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  1. CTRL+Z after you paste the link will remove the inline video preview.
  2. We're looking into this now. Thanks for these reports. This issue appears to impact the installation from the app store only, but not for all customers. Please try uninstalling the app from the app store and reinstalling Evernote from https://evernote.com/download/. Please let us know if the issue continues after installing the direct download version of the app.
  3. Thanks for the report and confirming the fix. The issue should now be resolved for all customers. Please let us know if you see this again!
  4. thanks for this feedback and I apologize about that. I'll will make sure that this issue and resolution has been communicated to the rest of the team.
  5. Thanks for these reports. All issues related to images lost when merging notes should be fixed in the latest version 10.11 release. Please let us know if you see this issue on version 10.11. thanks.
  6. Thanks for this report. We're investigating this issue now.
  7. Thanks for the report. There's a separate thread for the issue where the app window is blank. This thread is specific to the app stuck on the loading screen. Please use the steps to solve the blank app window:
  8. Thank you all for these reports we are investigating this now.
  9. Thanks everyone for these reports. I've merged some others posts into this existing thread. We're looking into this now. Please try these steps as a workaround while we investigate.
  10. Thanks for the confirmation that the issue continues after reinstalling version 10.9. Please try these steps to fix this. 1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys to open the task manager 2. Select "More Details" to view the background processes 3. Select any processes with "Evernote" in the title, and end them 4. Open Windows Explorer 5. Paste %appdata% in the window header and press Enter 6. Rename the "Evernote" Folder to "Z_Evernote" 7. Open Evernote and sign in Please let us know if that fixes the issue. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the logs. To help isolate the issue, please uninstall version 10.10 then reinstall version 10.9 from here: https://cdn1.evernote.com/boron/win/builds/Evernote-10.9.10-win-ddl-ga-2439-setup.exe Please let us know if the issue continues after reinstalling 10.9. Thanks.
  12. Hi. Thanks for this report. We're aware of this issue. A fix is in the works, but I do not yet have an ETA. I will follow-up here with details on this issue ASAP.
  13. Thanks for these reports. We are looking into this now. Please continue to use Evernote Web to access your notes while we work on a fix. May we have your logs? Please Select: Help > Activity Log > Save As, and send them to me in a DM here. Thanks.
  14. @ALEXMCARLThanks for this report. Does this issue also occur in other browsers like Chrome or Firefox? For the sync issue on the desktop please try installing our new version. You can install the new version of the desktop app from here. For the web issue, please ruse the steps below to reply with your console logs. These logs will help us identify the issue. 1. In Safari, click **Safari > Preferences...** from the menu bar. 2. In the Preferences window, click the **Advanced** tab and check the box next to "Show Develop menu in menu bar". 3. Close the Preferences window by c
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