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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I was afraid that only one not can be selected at a time on mobile platforms as I had pretty much exhausted all possibilities. The problem is that sometimes I don't have access to my laptop or desktop for days and by then, I forget the notes that I wanted merged. Oh well, ... I'll have to try the web client on the iPad. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone figured a way to select two or more notes in iOS or iPadOS in order to merge them (or select and delete multiple Notes for that matter)?
  3. In the last few weeks I noticed that when forwarding emails to my Evernote account, they end up getting filed in arbitrary Notebooks and get assigned arbitrary Tags. In the past, when I forwarded an email to Evernote it would not get assigned to any Notebooks or have arbitrary tags assigned to it. I never bothered figuring out how to edit the subject line to have them auto-categorized (or whatever Evernote call this feature) and found it easier to later edit them in Evernote and file them in Notebooks and add tags manually. Is there a way to stop Evernote from auto-filing emails forwarded to Evernote?
  4. Regarding the problem I originally posted about exporting Note(s) to PDF before this thread was "hijacked," it took a while of going back and forth with Tech Support. I had to send them some notes that were consistently producing the dame failing errors when exporting them to PDF and they were able to replicate the issue. The matter has been referred to their engineering team for resolution, but there is no estimate on the date that this will be fixed. In the meantime, if you're using the Export to PDF feature, check the PDF to ensure that everything was exported, otherwise parts of the data from the exported Notes could be missing.
  5. I submitted the ticket and will post what they have to say. Interestingly, when I export the note to HTML, everything exports correctly.Go figure...
  6. Yes, the email is attached to the note and Evernote identifies the attachment as HTML content. When I try to save it from inside Evernote, by right-clicking and selecting save attachments, it saves it as a file, but there are no contents inside the file. When I drag and drop it on the Desktop of my MacBook, it is saved as a Text Clipping file--go figure... I believe the "Export Note as PDF" option was recently added (or I hadn't seen it before). This is a great feature IMO, if it would be very helpful in sending notes to third parties that do not use Evernote, given that exporting notes to HTML also presents problems. I'm going submit a support ticket as this feature is not working as intended.
  7. Some Brother printers/scanners have the ability to scan documents directly into your Evernote account. You have to go through the process to grant access to your Evernote account on the printer and this access works for a year at which point it must be renewed again if you will continue using this feature. Also, Evernote makes the Scannable app (it is on iOS, but I presume they also have an Android version), which makes scanning as easy as snapping a photo. The scanned document is saved into your Evernote account as a PDF (though there is an option to also save it as an image).
  8. Have you tried dragging and dropping the image? On my MacBook Pro, I can drag an image out of Evernote and drop it onto an email. I don't have Office, so I cannot try PowerPoint. For some reason, it doesn't work the other way. Dragging an image out of email and dropping it onto an Evernote Note, generates a hyperlink. In the case of an image from the Web, it points to the image where it's hosted. On the other hand, if I drag and drop a photo from an email to an Evernote Note, the photo makes it to the note.
  9. It doesn't look to me that you can use colors or other font settings in the headers. I wrote some text in a note in color, cut and pasted to the header, and it reverted to the default font and color. I'm seeing a couple of issues when exporting notes to PDF. So I'm not sure what's going on with this feature.
  10. I have a note which was forwarded to my Evernote account by email and is stored in HTML. The email takes more than three pages to print. But when I export the note to PDF, all I get is two pages and the first page only contains the email header; the body of the email starts on the second page and truncates the remaining text abruptly. There is a table that follows where the email stops printing, so I'm wondering whether there's a bug in Evernote that prevents exporting to PDF the entire content of the email, once it encounters a table in the body of the message. Has anyone run into this problem before?
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Austin G.! Funny, your tech support folks still pretend that they know nothing about it and make anyone reporting the problem go through hoops trying different stuff and then stop responding. It would be a lot more constructive and helpful, if they simply admitted that the problem will be fixed in 10.11, as you state!
  12. For a while now I've noticed that when merging or duplicating notes, some attachments (web clippings, PDFs, etc.) get dropped. Not all of them, but some of them. I just duplicated a note that contained a web clipping, and the note got duplicated but the web clipping was missing. When merging multiple notes some of which may contain attachments, it's a hit or miss; some of the attachments make it to the merged note but others do not. Like I said, this has been going on for a while now and I have reported it several times, but I never got a response. I suppose I need to open a ticket...
  13. Same problem here. The search glass is no longer accessible once I open a PDF. This is on Evernote version 10.1 and iOS 14.1.
  14. The way Apple is pushing the upgrades this year is a major show stopper. Upgrading to iOS 13 upgraded the Reminders app to a new enhanced version. I'm glad they finally upgraded the Reminders app, but since they haven't released Catalina the reminders can no longer be accessed under macOS. Worse, Apple's workaround suggestion to use the Reminders in iCloud is only a partial solution as any reminders entered in iCloud cannot accept a reminder date/time. This must be the worst upgrade cycle in Apple's history...
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