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  1. That's just what THEY want you to believe
  2. Grab the edge of the shortcut bar and drag it to the right…
  3. Couldn't you make a stack of notebooks? For example, one stack for the Anderson Project, one for Home, one for commuting?
  4. The sidebar issues (reappearing "Upgrade Your Team", amongst others) remain in the 6.8 release.
  5. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't use it's own autocorrect - it's piggybacking on OS X's own autocorrect system. To switch it off, look for it in Apple's System Preferences:
  7. Every time I launch 6.8 b2 the "Upgrade Your Team" item returns to the sidebar.
  8. I think (just spitballing here) it's because HockeyRink is cross-platform, which means that they can beta test all different software across different platforms.
  9. Off-topic: I can has Korean Beef Bowl recipe?
  10. Will this work for you?
  11. All of the gurus? Srsly?
  12. Sign into Go here: From there, you can revoke the access of any of your devices.
  13. This wasn't happening for me in previous builds, because I guess I already had a Premium account. However, when I right-click on "Upgrade Your Team" to hide it, it will pop back up on next launch.
  14. Yes, I meant the old-timey, 'looks kinda like a notebook' view. Of course, Evernote is now behaving itself, so… I'll keep an eye on it.
  15. If you're in the OG "Classic" notebook view, and create a new notebook, you can't dismiss the dialog box, even though the notebook actually gets created. It works just fine in the beta "modern" view.