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  1. I rarely search within a note on iOS but I just tried it and I get the same results that you do. It will highlight all the instances of the search but I am getting No Matches at the bottom as well.
  2. @mermanFinally have a functioning 2020 setup. Here is the note to the public notebook if you would like to take a look at how I have it set up. New 2020 images and all. Best way to view it is alphabetical order of course so that the dashboard is at the top. You can also click on the Reminders for the notebook as I have the dashboard pinned there as well. https://www.evernote.com/pub/csambrosio/act-communitynotebook
  3. So glad you have it up and running. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Take a look at the behind the scenes video released two weeks ago. Not sure what platform you are on but something that addresses this issue is being worked on. All features being worked on are supposed to be coming to all platforms, but are being tested on web first and then with the other platforms.
  5. Sayre Ambrosio


    To add another device you simply just sign in on that device.
  6. I also have a brain injury as well as my husband. If you ever have any questions feel free to send me a private message or tag me here on the forums.
  7. Sounds like you're on it. Keep telling myself that I'm going to learn how to code so when apps die or need enhancement I can do it myself. I should probably get around to that one day.
  8. Be careful with Alternote. It was part of Setapp and then one day without any notice the developers pulled it from the service. They told the creators of Setapp who then passed it on to us users that they were no longer developing the app. The last communication from them about the "new" Alternote 2.0 were back in 2016 and emails from me and others have gone unanswered. If that is where you have a lot of your notes, please make sure you have other options and backup regularly.
  9. There sure is. Copy or move any fonts that you want to use in Evernote into the Web Font section of the Font Book app on your Mac. When you do this, make sure Evernote is closed and then after you add them go ahead and open it. You should be able to see the added fonts in the drop down after that. If you need help or have questions, let me know.
  10. Congratulations to the other winners. 😊🎊
  11. You could use Adobes PDF app and email it to you Evernote address if you have that tier of Evernote.
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