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  1. View Two Notes at once

    I push and hold the refresh icon in the address bar and it will give me a popup that says request desktop site. That's all I really do. If I need the split screen I just open a second safari tab next to the first one. When I get some time this weekend I'll try and remember to do a screen recording that will probably make more sense than what I just typed.
  2. EN for home inventory

    This is a great template! Thank you for sharing.
  3. This is very similar to the ideas I was going to send you. 😊 so similar that I don’t need to send you what I was putting together.
  4. Just got the beta invite. Immediately impressed with the look on both the iPad and iPhone.
  5. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 2

    Huge issue with this particular beta when trying to publish a notebook on the Personal side of my account. Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch
  6. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    I'm new to the scripting thing. I do this in Automator as a workflow right?
  7. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    Share? 😊🙏
  8. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    Check out
  9. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    Filterize has a calendar integration
  10. How to synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote?

    I’m not sure. I stopped using it shortly after my last post here.
  11. What does "Use with Siri" mean?

    It works on the 7 plus. I’ve been using it all day. Make sure the iOS 11 update took.
  12. Evernote for Mac 6.12 Beta 3 Released

    @Chantal Leonard Would love to suggest a bookmarking feature for audio recordings as well as navitve video recording.
  13. Creating a Word Document from a note

    With the new Mac OS coming out Adobe isn't required as they have made the Preview app quite a bit better to handle PDF viewing and editing.
  14. I decided to leave Evernote.

    That is beautiful I'm in the process of organizing mine. Love the tagging. As I said before though, Microsoft really dropped the ball on their Mac apps all around. It irritates me to no end that the functionality is limited including tags in OneNote. On Windows, you can use tags just like you can in Evernote and can add custom tags. In the Mac version, you can't. You are stuck with the predetermined ones. If someone feels the need to leave for OneNote and likes it more power to them. I personally couldn't do it, but I have an issue with them for other reasons as well lol.