probably a bad idea; for one thing, you're going to lose data (for sure your notebook names, and possibly others), and your point about what to do with a huge single export file still holds. I'd recommend at least exporting on a notebook by notebook basis. A pity that the ENScript tool only exports to .enex files, because you can at least automate that.
  2. Works for me. Chrome browser on Win 10.
  3. Since this only crashes under some circumstances, and determining fixed limits on diverse machines is hard, that's not always feasible. Also see I'm guessing that this is a fairly rare use case; you're right in noting that exporting a large note database to a single HTML document probably isn't such a hot idea.
  4. Please specify which Evernote client you are using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web) when you post in the forums. In the Windows client, you can do this; the setting is here: Tools / Options / Printing / "Print each note on a separate page"
  5. 250 Notebooks is the limit. You have apparently run afoul of a limit of 100 for shared notebooks, a limit that I was unaware of.
  6. Fair enough -- my assumption that that was a Lenovo product, and my fault. I never suggested any such thing. What I actually said was this: "Evernote has its own set of system hotkeys (for e.g. the screen clipper), but you can modify them if they conflict with something else, or prefer a different hotkey." with the relevant terms in boldface. Hotkeys like Ctrl+Shift+B are internal to Evernote only, and while it would be nice to have the ability to change them, they won't cause any conflicts with other programs (the conflict reported here is caused by the "Thinkpad Fan Control" application, not by Evernote)). System hotkeys, on the other hand, can cause conflicts with other programs, and Evernote's set of system hotkeys are modifiable, and correctly so.
  7. You can create Stacks in Evernote to put notebooks into. Or you can educate yourself about using tags to organize your notes, and perhaps find a more powerful and flexible way to use Evernote.
  8. This also works in the Windows client.
  9. When you merge notes,the originals are moved to the trash, where you can restore them if you're not satisfied with the merge result.
  10. ?? No, that doesn't make sense: a password inside the encrypted section would be useless. The user needs to supply the password, and the decryption goes from there. See, e.g. and Relevant section is:
  11. On this issue: There's search, and then there's ordering of search results. These are different things; search filters your note list into a (generally) smaller result set, and ordering sorts that list according to some set of criteria.. Evernote doesn't really have anything in the way of fine-grained search result ordering (e.g. multi-key sorting), and even more so, there's no way to specify result ordering in a search; it's all specified globally (or, in Windows at least, in a tag, notebook, or saved search style): you can't specify it in the search string. Short form: there's no way to sort by "tagged/titled first" in Evernote as it exists today. All you can do are search by some search term, and get results in order of whatever view sort order is current, or filter to only tagged/titled results, which you can do using something like "any: intitle:blah tag:blah"
  12. It would have been fair to ding me for not posting a screen shot...
  13. Again, betas aren't for everyone. They can provide a great way to elicit feedback on new ideas and features, and the process seems to be working here (they're getting good feedback).
  14. I think we're in in-joke territory at the moment...