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    Right now, the only export option from OneNote is as PDFs.
  2. Were you referring to their Evernote for Windows Touch product?
  3. If this is happening ONLY in Evernote, then your copy may be corrupted. My recommendation is to follow Evernote's instructions for deleting and reinstalling Evernote from scratch. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.
  4. I'm sad about this
  5. Maybe I just noticed, but the option to show the "large notebooks" view appears to be AWOL in this release. Is it gone for good? I've always unchecked that box.
  6. I get the double arrow as well.
  7. I like this idea — Especially Google Keep's method of coloring the note snippets. If they could be tied into tags somehow, they'd be onto something. Tag something as "important" and suddenly your note is red!
  8. The font in the logo and inside the Mac App are Caecilia.
  9. If you set a Reminder for it, it will jump to the top of the list. Will that work?
  10. If you have a ScanSnap scanner (including the Evernote Scanner), the included software will let you do just that . I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.
  11. You left out the "make sure you have a copy of the older version, as it isn't guaranteed to be on Evernote's site"
  12. I'll wait — I trashed my local database and re-downloaded it, which seems to have fixed it temporarily.
  13. I am still getting notes that won't render after a sync with 6.11.1:
  14. When the sidebar is collapsed, right-clicking on Trash does not allow me to empty it, when the sidebar is expanded, I can right-click on it to empty it. This appears to be new to the GA release.
  15. Ahh — that's a good question. In the US, our price increase happened a while ago. Depending on how long you've been a Premium customer, your price increase will be held off.