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  1. Perhaps someone could explain to me how they used "Context"? It always seemed like a gimmick to me, not an essential tool.
  2. You can use "App Cleaner" (free or premium) to find all the files associated with a given app. IIRC EN is installed in different places depending on whether it was downloaded from the Apple App store or directly from the EN site. I'm not clear what people want to do with the information, though.
  3. I have the same database installed on a 3-year old Intel imac and a brand new M1 macbook air. After several trials I cannot detect any difference in performance (except that the imac app initially loads more slowly). Personally, I'm much more interested in getting any remaining bugs ironed out and the user experience polished, rather than the distraction of a re-build—which will undoubtedly have its own new set of bugs. Please be more specific about what you are doing and what is happening, otherwise threads like this are of minimal value.
  4. Mac EN 10.17.8 does work partially offline. Searching is, however, slow, and searching PDFs doesn't work (even though individual PDF notes are still visible). Not sure if this is a bug or a "feature" of EN 10. This severely limits my offline use.
  5. EN 10.17.6 files are primarily located in yourusername/Library/Application Support/Evernote/ plus a some Caches and Plists located elsewhere. For me, a total of about half a million files—not a single database. Personally, I would not mess with this file structure without input from EN Support!
  6. I'm using EN on an M1 Macbook Air many times each day, without a noticeable problem with speed, and similar to EN on a 2017 iMac. Perhaps you could describe your workflow in more detail? How long has your app+database been installed? Have you approached tech support? It's important to separate out specific issues with one's installation/workflow versus inherent limitations in the software/platform. [EN 10.15.6, OSX 11.2.3 35,000 notes—largely PDF files; 17 GB EN database ]
  7. You can create a new print workflow by editing the PDF print menu. Briefly: cmd-P click on PDF select "edit menu" navigate the finder to the application folder select Evernote You can rename this Print Workflow, if you wish, e.g. "Print PDF to Evernote" That's it. Now you have a new menu option for PDF to Evernote. ------------------ If you don't want a PDF, don't forget that you save an email or webpage to a new note by: cmd-A. (to select all) ctrl-cmd-V (to create a new note)
  8. Copyclip is a free app that can store tens of your previous clips and allow you to paste the desired clips into You might consider the free CopyClip app which allows you to access dozens of your previous clips.
  9. @M. Black I can think of three approaches. 1. cmd-A, then cmd-P, then drop down the PDF section of the print menu and save as a PDF to the desktop. Create a new Note and import the PDF. (Doable, but cumbersome). 2. Instead, use the "open in preview" option the print menu (now is in pdf format). Us the share button within Preview to mail the file to your personal EN email address. I like this because it allows you to rename the note and add notebook and tags: Send to: notetitle@notebookname#tagname 3. Use the "Save PDF to Evernote" button within the Print menu -- but this appears to be broken, and should be reported to tech support... (BTW It's not clear to me why one would want to save as PDF, but we all have different workflows.)
  10. Updated to EN 10.10.5 and the three screen capture buttons have disappeared again. (mac OS 11.2.3)
  11. As a workaround, after clicking on Helper/Capture screen, just use Cmd-Tab to tab through the different open apps until you view the one you want, then hit Enter.
  12. Mac EN 10.0.10 (on OS 10.13.6 to 11.2.1) syncs rapidly with iPad OS 10.6.
  13. Worked for me using OS 10.13.6 and 10.15.7, but not 11.2.1. Don't know if this is a coincidence, or Big Sur-specific. Reinstalling EN 10.8.5 didn't help.
  14. Focus on the screen you are interested in Use cmd-shift-5 select full screen, window, or screen capture select "mail", then use https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/131642-save-pdf-to-evernote-from-print-dialog-has-stopped-working/?tab=comments#comment-608788 (The EN helper (elephant ) for screencaps is misbehaving for me on some computers—I think this happened after the 10.8.5 update, but I'm not sure).
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