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  1. Sayre Ambrosio

    Evernote for iOS 8.13 Released

    Not sure what happened, but now when I tap on the clock icon the new options are gone and the reminders part looks like it used to, and I can't set a reminder with no date. BUT If you swipe to the left in the note list for the note that you want to set the reminder for and then hit cancel after you tap the clock icon there you can set one with the no date reminder. I also have an iPhone X
  2. Sayre Ambrosio

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave causing Evernote Crash

    I'll make sure I have the direct download on my machine then Thank you again for the update.
  3. Sayre Ambrosio

    Can't login to skitch

    To get around it not allowing business accounts at the moment, I log in with my personal account and then when I'm done I just transfer it over. Not a great workaround but it gets you there. On macOS Mojave there is a built-in feature that is similar to Skitch. I have been trying that out and it is also a good option until business accounts are supported.
  4. Sayre Ambrosio

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave causing Evernote Crash

    Oh thank goodness. I keep telling people that you were on it and I would let them know. A few were ready to jump ship. As soon as I install and test I will let them know. Can’t wait for the update. 👍🏼 Oh will it be for Direct download only or both?
  5. Sayre Ambrosio

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave causing Evernote Crash

    As far as I know Alternote is no longer in active development. It still works but isn’t going to be updated any further.
  6. Sayre Ambrosio

    Evernote for Mojave

    Both versions are crashing for me as well.
  7. Sayre Ambrosio

    ios12 Evernote on iOS 12 Beta Feedback thread

    Just updated to the new version of the beta and it seems to have fixed the lagging issue with Evernote on my iPhone X. Still have to check my iPad Pro, but so far so good.
  8. Sayre Ambrosio

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave causing Evernote Crash

    Both the app store version and the direct download are crashing. I just updated my phone to the new version of iOS 12 so I shall see if there are any problems there next.
  9. Sayre Ambrosio

    ios12 Evernote on iOS 12 Beta Feedback thread

    Web version is running great. Unfortunately it still isn’t as full featured as some of us need for our workflows. 😢
  10. Sayre Ambrosio

    How to Cancel Auto Renewal

    You won’t lose the time you have paid for. Changing to a lower tier takes effect at the end of the time you paid for.
  11. Sayre Ambrosio

    Is Evernote Shutting Down?

    I just captured a stack of business cards in the latest iOS app. I'm running the latest app store release on the iOS 12 developers beta. So if it works there it's got to work on a stable release. Now, I did have to change the type of scan on my own business card since it's black and it defaulted to document, but once I changed it to business card it worked just like usual. The LinkedIn integration is actually working better than it used to when I scan as well.
  12. Sayre Ambrosio

    ios12 Evernote on iOS 12 Beta Feedback thread

    I'm in the same boat. iOS is super slow and the Mac app opens long enough to crash. I totally get that it's the price we pay for beta builds of a major OS though. I just like the features of 12 and Mojave too much to switch back lol. Thank goodness for my iMac which is running a stable version.
  13. Sayre Ambrosio

    Evernote for iOS 8.13 Released

    You can still do that by hitting cancel. At least I can on my iPhone X. Just double checked it and it worked like normal.
  14. I have to agree. Now, I do see this being useful for keepsake books that might be done in Evernote. Like with DayOne I have started a journal for my mother in law with the intention of printing it for Christmas as she will be moving.
  15. Sayre Ambrosio

    Can this method happen in Evernote?

    I still haven't figured out scripting lol. I know that you shared your script before but I still don't get it lol.