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  1. I can't attach screenshot of the issue but it is not working. And do you happen to know how the text inside the selected text is getting selected, as i asked in original post/problem ?
  2. It's windows 10 Also there is a new problem regarding table. I can't use shortcuts like copy, paste, undo etc. We also can't use right click to paste in the table. That creates a lot of problem. is there any way around it?
  3. When I copy-paste something in a table and then try to simplify/remove the formatting of the text, it is not working. But if i don't select the said text and simply give command for removing/simplifying the formatting, formatting of everything except for the text i want to simply formatting, gets its formatting simplified/removed. Am i doing something wrong here or is it a bug? Also how am i selecting text from within selected cell? I can also select something from cell other than the selected cell
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