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  1. Thank you all for your patience as we worked on a fix. This issue is now fixed in our latest GA release, Evernote for Windows version 6.23 GA. You can install it from the link in our release post:
  2. Thanks for your patience as we continue to identify the cause of this Sign in with Google issue. As a workaround, please create an Evernote password for the account. Go to https://www.evernote.com/ForgotPassword.action Enter your email address and click "Send Verification email" Click on the password reset link in your inbox and create a new password Open the Evernote for Windows Desktop app Enter the email address and new password
  3. @LL396 Thanks for the report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: 1. Select: Tools > Options > General 2. Disable "Enable Hardware Acceleration" > OK 3. Select: File > Exit 4. Reopen Evernote If the option is already disabled, try enabling it. Let us know if the issue continues after trying these steps! Thanks.
  4. IF you haven't already, try logging out and back in. File > Sign Out Log back into Evernote This usually resets the connection between the service and the client and will reset the upload limit to match the web.
  5. The Evernote app icon indicates that's an older version of our app. Some older versions can no longer connect to our service. Please install our latest update from here: https://evernote.com/download/ Let us know if you're unable to connect after installing our latest update.
  6. A fix is in the works. I will update here once the release is scheduled. Thanks for your patience!
  7. Fixed it. Something was off with the quoted text. Collapsing the quote allowed me to select the edit option. Thanks again @jefito @Dave-in-Decatur.
  8. I'm seeing the same thing. I can't select edit either. Thanks for the heads up! I'll report this to our forum admin.
  9. @John in Michigan USA Yup. The note's GUID doesn't change when you generate a shareable link. Each user is assigned a shard upon registration which their data is saved to. You may see the shard ID exposed in public links. Our formal definitions of a shard and GUID can be found in our Glossary. Hope that info helps!
  10. Thanks for the report. We're investigating this now. I will follow up here with updates ASAP.
  11. Thanks for this report. Please confirm the location of the database. Select Tools > Options Select the General Tab on the left Scroll down to "Evernote local files" What file path are the local files saved to?
  12. Thanks for these reports. To confirm, does the same error occur if you download our latest update from here: https://evernote.com/download/? If you see the same error, please confirm the version of Evernote installed on your PC: Select the Windows + R key to open the Run Window. Type "Control Panel" > OK Select **Uninstall a Program** Confirm the Evernote Version displayed there
  13. Thanks for this report. We're investigating this now.
  14. Thank you so much for your post, which help me resolve the black screen issue very well.

  15. Thanks for the confirmation. For anyone else needing this fix, we've now exposed this in the options menu. You can also use these steps to fix the black panel issue: Select: Tools > Options > General Disable "Enable Hardware Acceleration"
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