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  1. Interesting point I hadn’t considered; although I’ve never had a performance problem with the traditional way of checking the setting on each note display, that needed such a radical rethink in coding. The trouble with any UX change is, convention is quite ingrained and the moment you challenge UX convention, people find it illogical (whether it actually is or isn’t). My kids have no difficulty whatsoever with the “natural scrolling” on a Mac, as it’s all they’ve ever known, and can’t even comprehend why I have to change the default to the traditional way of scrolling to find it useable. And I guess that is the ultimate point. New users to EN likely won’t have any arguments with the modern client. Those of us that have used legacy for years, just feel like we are having something wonderful taken away from us.
  2. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable assumption, to expect any user that goes to the trouble of changing that default, does so because they generally prefer to see all pages of a PDF, and would therefore expect/prefer/welcome that changing the default behaviour would make all PDFs act consistently and show all pages. I’d also argue that when you say “only affect an instance”, that viewpoint would more sensibly be applied to right-clicking individual PDFs (which only affect that one instance) rather than a default, which I’d suggest most people anticipate a ‘default’ affecting all of something. ….but then again for all I know, we may pronounce ‘scone’ differently to each other 😉
  3. That only works for new PDFs you upload after changing that default. Bizarrely (and frustratingly) doesn’t apply to the 100s of PDFs you already have in EN.
  4. Applescript support enabled robust folder import, but not an option AFAIK with v10. The native v10 folder import always stops working for me after a few weeks. Only solution appears to be to remove the folder import, then re-enable it. But then you have to make sure you manually remove all previously imported because automatically deleting imported items had been "COMING SOON" (EN's capitalisation, not mine) for what seems like ever. In all seriousness, I'm not trying to pick a fight - you've done a huge amount for the community over the years @PinkElephant but I genuinely am just so deflated that the day has finally come when v7 has become unusable. Yes, we all knew it would come eventually; doesn't make the sadness any less.
  5. Guess this is finally the end of the road and I'm utterly gutted. Have my whole family life in Evernote since 2006 and did absolutely everything I wanted. Have v10 installed but constantly go back to v7.14 for its speed, ease of use and functionality. v10 frustrates me every time I use it with it's 'nanny state' calendar picker, bugs (looking at you preferences option to show all PDF pages by default, like v7.14, that simply doesn't work), folder import that constantly fails and has to be deleted and recreated, etc. Just so utterly galling that something that was, IMO, leader of its pack has ended in this way. I constantly hoped v10 would catch up with v7.14 but it always disappoints in comparison. Appreciate I'm shouting at a brick wall, but sometimes you just have to vent.
  6. Thanks Pink Elephant. I'm still on Big Sur (but latest update 11.6.5) and am not getting the gear icon (also did direct install)....
  7. I've downloaded version 10.35.3 on OSX and was looking to see what additional settings we could now tweak but I can't see any gear icon in the sidebar and under Preferences on the Evernote menu bar, I still only have the same 2 options (+ import folders) that I had before. I've doubled checked and I am running 10.35(.3) when I do About Evernote from the Evernote menu bar. Is anyone else seeing the gear icon in the side bar as mentioned in the 10.35 release announcement?
  8. My honest, immediate reaction is that I'm actually pretty disappointed. It might just be the video was a little dumbed down, but I really thought we were going to finally get true Boolean search and the ability to have negative terms/tags as well as positives. Does anyone who's lucky enough to try the beta know whether you can introduce logic to your searches and negative elements? I'm genuinely hopeful that it's there and just wasn't the subject of the video. Can anyone clarify? Thanks, David.
  9. Thanks @CalS, yes I understood - in fact I don't even need to do that; it does let me drag and drop the PDF as an attachment to my desktop and, then from there, I can drag it into an email. I simply meant that dragging and dropping as an attachment directly from Evernote doesn't work for me, even if there is not a period in the filename.
  10. Hi @CalS , no it's not working for me even with PDFs that don't have a period in the filename (assuming you are not counting the period in the file type identifier - eg. file_name.PDF doesn't work for me). I can use the context menu to change the PDF to an attachment, rather than view in-line, in Evernote but I then get a strange URI when I try and drag and drop that attachment into an email (eg. en-resource://database/13833:0 which my email program cannot find when I try to send the email).
  11. I've just discovered this as well @mlu and I completely agree, its a real productivity killer. Hopefully they will release a version with this fixed very soon - I get very tired of Evernote making it really difficult to get your *own* information and notes out of the system to share with others in the way you want to. Sooner or later the straw will break the camels back and we'll go elsewhere because the friction just becomes too great.
  12. Only just come across this limitation and really surprised. For something that tries to be your digital brain, it's a surprising oversight. +1 to add proper Boolean searching.
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