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  1. For those of you on windows, check out this discussion on the forums. I am not on the Windows platform so I can't physically check it but this might help.
  2. Gotcha. I'm assuming you're using the latest v10 app if support said to downgrade versions. If that doesn't work, reach out here and if I can I'll help you trouble shoot.
  3. You can delete tags on a basic account. That’s that’s not why I asked. I need to know if you’re doing it on a personal account or a business account in order to tell you how to do it.
  4. Do you mean an individual premium account or a paid business account? They’re different.
  5. Make sure that there aren't any pending OS updates. Especially if you are running a Big Sur beta. I had this happen and it was a combination of the clipper needing to be updated as well as an update that I had missed. As soon as I did both it started working again and has been working ever since.
  6. To gain access to that content you will have to be invited again by the notebook owner.
  7. As far as I know there is no way to do this natively as you import them. However, a second best solution would be to search for the PDFs that you want to be tagged with the same tag and then mass tag them all. So for example, search for invoice pdfs and then add the tag invoice, then repeat for others. If you let me know what version of Evernote you are using I can do some screenshots for you. (by version I mean are you using the Legacy desktop app, web app, or the new v10 desktop app). Mass tagging can only be done on desktop and/or web at the moment, not mobile apps.
  8. Two questions... Are you using the new or legacy version of Evernote and are you trying to do this in business or personal account?
  9. Tags in an Evernote Business account can only be deleted by the admin through the admin console.
  10. I was just going to suggest this type of screen protector. I have a kiddo on the spectrum and he hates the feel of writing on an iPad. For the short time he did try we used one of these and he did say it was better and felt more like paper.
  11. @DTLowhas the best suggestion on this. The iOS app has never been good at attachments. The easiest way to edit documents is to use Google Documents since there is an integration. BUT I'm a Numbers user as well and have found that the collaboration option on Numbers works well.
  12. I have no idea. Just another user like you. I just know that it is slated to come back.
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