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  1. Worked for me using OS 10.13.6 and 10.15.7, but not 11.2.1. Don't know if this is a coincidence, or Big Sur-specific. Reinstalling EN 10.8.5 didn't help.
  2. Focus on the screen you are interested in Use cmd-shift-5 select full screen, window, or screen capture select "mail", then use https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/131642-save-pdf-to-evernote-from-print-dialog-has-stopped-working/?tab=comments#comment-608788 (The EN helper (elephant ) for screencaps is misbehaving for me on some computers—I think this happened after the 10.8.5 update, but I'm not sure).
  3. Solution: email to your private EN email address, e.g. using the "Share" feature. Optionally, edit subject line as follows, Subject: THE NOTE TITLE HERE@NOTEBOOKNAME#TAGNAME1#TAG2#TAG3 For simplicity I created a Contact called "Email to Evernote" with my EN-specific address. This shows up as one of the default options in the Share Menu.
  4. I agree. While the premature launch of EN 10 was a fiasco, each update has been getting better and better, and I can now do all my work on the new platform (on mac DT, not iOS). Tech support has been extremely helpful explaining how the new version works, and what is happening behind the scenes; these guys are great. For example, the dev. folks discovered a bug in Electron that was causing a problem with EN 10. I share your confidence about the future of the app, and your frustration with the large number of users who seem to want to complain, rather than find a fix. My 32,000 n
  5. If you insert an encrypted+password-protected (AES 128) mac Pages document into a note you can unlock, edit, and save changes. This includes Pages documents containing rich content such as images. The attachment persists as a usable Pages document even if the original version created on the mac was deleted—i.e. this is not a link, but a fully functional document.
  6. Mac EN 10.8.4 is running well on my new macbook air. The app is fast and the laptop stays cool. Then, again, it's also working well on a 10-year old imac using OS 10.13.6. (I can't speak for WIndows). iOS apps don't currently run on a mac, but reportedly will at some time in the future. My only warning is that after installing EN on a new machine, it will run, but it can take a long time for a new database to be created: this happens in small fits and starts. Until the database is fully up to date, the performance may be fine while online, but poor while offline. This will be especi
  7. Thanks, Shane (and team)!! Mac EN 10.8.4 is running extremely well on three different machines/OS's. The intermittent sluggishness, slow loads, white screen have disappeared. I realize that some people may still be missing their favorite feature, but for all my tasks I can now use version 10 without any limitations.
  8. I have had the opposite experience! Support was very prompt, courteous and attentive—just like my experience a year or two ago when I had a database problem (thanks Shane). They gave me some suggested actions, and when these didn't solve the problem, we scheduled an online consultation. Presumably, Support has to cope with the consequences of misguided Management decisions with EN 10+. I don't envy them.
  9. EN 10.7.6 is working well on my M1 mac, using only a few % of CPU, with only brief small spikes in CPU usage after making a change, so I am in no hurry for a native app—the EN dev's have plenty on their plate IMHO. Perhaps you recently installed EN on a new machine? If so, you can expect intense EN activity while a fresh database is created—I was running at 300%+ CPU while this process was taking place. This can take a long time: just leave the app open so that it can do its stuff. You can see the size of your database in ~/Library/Application Support. Likewise, it's plausible that D
  10. @global-citizen Strictly speaking, I'm using cmd with the key at the same time as the key that has ~ and ` on it (not shift-`) This is shortcut is set within: System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts There should be a checkmark to allow cmd` to: "Move focus to next window" [mac OS 11.1, macbook M1, EN 10.7.6]
  11. It's helpful to hear about your personal experience PE, but I think it's a mistake to generalize, since I (and I suspect many other users) have had a very different experience. Obviously, we all have a unique combinations of configurations and databases. In my case, I have observed the EN 10+ series on 4 mac's with a variety of OS's (from a trusty 10-year-old iMac running OS 10.13.6 to a spanking new M1 macbook running OS 11.1). Overall, I have found a steady improvement in performance between the EN 10 updates, and when EN is running well, it now performs about as well as Legacy (wi
  12. I have absolutely no doubt that the EN team is well aware of the problems with EN 10+ (by problems I mean big things like white pages or empty notes, slow performance, instability etc.—as distinct from bugs or changes in "features", which may or may not be addressed in future updates). From watching these thread for many weeks I can only think of a limited number of explanations 1) They don't know how to fix the problem 2) Developers are focusing on new features, not fixing the basic problems 3) Perhaps only a small fraction of users are having problems: EN 10+ is working well e
  13. There are many ways to capture a screen, and I haven't noticed any problems using EN 10.6.9. Tell us exactly what you are trying to do, plus EN version #, OS, etc. (Perhaps include a screen capture?)
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