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  1. No Extensions section or none listed in that section of preferences? Also, when you search Evernote in the App Store on Mac do you see the result I tagged with the annotation? Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch
  2. When you are in Safari go to preferences and check to see if it's still ticked on the extensions tab. It may have been unticked in an update. Not often does it happen, but it can. If it is still there I would check to see if there's maybe an update that you missed. I'm running the developer beta of Big Sur and it's working just fine. Had no issues with it before I downloaded the beta either.
  3. You should still be able to download the clipper directly from the website.
  4. Just a quick note that if you are looking for something that is HIPAA compliant, you will want to have another solution. While Evernote has upgraded their backend over the years, it is not HIPAA compliant.
  5. I apologize again for the mix up. I just tried it on my iMac and it's working fine, but my MBP is giving me the same result as you are getting. I'm running a beta build on the MBP and an older version of safari on the iMac, just in case that helps in your support ticket.
  6. Sorry about that. I saw the pink arrow and my brain automatically said Skitch. I know mine is working so let me check my settings.
  7. @Didi Bremen @akieres This isn't a problem on Evernote's end. It's a problem on Apple's end due to the new operating system security protocols. You have to double check and make sure that Evernote/Skitch has permission to record the screen. System Preferences > Security > Screen Recording Make sure there is a check mark next to Evernote and Skitch. You may have to click the lock on the bottom left to make changes.
  8. @jshussain App center is a legit beta testing platform. I'm testing many apps via their interface. I just verified that email with an update email I got this morning.
  9. The way the free personal premium accounts are managed changed a little bit ago. From your business account, go into the Admin Console and then Manage Users. You will see all the business users there and there will be a message saying something along the lines of "gift code". Follow the instructions there and it will email the code to that particular user. After they receive the email they will be able to set up their premium account. The code email should have instructions on how to claim it.
  10. I rarely search within a note on iOS but I just tried it and I get the same results that you do. It will highlight all the instances of the search but I am getting No Matches at the bottom as well.
  11. @mermanFinally have a functioning 2020 setup. Here is the note to the public notebook if you would like to take a look at how I have it set up. New 2020 images and all. Best way to view it is alphabetical order of course so that the dashboard is at the top. You can also click on the Reminders for the notebook as I have the dashboard pinned there as well. https://www.evernote.com/pub/csambrosio/act-communitynotebook
  12. So glad you have it up and running. Welcome to the forums.
  13. Take a look at the behind the scenes video released two weeks ago. Not sure what platform you are on but something that addresses this issue is being worked on. All features being worked on are supposed to be coming to all platforms, but are being tested on web first and then with the other platforms.
  14. I also have a brain injury as well as my husband. If you ever have any questions feel free to send me a private message or tag me here on the forums.
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