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  1. Dave, Thanks so much for putting into perspective with me within your summary all the reasons how Evernotes is better then ColorNotes. Still exploring so still don't know a lot. I had originally set myself to have the premium for a limited version since right now I am currently just taking the time to transfer my notes from ColorNotes to Evernotes. When I do decided to go back to Premium since it expires tomorrow, how do I go about doing that? Thanks, Angelica
  2. I am grateful for all the information shared in regards to my inquiry on Sorting & Viewing Notes. Plus Color Coding NB's. I understand that Evernote does not provide the option to sort similar to Color Notes but there are a couple of options that one could make good use of. Nevertheless it can not be sorted by personal preference, created time, color, modified time, or reminder time. Plus for the view options it could not be viewed by list, details, grid,and large grid. I definitely want to make these suggestions to Evernotes in the best future. For now I will move my notes to Ev
  3. Jefito, Thanks for answering my question! I appreciate it, Best, Angelica
  4. Last question is, is it possible to view notes in different ways like list, details, grid, & large grid?
  5. Dave-in Decatur, Thanks so much for responding. I super appreciate it! Will be very helpful in my navigation use of Evernote. Thanks, Angelica
  6. Hi! Is it possible to sort notes any way ome likes with a notebook and all notes like you could with a physical Arc notebook or miraclebind NB? Including sorting in other ways like by modified time, created time, alphabetically, color, reminder time, and etc? Also are you able to color code each notebook by the color of preference? I have the Color Note app that had most of these features which I love and it would be amazing if Evernotes has it as well as I transfer all my notes over to Evernotes!
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