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  1. Presentation mode was added this year as well to their iWork suite. Coincidence? Lol. Maybe, maybe not.
  2. Having the same issue on the Monterrey beta so not sure what the cause is. Had it on Big Sur every so often as well. Using Safari and Chrome
  3. If you like a minimal setup the tags feature on Apple Notes is a good one. It has a long way to go to get to EN level, but it appears that they are aware of it and headed that direction. What I did notice is that for all the WWDCs in the past, EN has been more front and center on the app wall during the presentation. This past one, it was not. It was down in the lower left-hand corner almost off screen. Hubs says I'm reading into it, but I don't think I am. Not with the upgrades to Notes coming in the new operating systems. Well, that and Apple tends to "hint" at what they are doing, you just have to pay attention.
  4. As far as I know it’s just not compatible. I’m running the same set up for os and hey the same thing in legacy.
  5. Just so you don't go searching on mobile. It was removed from those platforms as well a couple years ago.
  6. For now, yes that's correct. BUT if you read the release notes and other threads in the beta forum @Shane D. posted that the feature is coming it's just not ready yet.
  7. Download Project Centered To Do List #project #todo
  8. Download Employee Sign Out Register #business #employee #log
  9. Download Emergency Preparation Checklist #checklist #emergency #household
  10. Download Author Website Checklist #branding #author #webdesign
  11. Birthing Plan - Download #birthingplan #household #healthcare
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