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  1. @chuckkahn Here's the link for doing it with two notebooks. You don't have to hide the sidebar, but when I have two notebooks open I tend to hide it to get more real estate out of the note list and main note window. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l3LOkiIH-kYxVURYNaAuNHCME4mI_2MX/view?usp=sharing
  2. That was my bad. I read it as note not notebook. Didn’t have my glasses on. You can do it with notebooks too. I do it all the time. I’ll do another video for you. It’s easier than explaining it.
  3. @chuckkahn Here's the link. Hopefully it's helpful. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mzESLXcRPLhFDeONYk_b_dULlKBRqDV9/view?usp=sharing
  4. There's a fairly simple way to do it. I just did a video for you to watch, super short one. Just waiting for it to export and then I'll upload the link for you. I'm running High Sierra on the computer that I did it on, but it's the same for Mojave.
  5. Maybe Slack would be a good place to take it? I have a group that I'm rebuilding from Google + for my Scrivener Community and have tried multiple platforms with no traction. Might be the same with this one.
  6. I don't think I remember seeing one of those either. That's a neat one to get though. Would love to see it come back.
  7. Here is the video. Let me know if you are following the same procedure. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AcbUPAdVQldu-u-9rRY_C6wt-ze6WkoE
  8. I've put together a short video of what I described to see if we are following the same process. As soon as it's done processing I'll upload the link to it.
  9. To insert a link and have it react the same way as it did before, you'll want to right-click or Control-Click the note to get the pop-up menu. When you see that click on Copy Note Link like @DTLow said. Then you can just paste it into the note you would like the link in.
  10. You're welcome. I agree with you on the kindness of the volunteers. If you need any help figuring out all the new stuff don't hesitate to ask. One of us can help I'm sure.
  11. I believe that's the Mac version. You should be able to open up the App Store on your Mac and find the Updates section and update it from there. On High Sierra the Updates section should be at the top on the right side.
  12. I always forget that's there. Thank you for the reminder
  13. @Shane D. Can you pass this on to support to look at? I've also tried it on multiple browsers (on Mac) and having the same issue once I log in)
  14. I just ran into the same issue. I can see them on screen when I'm not signed in, but the minute I signed in I get the same error that you are seeing. You can get to them from within Evernote itself though by creating a new note and then clicking on the template function. They all aren't in there via this method but a few are. I have also added the link to see if my sharing one from my notebook will allow you to download it to your system. [Template] Character Profile UPDATE: Just in case you were able to save the template from the link I shared, here are ones for the other templates you are trying to use. (I'm a fellow writer so I know that when you find something that works you want it right away. I recreated the templates for you) [Template] Novel Plotting: Snowflake Method Checklist [Template] Story Timeline Tracker [Template] Novel Chapter Outline [Template] Character Master List [Template] Character Biography [Template] Story Planning: Worldbuilding Basics
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