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  1. I can say this isn't resolved, at least not in my case, with the WIN client, version 10.1.4, build 1880. I use the 'Find Within Note' and even if I type an obvious word, like 'the' or 'and' - the results windows states No Results. But - I can SEE those results as highlighted text if I scroll throughout the note. I need to be taken to the 'found' text, jsut like it used to work. Find within note is a critical function.
  2. ^^ we know this is HOW is works now. We're saying we don't like the as designed functionality. I know I don't...
  3. So - yes, once I simplify the formatting, the audio file within the note is 'selectable' and will play. Probably something worth looking into - is there enough need for audio notes within the construct of some other HTML content, to warrant the code work needed to support that functionality - ? Likely just an edge case, is what I'd say. But there you go - can close this one out.
  4. One other follow up - I see that these notes in question contain HTML content (as indicated by some type of bordering at the top of the note). These audio files are within the confines of that stated HTML content (I think I started the note by pasting in some web content, to start with). So - I suppose the point is that audio files, if contained inside HTML content of the entire note, aren't 'launchable', for lack of a better term. I know I could do the 'Simplify Formatting' function, but.....that might mess up other aspects of the note. Guess I'll try that and see what happens....
  5. alirght - yes, I was looking forward to the auto-crossing out process, which yes is useful. I get the idea with the intention - two different use cases, for checkbox vs checklist - so I"ll adjust accordingly and we'll see how it all works out. I'll be curious, though, to see how the public responds to the idea of having those two separate behaviors - boxes vs lists - when the distinction between the two, you have to admit, is very thin. I know one has an X and other has the checkmark, as well as the border color differentiation, but still....the two items are really very similar in practi
  6. ok I'll describe the entire scenario, start to finish. The specific note(s) is (were) created a couple of months ago. The audio file in the note was created from WITHIN the Evernote app (it was actually a doctor's appointment, and the audio was his directions to me, following a surgery). So - one note, in this case, with 2-3 separate audio files created via the EN app, not yet V10. I was able to listen to the audio file with no problem, prior to V10. The file type is an .m4a extension. If I click/select the file name, the app thinks I'm simply selecting text, as if I were edit
  7. In pre 10.0 iOS clients, images (such as a Post-It Note) could be used as an auto-link to open a new note. NOW in the new client, the URL text for that auto- image is shown just below the image (functions like the Mac client was, for a while as I recall, or may still). The end result gets you where you want to go, but the UI is not as elegant. Here's the use case: (and you guys may have the guy from....Germany maybe, who created a YouTube vid showing how he uses multiple Post-It notes to act essentially as a dashboard, linking notes to each Post-It Note, with a nice clean UI where i
  8. When using checkbox lists in the 10.0 version of the iOS client, doing a carriage return function no longer auto-creates a starting checkbox on the next line, as it used to. That auto-check box was very useful. This is missing in both the iPhone and iPad clients.
  9. Noticed (among a few other bugs) that existing notes which have an audio note embedded in them, that I cannot access/cannot listen to that audio note in the 10.0 version of the iOS client, both iPhone and iPad. 'Selecting' the note does nothing. Nothing happens. The audio note is effectively rendered....dare I say it....mute. And moot. Happy to test or do anything else - thanks.
  10. VERY nice! More than one I have accidentally edited a note in the iOS client. Like the protected ‘edit’ function for sure. Any clues on release date date for the mobile beta?
  11. Is any of that information dynamic at all? Or must it be built from scratch, every morning, with a ton of copy/paste actions going on....? I would think it's static, but wow - it looks great regardless. (this is me, taking my little home page I use and kicking it to the curb in shame....hahah). Very nice.
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