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  1. My honest, immediate reaction is that I'm actually pretty disappointed. It might just be the video was a little dumbed down, but I really thought we were going to finally get true Boolean search and the ability to have negative terms/tags as well as positives. Does anyone who's lucky enough to try the beta know whether you can introduce logic to your searches and negative elements? I'm genuinely hopeful that it's there and just wasn't the subject of the video. Can anyone clarify? Thanks, David.
  2. Thanks @CalS, yes I understood - in fact I don't even need to do that; it does let me drag and drop the PDF as an attachment to my desktop and, then from there, I can drag it into an email. I simply meant that dragging and dropping as an attachment directly from Evernote doesn't work for me, even if there is not a period in the filename.
  3. Hi @CalS , no it's not working for me even with PDFs that don't have a period in the filename (assuming you are not counting the period in the file type identifier - eg. file_name.PDF doesn't work for me). I can use the context menu to change the PDF to an attachment, rather than view in-line, in Evernote but I then get a strange URI when I try and drag and drop that attachment into an email (eg. en-resource://database/13833:0 which my email program cannot find when I try to send the email).
  4. I've just discovered this as well @mlu and I completely agree, its a real productivity killer. Hopefully they will release a version with this fixed very soon - I get very tired of Evernote making it really difficult to get your *own* information and notes out of the system to share with others in the way you want to. Sooner or later the straw will break the camels back and we'll go elsewhere because the friction just becomes too great.
  5. Only just come across this limitation and really surprised. For something that tries to be your digital brain, it's a surprising oversight. +1 to add proper Boolean searching.
  6. To add another voice to this request. Please either have annotate summary off by default or allow the default behaviour to be set in preferences or retain the setting of the last annotate action performed.
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