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  1. Thank you for your response. I want to make clear, this is not what I am asking for, I don't want this request to be misunderstood as a request for code blocks. I am very specifically asking for the capability to edit or modify the formatting of pasted in content such as the two examples I explained above which happened to show a code block. Evernote, I am hopeful you will consider this feature request. Thank You, Greg
  2. I would like to make the following feature request, the ability to view and edit the Evernote markup of a note. As you can see from the attached example, I was recently doing some research on Node.js and storing that information within Evernote. When I copy and paste information from various sources, I find indentation and other formatting can be hard to re-format. In the attached example, you can see this with the first code snippet which is indented. I had no way to adjust this indenting, even though the rest of the formatting looked great. Another example can be seen in the white
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