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  1. - Check your Dock. Right-click on the Evernote icon in the Dock, and check under options for "Open at Login". This is separate from the Login items list. - Evernote might be trying to resume an open document. Clear out everything from ~/Library/Saved Application State/com.evernote.Evernote.savedState and see if that does the trick.
  2. macfixer

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    There was a "new" build of 7.2 beta 1 released recently — what's new in this?
  3. macfixer

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    A bug is back where clicking on a note in shortcuts causes the note to highlight briefly before the highlight shifting down to 'All Notes'. When I select a note in shortcuts, the highlight should remain on that note.
  4. macfixer

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    While I personally think the concept of auto-updates is cool, there are a lot of grumpy folks burned by some Evernote updates in the Mac discussion group that may not be big fans of this.
  5. macfixer

    Code Block Bug in 7.1 GA

    So, if you want to enter a code block in the latest version of Evernote, 7.1 — normally it requires 3 backticks (the ` key). If you start a new note, and try to insert a code block, the cursor instead jumps back to the very edge of the note without inserting the block: …but if you enter some text first, then type the 3 backticks it will insert the code block properly:
  6. macfixer

    images not displayed inline

    Aaron, You ought to be able to right-click on those icons and choose "View Inline" to view it… well, inline. The "Clipper" preferences will allow you to choose that option for all items, if you'd like. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.
  7. macfixer

    Markdown / Plain-text

    There is an option to make an note Plain Text, however - it has to be set per note:
  8. macfixer

    Evernote for Mac 7.1 GA (UPDATE: 7.1.1 hot fix)

    Have you tried kicking off a reindex? In Evernote, hold down the Option key on keyboard, select “Help”, then “Troubleshooting”, then “Recreate Spotlight Search Index”:
  9. I added a few shared Evernote notebooks to my Mac, and now that I'm done with them, right-clicking on said notebooks, and choosing the option to remove it from my list of notebooks will work temporarily, but then they'll reappear the next time I launch Evernote. The only way I could get rid of them completely was to do it from the web version of Evernote.
  10. macfixer

    Change notebook owner

    Are you using Evernote for Business? I think there's a way to pass a notebook off that way… otherwise, share the notebook with the new owner, and then let the new owner copy the notes into a new notebook.
  11. macfixer

    mac OSX Mail plugin

    There's Powerbot, that works with Google Mail, and Mailbutler, which I use, that works with Apple Mail.
  12. macfixer

    Evernote for Mac 7.1 GA (UPDATE: 7.1.1 hot fix)

    7.1's got some funky note numbering going on. The note counts don't update unless I click on each notebook:
  13. macfixer

    Why does it not coming in full screen?

    This looks like an older version of Evernote. What version are you running?
  14. macfixer

    Evernote for Mac 7.1 GA (UPDATE: 7.1.1 hot fix)

    Yay! Congrats all around!