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  1. I speak English and can clearly see you are looking in the wrong place. Hint, it's the first menu, not the fourth one.
  2. It's topics like this that make me want to seek out other communities. r/EvernotePositive on Reddit is a great space these days.
  3. Personally I've been visiting this forum less and less, it's mostly people complaining and at least a post or two a week of someone announcing their departure. The discussion is not productive for those who just want to use Evernote, share workflows and tips, as well as get advice. I've been saying for a while that this forum needs better community guidelines, and those guidelines should be enforced. We don't need people announcing their departures (this isn't an Airport) and posts that are overly aggressive should be removed and users who are overly aggressive should be warned and if they continue they should be banned. I participate in a lot of online forums and this is the only one that allows active aggression and personal attacks with no recourse, moderation, or consequences. This is something that needs work from Bending Spoons themselves as volunteer moderators can't be expected to police everything all of the time.
  4. Something needs to be done because this community has become an insufferable, toxic place. I'm not asking for censorship, just community guidelines and those that don't abide by them not be allowed to post.
  5. It's really a shame. I hate to say it but it's getting to the point where Bending Spoons needs to get more involved here with community guidelines to give moderators like you the tools to remove users that don't abide.
  6. It just makes it a little more antisocial to me that he had the audacity to assume @Jon/t was an employee so that gave him a right to be abusive towards him. No wonder why employees don't interact here anymore.
  7. Jon is an Evernote Expert and community member. Not a BS employee. Experts have their own sub forum where they interact a bit more with BS staff and also have a regular call with BS staff.
  8. That hasn't been updated in over a year. Hopefully EN can do something. Otherwise this may be an Android issue.
  9. Also if downgrading didn't help it's likely an issue with Android, the browser or a common library between the browsers and not Evernote.
  10. Man, you got a huge discount for YEARS. You were very lucky. This post comes off as salty because your free lunch ended. Remember, you get what you pay for. If $29.99 for a lifetime plan doesn't raise red flags for you I suggest you look further into UpNote. FYI they don't even support 2FA without forcing you to use SSO through Google or Apple. Their entire tech stack sounds like a security nightmare. You are also trusting your data to two guys, not a company with a long track record-- two guys. What happens when they disappear one day, with your data?
  11. No need to be rude like that to @Jon/t. He doesn't work for Evernote. 10.96.2 is a minor patch. I would assume it will be fixed in 10.97.
  12. I'm not having this issue with Vivaldi on Android. As an aside you should give Vivaldi a try . Opera was bought out by a Chinese investment firm and has made some dubious moves in the last couple of years that have been very controversial, not privacy respecting and totally anti consumer. Vivaldi is run by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner who was the original founder of Opera and former CEO who got forced out. Vivaldi is much a continuation of the classic Opera ethos and is an incredible product.
  13. That's my other point, I'd rather pay for a proven system then get a free blank canvas and have to build my own. Now I'm hoping that the devs will work toward better QA as to not continue to break things, granted they've been getting better about fixing things quickly when the do break them and hopefully once they are finished getting the backend in order the user facing issues we are seeing will start to become less frequent.
  14. Obsidian was not for me. I don't like the over reliance on 3rd party developers for basic functionality and having to hunt down plugins to get things working. I like markdown syntax but I personally would rather have rich text and not be limited to the constraints of markdown. I also felt the organization to be lacking, since everything is a plaintext file I found that it didn't handle attachments particularly well which made it terrible for document management.
  15. I misread the notes at first too and thought it was to open a new note and was like F**** great another bug. Then I reread the release notes, so it's not you.
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