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  1. An interesting concept, but for me EN 10.4.3 "processed" for about 2-3 minutes each time, before eventually creating the new note.
  2. I have tried EN 10.4.3 offline, with partial success: a) very slow b) days delay before a new database was gradually recreated, allowing searching c) text within attachments no longer searchable (e.g. .pdf, .pages) Conclusion: designed "features", or bugs? I'll add my comments to the suggestions page and cross my fingers. BTW V 10.4.3 appears to be faster and more stable than previous V 10 iterations.
  3. The latest update of Mac Safari Web Clipper (V 7.13.6) is now working well for me on EN legacy and V. 10.4.3. A great relief.
  4. My problem was with trying to switch between versions installed on the same machine.
  5. Downgrading to the Legacy Version is probably your safest bet. Depending on how your system is set up, EN may need to create a new version of your database in a new location. Depending on the size of your database, this can take a long time—several days in my case—so I would recommend leaving the app running so it can do its stuff. Notes created in either version should be synced with the online version, and I haven't had any problems of losing notes between versions.
  6. In my hands, launching EN V10+ can take minutes. There appears to be a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. I suggest waiting a few minutes, quitting if nothing happens, and launching again will eventually result in a "successful" launch. I recommend leaving the app ON once it starts to behave! (Yes, this is anecdotal, but has worked for multiple installations for me).
  7. Depending on the version, and whether the mac app was downloaded from the App store or evernote.com, my mac installations have been in different places: in ~/library/containers or /group containers After a complete purge of ALL evernote-related files (AppCleaner and Installer), a fresh installation of mac v10.3.7 went into /application support. (Rebuilding the database took days, but at least the app is stable for me (albeit hobbled). Regarding export/backup, the current version only permits 50 notes at a time to be exported, and only in .enex format. Do you have a recommended ap
  8. A while ago (between EN updates?) the Evernote Web Clipper extension for the mac Safari browser stopped clipping PDFs. The Chrome extension still works.
  9. I think that generalized comparison between "note-taking" apps is inappropriate without first defining the kind of user. There is a big difference between simple note-taking + clips, versus complex searches and organization of a library of tens of thousands of notes and attachments.
  10. I would caution that flipping between V10.2.6 and legacy EN and back again caused me a lot of problems (But perhaps it was just me? Speculation: perhaps a problem with EN installing multiple databases in different locations??) IMHO I would recommend that most users stick with the legacy version until V10 become more stable and functional.
  11. EN helper (EN v10.3.6) was furiously reading and writing to disk (many GB), and using 100% of a CPU, slowing down other mac processes. I "solved" this by deleting all the EN caches using App Cleaner. I now have a sedate EN using 10-20% of CPU—and my laptop lap-burn is healing nicely ;~) (Caveat: I have no idea if this would be effective or safe for others). (mac OS 10.15.7 macbook: EN 10.3.6 database: 30,000+ notes, with 2700 pdf attachments)
  12. Mac has a newer keyboard shortcut: cmd-shift-5. You can then chose whether to save a clip to the desktop, or the clipboard. This is more versatile than evernote helper.
  13. Encryption within EN is currently not working. However, attaching password-protected mac Pages documents or PDF documents still works. Opening these summons the appropriate PW dialogs in Pages or Preview (for PDF's): https://www.evernote.com/shard/s70/sh/971005e3-7825-3c42-be4b-adaea9c6ef2c/125b6fa0552e3b3a25938d47581aba7a (It seems to me that PW-protection might be important for shared notes where some sections may need to be protected from certain users.) (mac OS 10.15.7 macbook: EN 10.3.6 database: 30,000+ notes, with 2700 pdf attachments)
  14. Given that mac EN v10 is on life-support for many of us, I am definitely not going to add one more potential variable to the mix by upgrading to Big Sur!
  15. Yes, this feature seems to be broken: only a subset of available tags show up. If you use the tag keyboard shortcut (ctrl-opt-cmd-t) you get the full set of tags, and the list adjusts as you type more characters. (mac OS 10.15.7; EN 10.3.6)
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