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  1. How are you using Spaces?

    I really don't have anything different than what others have already suggested. My wishlist is more geared towards the general application with things like better inking features, two people being able to edit at the same time, and embedded video.
  2. How are you using Spaces?

    Everything shows up like it should on the Mac app and in the browser. It's just the iOS devices that don't have it showing up like it should. All iOS devices are cellular and wifi capable. Always connected. I'll attach the iOS screenshot in a new comment. Attachment won't load due to size.
  3. How are you using Spaces?

    On the iPhone and iPad version when I click on Dashboard there is nothing populated even though I have pinned notes and recently added notes in a space. Is this a known issue or a bug?
  4. Background colors??

    I do the same thing when I want some color. I just color the cell and then type into it.
  5. How are you using Spaces?

    I would like to be able to invite outside clients or contractors into a space rather than just sharing each notebook individually. For example, I recently redesigned a website for a fellow ECC and instead of being able to invite him directly into the space, I had to share all the different notebooks individually. Having that main share feature would be awesome.
  6. View Two Notes at once

    I push and hold the refresh icon in the address bar and it will give me a popup that says request desktop site. That's all I really do. If I need the split screen I just open a second safari tab next to the first one. When I get some time this weekend I'll try and remember to do a screen recording that will probably make more sense than what I just typed.
  7. EN for home inventory

    This is a great template! Thank you for sharing.
  8. Journaling app "YourDay" with full Evernote integration

    This is very similar to the ideas I was going to send you. 😊 so similar that I don’t need to send you what I was putting together.
  9. Journaling app "YourDay" with full Evernote integration

    Just got the beta invite. Immediately impressed with the look on both the iPad and iPhone.
  10. Journaling app "YourDay" with full Evernote integration

    Sent a beta testing request
  11. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 2

    Huge issue with this particular beta when trying to publish a notebook on the Personal side of my account. Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch
  12. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    I'm new to the scripting thing. I do this in Automator as a workflow right?
  13. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    Share? 😊🙏