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  1. Mojave 10.14.6 Legacy EN 7.14 = RAM usage idle 5 mins after launch is 275MB Latest EN 10.17.8 = RAM usage idle 5 mins after launch is 696MB. EN 10 clearly uses much more memory to just load and display the note list. In EN 10 click on the Home icon in sidebar and memory usage 886MB. Its a pity these newer apps are written with little respect for machines that have only 4GB or 8GB of RAM. We do have other applications to run, please don't take it all Evernote!
  2. I use Dark Mode on a Mac and experience the same issue now and then. It is caused by the content of the note, especially if you have cut and paste into Evernote. You will find the cursor is white in most of your other notes. There must be some control character in the affected note that is turning the cursor from white to black.To bring back the cursor I select the text I suspect has triggered the bug, then Format --> Simplify Formatting. Surprised the forum regulars didn't know about that bug which has been around for years!
  3. Crazy decision by Evernote. What was the reasoning behind limiting our colours ? Any plans to fix this ? Will you ever add macOS colours like banana, yellow, lime, spring, turquoise and carnation (in pencil palette) into your picker ? I used these a lot. I'm sticking with Evernote 7 until EN 10 gets more colours. If 7 breaks I'll move my notes to Onenote which still lets me use a wide selection of macOS colours.
  4. I'm staying on old version if v10 has so few colours.
  5. I've given up unlinking them over and over. If you use Apple Notes on a Mac there are Substitution options and one of these is Smart Links. I've resorted to Apple Notes for notes that I don't want auto linked. I then create a short note in Evernote with a reminder to look in Apple Notes!
  6. Since using dark mode I've notice this too. Not sure if it is dark mode itself or a bug in general with the updated version. Anyway, I found the font color change sticks if I select the offending text block and apply 'simplify formatting'. That returns it back to white. I then change the color again and found that it stays. It could be something to do with text that has been pasted in from external sources having certain ascii codes in it.
  7. I mainly use a Mac as a desktop computer and Windows when mobile with a laptop. Dark mode is great on the eyes however changing font color of a block of text on the mac (usually a light shade to contrast nicely with the dark background) makes reading that text on Wndows really difficult because you end up with light font on white background. If Windows also had dark mode I could use colored fonts on the Mac without this hassle.
  8. I'm using general release 7.6 (457297 Direct). I'm really enjoying the dark mode (thank you!) but getting frustrated when highlighted matches get left behind when page scrolling. Example below I searched for "brake" then scrolled down about 5 lines. This was raised in the Beta1 thread. Obviously it still needs fixing and I suggest it be made a priority. For me, searching within a note is a fundamental feature that needs to work properly.
  9. Thats what you said last time a month ago. It may be worth while to freeze all beta work and focus on the sync issues. As a previous poster said, sync has to be bullet-proof as it is core to EN. Get sync right then come back to all the little things.
  10. Dear Evernote developers, When will the constant syncing be fixed ? I have not heard anything for weeks. As you know the user specified sync interval (e.g. every 15 mins) is broken and now it behaves like Onenote, i.e. syncs after every single edit. Very inefficient on network bandwidth, especially for very large notes. If sync must be so aggressive, can you at least tone it down a bit to something like every 5 minutes ? I would have thought that this bug was a top priority over cosmetic UI changes and beta work. Don't you rank your bugs and assign them a severity / customer impact ?
  11. A narrower toolbar may sound trivial to some, but on my 13" MacBook I will welcome any extra space that gives for note content.
  12. Yes I have experienced sync issues too. Since upgrading from 6.11 to 6.12.2 (455489 Direct) my client will sync after every single edit regardless of whether sync is set to manual, 15 mins or 30 mins. Also the constant syncing is affecting network usage. Editing a 100KB text only note over one hour will generate several megabytes of traffic vs only 400-500KB if sync was working every 15 mins in accordance with my sync interval setting. Updated to Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct) and the Sync is still after ever spacebar or edit action. Please fix with priority.
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