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  1. You seriously want me to expand on "desperately need"? What, you want me to prove to you that it's important. I think your response is going to clue me in to "if it's not important to me, then it's not important to anyone else." What a piece of work. Yes - I made this post JUST FOR YOU. You don't think users just make this stuff up, do you? Or is this a hobby of yours - trolling around to see if anyone will bite? I don't think I'm even going to bother with a reply. It's all in my original post. Perhaps you only work in one program, or don't use full screen apps or multiple desktops. Maybe you don't care if the palette sits on top of your content. One thing is for certain - you don't care either way, so you're not here to help anyone. I imagine the rest of your post history is similar.
  2. Title says it all. We desperately need a pull down palette instead of the Mac's built-in floating palette. The time to move that around (based on a user's arrangement of windows), or its overlapping in front of content, or floating around multiple windows makes for an extremely frustrating barrier to efficiency in workflow. A toggle would be nice if other users still want the floating option. Thanks.
  3. When I have a URL (auto formatted with blue and underline) on a bullet line, then hit enter to create another bullet, the formatting of the URL stays with the next line. Every time I have to go up and correct it. ON EVERY LINE. THIS IS BREAKING THIS PROGRAM FOR ME!!
  4. Add me to the list on this one. This was never a problem up until Decemberish. Now there are phantom bullets 20-40% of the time. I can't quite pinpoint what conditions yield it, but I do see it more often when I task switch back and forth between Evernote and something else. But yes, infuriating. Makes it soooo slow to find it, go back, backspace/delete, repair the bullet and keep typing. It's a freaking text editor for crying out loud.
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