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  1. I had the same problem. Since my recent changes were made from my Palm Pre I used the opposite of keithlp777's solution: I copied the pending uploads into the Pre's Memos app (by doing a Select All in each note, and copying and pasting -- harder than it should be since there's no Edit menu in Evernote). I then deleted the pending uploads and pasted the memo contents into new notes. One glitch: there was a pending upload for a note I was sure I hadn't changed recently so I deleted that upload -- which deleted the entire note. Fortunately, I realized what happened and copied the note on my PC before Evernote had sync'd with my Palm and pasted it into a new note. Seems to be working fine now. Robert
  2. Evernote does not run reliably on my Palm Pre (WebOS 1.4). I often try to open a note and get what appears to be a blank note. When I refresh it I get the error "an error occurred while loading note". I have a strong wi-fi connection so connectivity is not the issue. Is there a cure for this?
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