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  2. I really love the new web editor... but it is ridiculous that they haven't added reminders to the new beta. I understand a beta is a beta... but this new beta was pushed out more than six months ago. I am eagerly awaiting the new editor being added to iOS and Mac... but concerns about how long that is going to take if they still haven't added reminders to the web beta. .... on a different note, it is also frustrating that the web beta does not contain any sort of quick search when moving a note to a different notebook... you have to scroll through a long list. I am increasingly using the web beta because I love the new editor so much... but need to switch back and forth to deal with reminders or moving notes. Can't wait for the unified experience in all the apps!
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  4. Everybody needs to tailor a system to his own needs and preferences. To create my own method I found reading about the GTD-approach very helpful. They even have short papers on how to create a computer based system for GTD using EN or Things. I ended up with a combination of both, EN for content and Things for the follow up. Both use the EN data base, by external links created in EN and shared into Things, where the flow of tasks is controlled. One click on the link opens the EN note with all the little stuff and fuzz about the task. Things is Mac- and iOS only ...
  5. Back then, the business and the personal account were pretty open to each other. The business was more or less a piggyback for the personal one, or vice versa. This has changed, probably because companies want control over their data. If an employee leaves, you want him to take his cactus, not his files. So they pretty much created a sphere for all business accounts linked to one company, and facilitated the data flow among them. Plus they installed an administrative role (probably the one to create shared templates as well). Around the business stuff, there is a chinese wall. The personal accounts that come along live their own lifes. As a work around, you could create an "@template" notebook containing "template" notes. By the prefix, it would sit on top of the notebooks, right behind "@Inbox". The notes would not be real templates, but instead of using them, you would always create a copy before starting to pump it up with content.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I realise that there are restrictions in iOS that are out of Evernote's control. Reminder state also seems to be one of the first things that are synced in the sync process, so reminders should feasibly be synced before the OS says "times up". Seems to me that the server isn't waking the client to background sync like it used to. However the same problem also occurs on my 2 Macs. I am 99% sure the notes are synced there, the badge just isn't updating. As soon as I switch to Evernote the badge disappears. Despite all this everything is 100% reliable and I have never lost data. Hence my term "papercuts". I use reminders sparingly (It would drive me insane if I used them extensively). So when I see a badge on Evernote I usually bear in mind that it may be the first time I have opened it since completing a reminder on another device. I launch it and sure enough the badge disappears. Nothing is actually overdue. It serves its purpose but I'm pretty sure this was not the desired behaviour from the designers. Seems that there needs to be a bit of work done on tidying up processes on the Mac client (dock badge and Notepad count badges) every hour or so.
  7. That gets back to the 250MB limit. With today's internet fast connections, there is no reason for such a small file.
  8. Doh. Sorry - must read slower!! Still think a (potentially) effective 10GB limit might be untenable. It's gonna take a long time to upload and sync! But that's Evernote's headache to evaluate not mine...
  9. Hi. Tags should be shared to others - don't know why yours aren't visible; best I can suggest are tyre-kicking activities - sign out of and back into Evernote, restart devices, force a sync if that's available in your apps; more than that - cancel the share and renew it, change one of the notes (add another tag!) from both ends of the share and see if that trips the system. If none of that works, please come back and tell us what version of Evernote you're using and on what devices.
  10. I'm not suggesting that EN have unlimited uploads. I am saying don't put a limit on uploading a single note (the limit will be dictated by what the user has available for that month.) For example, if I have a 10GB limitation for the month and I upload 9GB of data, I should be allowed to upload a single 1GB note before the end of the month. After that, I am done for the month unless I want to pay for it (I have actually paid to upload data beyond the limit on one occasion.)
  11. Evernote (briefly) tried the 'no limit' approach, and the usual suspects started backing up their networks to the server, adding video libraries and generally abusing the system. All that activity tanked the sync times for everyone on the system. The limits came back. The ultimate limit is the capacity of the internet to deal with 250M customers syncing their accounts at all hours of the day - who will whinge like troupers if they lose data or find it slow to load notes. Plus the additional clerical overhead of keeping tabs on the (likely large) number of people who exceed their limits and making sure they pay for the privilege, collecting payments subject to various exchange rates and taxes... you'd need a lot of extra staff to handle it. Not to mention the development cost of rejigging the system to allow higher limits... Anyway. I'm generalising madly here, but you get the picture: the current system works (mostly) - it could cost a lot to change! PS in case you're not aware, I'm just a user and all of this is just my opinion - I have been known to be wrong...
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  13. Best comment so far is Cal's first line... We can all share versions of different - and more and less crazy - systems that work for us individually, and you could try them all out. And in a month or three you's probably back with the one that you feel most comfortable with. No prizes for guessing which that would be. If it works - don't mess with it!
  14. why limit at all? You can always pay for uploads that exceed the monthly limit. Besides, this is the first time I have run into this problem, so obviously I won't be doing it very often
  15. I use an external audio recording app on my Android, and best as I recall that recording continues even if I also use Evernote's camera to take a picture or the app to type notes. I save the recorded file into my note when finished to complete the record (vague pun intended) of that session. I also prefer to be 'present' and not distracted by taking notes or messing with tech, so I use an audio app - Cogi - which records audio continuously until you hit 'record', when it saves a file of the current audio including the 30 seconds before you hit record. So when someone says something which you suddenly realise you need, hit record and capture the whole thing from the start. (See their website for a more coherent explanation...) -So I can take pictures and record sound sequentially rather than at the same time.
  16. I think it is. There's quite a lot on templates in the help pages, but on a quick look I couldn't find anything dealing exactly with your use case. I've created some templates of my own but they're held in the template 'system' so when I create a note I click 'use templates' and switch to my saved original and go from there. The new note stays where I created it. Tools: Templates
  17. As a matter of interest what limit would you consider useful? Bear in mind there's a monthly limit too, so if the note limit were raised to 500MB you're (currently) limited to 20 notes in a month (10GB). Plus there are already workarounds to reduce the size of large images and PDFs, store files in the cloud with links back to Evernote, or upgrade to Business for higher limits. Also on an external device or a mobile, really large files sizes could take forever to sync or to download...
  18. Is anyone else getting logged out every time they upvote a help article? (ie. "Was this article helpful?") This is not a one-off (as I originally thought) - this has happened every time today.
  19. ok - i found a suitable workaround (and perhaps this is the intended use case?) This works on the desktop and on the web: create a new note and click on "Template" in the actual note body and search for "meeting notes" - it inserts the contents of the template in the desired business notebook. it would be nice to fix the "Use Template" button on the web to ask what notebook to create a new note based on the selected template. (and it while this is not web-related, it would also be nice to choose a business notebook as an import destination)
  20. I agree that 200MB is small in today's world. I just ran into this today on my Mac (not sure if the same limitation exists on WIndows - where I do most of my Evernote work.)
  21. hi! I'm trying to create meeting notes in my business account and when I click on "Use Template" on this template, it always creates the note in my personal account even if I switch users in the web UI to my business user. What is my workaround? I tried two: I'm not given the option to move the note from my personal to business notebook (like I used to be able to do back in 2014) on my desktop client (Windows), when I export the note and try to import the ENEX file, it doesn't ask me what notebook I want to import the notes into (so the note goes back into my personal account again!) wow this is frustrating.
  22. Nice, but not effective. If anybody wants to get this, you should open a feature request in the appropriate section of the forum. There others can vote for it. I would give this request not one of the Top-placements among all requests that are still pending. It is pretty specific and does not really solve anything. If you want a picture from the camera roll in EN, then you can easily import it into an existing or a new note. If you want to convert a picture into a scanned version of itself, use an app that is built to do so, and share the result into EN. I proposed above OfficeLens, which is able to do so and comes for free. Other apps like ScannerPro (that is not free, but powerful) can do the same trick, and offer more control over the result. There is simply no need or urgency to implement this into EN itself.
  23. Reason is that mobile devices are not really multitasking. They just simulate it, some better, some worse. My idea would be to use something like an iPad in split mode. One half of the screen for the audio, the other for the camera. Just tried, it only works in slide-over-mode. The camera must be open First, then slide the EN app from the Dock Over the camera window. The Audio keeps running while I use the camera. Only downside: Using the camera creates sound on the iPad, that is grabbed as well. And you can’t use the volume keys because they duplicate as release buttons for the camera shutter. This is not specific for the EN app. I tried the same with Just-Press-Record as audio app - first the camera needs to be open, then the audio in slide over-mode. Nice with JPR is that is transcribes the audio automatically into computer text, which is a real time saver. But you hear the usage of the camera as well in the Audio Stream. So probably the better solution would be to use one device for the audio, and a second one for the pics. Or at least use an external mic.
  24. A beta is a beta - a piece of unfinished software just good enough not to crash on the heads of the volunteers before they were able to report it in. It can be fun using it - some do it because they want to became clever before the average user is, others because life is boring without. On anything done to have food in the fridge, one should IMHO avoid beta-ing ...
  25. Hi there @CherryDT, I can reproduce this exactly as you mention it. I've reported this issue to the developers, but I don't have an estimate on when to expect it to be fixed. Thanks for reporting it!
  26. I prefer a dynamic process; lists generated automatically Also - priority - duration - identification and record of completed tasks - identification and control of date specific tasks - identification of project Next Action tasks (GTD concept) - only show active tasks, but keep track of non-active accounts >>I make a new to-do list every new week. I don't make to-do lists - I use Evernote to generate filtered note lists My Current Task list is generated by saved search reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* (all reminders, exclude future dated, exclude completed) As you can see, I make use of the reminder feature It allows dated/non-dated and stores start-date and completion-status/date My process is A separate note for each task Use the reminder feature - dated for date specific tasks - no date for Next Action tasks
  27. so reminders are not in the beta version BUT WILL be part of Evernote upgrade when it rolls out?? I am not a very tecky minded person and this is the first time I have ever signed up to use a beta of anything but if I was wanting consumer feedback on my new product wouldn't you want the product to work 100% so you get good feedback??? I won't use the beta in current condition.
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