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  1. I'm on Mac and I'm able to edit offline. I get a grey bar across the top when not connected and then when I go back online it syncs. Not sure if the platform makes a difference, but thought I'd share for what it's worth.
  2. See this is what happens when I answer forum posts without having coffee yet. My bad. You are right on that one. The import was pretty straightforward though
  3. Keep it offers importing of ENEX files. I just did it.
  4. Looks like Apples new feature Scribble breaks Sketching in the iPad app. I'm sharing a note with the actual sketch and related video from when I wrote it. Figured I would post here so people can see a possible workaround if they are in the same boat as I am. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s527/sh/a5906655-b71a-764d-2736-7cc23d344430/92192abdff08c281179d238e7a0da7b6
  5. I always forget about the Business Directory. You're correct. It's currently not there in the new release and I'm not seeing it in the Legacy option either.
  6. Do you mean the sketch feature or the scribble from Apple when it turns your handwriting into text? That has worked throughout all the problems.
  7. You should be able to have access to notebooks that are not in spaces. I apologize for jumping right to spaces. That’s how I have my business notebook set up. if you aren’t seeing them in your list you could also check the admin section of your business settings. There will be a Notes books section and you can add them back to your account from there. however, the notebooks that you didn’t create can be either place depending on if the owner of the notebook shared it directly with you or if they just shared it in space space. I hope that makes sense.
  8. I'm able to work offline and search. Just tried it after I posted the link above. Everything is working correctly.
  9. You can download the legacy version by following instructions in this article. You can also run them side-by-side if you want to stay up to date with updates on the new app. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314?fbclid=IwAR0tFTM3bmMbF9oXktuWRqbiwiReqHeGSQIeZUBXy1SKwVsNTf0Wy8SQe2U
  10. If the business has listed them in the directory, you should be able to click on Spaces Directory on the left-hand side and it will open up the available notebooks to join. From there you just join as normal. The business and personal accounts were recently split, so you'll want to make sure that you are logged into your business account.
  11. I'm on a business account as well. This may be something you already tried, but you'll have to go in and add another account. Personal and Business will have different login information. Also, if you use the clipper a lot and you also use the show related notes in the browser when you do searches, it will not show you both. If your clipper is logged into the personal account that's all you'll see. If you're logged into the business account via the clipper that's all you'll see.
  12. They’re talking about the new Scribble feature in iOS 14. Different than the sketch feature. Scribble is so new that I’m not sure there’s a list out yet. Your best bet would be to check YouTube for iOS feature reviews. There may be some info on there.
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