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  1. Any thread is always just one nutter away from utter flaming chaos. A nation turns its lonely eyes to you...
  2. Mental note, er, Evernoted.
  3. Sure, those are all fine ("sorting per notebook" is what I was talking about in my earlier post, but it's more than that), but the features I referenced are here, now, in the Windows beta (it's a public thing, so I'm not spilling any secret beans). There's been a pretty steady stream of improvements that have hit that particular pipeline and made it into release, which is why I've been puzzled about the accusations of "we got a price increase but no new features" (I'm not saying that you said it, but some folks sure did).
  4. You can access note history from the web client, if you have access to a desktop (doesn't work on the browsers of mobile devices, I believe). It'd be good to have the Android client have that ability as well, so +1
  5. Independent view parameters on a Saved Search, Notebook, or Tag basis in the Windows beta; I'm guessing that that will be popular.
  6. That's great, Brian. And appreciated. It's not always been the case (and I don't expect that anyways, since it is hard to respond to every post, for sure), so pardon me for having let a little cynicism creep in (not about you or your post, but people's ability to find those pearls among so much chaff, to mix a metaphor). We all try to combat false or misleading statements, but it's not always taken well when it comes from non-employees, as we've seen from some quarters, Not that we always know the path to truth, but sometimes we're able to reference posts from Evernote folk like you, which can help, sometimes. But it''s obviously better to have it come from someone who actually knows a thing or two.
  7. So 1: if you run it from the admin account, does it work? And 2: can you elevate from your other account, does it work?
  8. Ha - don't bet on that. Once a few more pages are added to this topic, Brian's response will be read by nearly nobody. Unfortunately. Of course, we can now refer to it, but still...
  9. I've not been able to determine this. I probably could figure it out if I made a bigger effort, but that hasn't seemed necessary since it's working for me on my home and work machines, despite the fact that I've moved my databases to put them on SSD drives. I would have thought that it was via an Evernote registry setting. Hmm, is there some special thing aboout the fact that your database is in the admin USER data? Are you running ENScript from that account?
  10. @Stephen Hicks You may not be able to vote on your own topic, unfortunately. I guess the thought is that you've done enough at that point. I upvoted it, though.
  11. I found that if you Ctrl+RightClick on the quote in the comment editor (plain old RIghtClick gives to the normal browser context menu), it gives you a popup menu that allows you to remove quote content. Once you've cleared the comment section of quotes, you should be good to go; at least that's my experience.
  12. Wow, that would be a bummer. From forum discussions here, I know that folks use this in their workflows. I use it to do automated backups (I export on a notebook by notebook basis, since the ENEX format doesn't retain notebook information). Hopefully there's a replacement of some sort for doing automation on Windows.
  13. Moved it -- it's a moderator option; you may not have the power. Now go ahead and vote it up, people.
  14. Yes, I understand. But darn, anyways. And I live on in hope. Thanks for your replies here. The feature as it is is a good one, and will be well received, I'm thinking.