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  1. @surfshark Do you maybe know what caused these kinds of deleted ghots notes? This is the already second account i need to leave due to them. It wasnt even two years old. On my first account this was caused by notes deleted in the web app in firefox, on my second account this happened with a note deleted with the windows Client.
  2. Just an update to this: After Evernote-Support remained silent, i tried to find out if maybe another note was causing this problem somehow so one after the other i exported a notebook and the deleted it in evernote. Then i checked the search again. Well, in the end my account ended up with zero notes in it according to the sidebar, but search still show the deleted note when searching for everything (*). Also the deleted Notebook where the deleted note was inside still showed up as an suggestion in the search-windows and even the counter in the task-menu showed one task without any task appearing below. I suspect, this ghost task was also in the deleted note. To finally be sure that the fault does not lie in my notes, i created a new account with a monthly payment and imported the exported notebooks into it. At the moment everything is fine with the new account, so i strongly suspect something defective on the backend of the server side of the old account.
  3. @b09 Hi, yes i did. Actually, i have created two scripts: First a simple .bat-Script which circumvents the restrictions on powershell-scripts under windows 11 and maybe 10 by starting the second script in a powershell-process without restrictions (Evernote_Cpu_Fix_Pre.bat): Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned .\Evernote_Cpu_Fix.ps1 exit Now the second script, which does all the magic (Evernote_Cpu_Fix.ps1): #Rename Evernote.exe in the programm-folder:. Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote" -Filter "Evernote.exe" | Rename-Item -NewName "Evernote2.exe" #Replace the evernote-shortcut in the start-menu with the modified one. Copy-Item -Path "C:\<Path to modified shortcut>\Evernote.lnk" -Destination "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Evernote.lnk" -Force #Replace the evernote-shortcut on the desktop with the modified one. Copy-Item -Path "C:\<Path to modified shortcut>\Evernote.lnk" -Destination "C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\Evernote.lnk" -Force #Modify Registry-Entry to reeanble auto-boot on Windwos start. Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run' -Name 'com.evernote.Evernote' -Value 'C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote\Evernote2.exe --was-opened-with-auto-launch' -Force You need adapt <username> to your windows-username (the name of your user-fodler under C:\Users. Also you need to insert the path to the modified Evernote-shortcut to the place where you put the shortcut. (I have it placed right next to the scripts). Now the third part, you need: The modified Evernote-shortcut Basically you copy the original Evernote-Short out of the start-menu or the desktop and change 2 things: 1. Target: Change Evernote.exe to Evernote2.exe 2. Icon: Change the Icon Path to the Evernote2.exe. To do this, you need to one time manually rename the Evernote.exe, then you can modify the shortcut and copy it away. Evernote-Updates will always overwrite the shortcuts! If you have any more questions, just ask.
  4. Hi @drakon, regarding the App-Updates i have observed, that the updates work, but they reset the the app-name back to it´s original. Because of that i use a combination of an modified app shortcut, a cmd-skript to start a powershell-script despite the default restrictions of windows and a powershell-script that changes everything necessary after every app update. The only thing i have to do then is to pin the app back again to the task-bar. BTW, i have an RTX 4070.
  5. @gazumped I did create a fresh new install according to your instructions, but sadly they error persists. The only thing that changed, according to the activity logs, is that isRentEnabled: changed false to true. But the search still returns the deleted note, which only opens a white note-window without content or buttons. Interestingly, when i turn off the wifi on my pc(effectively forcing Evernote to offline only) and then do the same search, the search is much slower, but the deleted note is not shown. It seems like the newly created local search index db on my device is healthy, but whenever i am online, the index of the server is prioritized, and in this index lies the problem. Easiest way to check for me is searching for *. While doing an offline search, the count of the found notes is the same as number of notes in the left sidebar. When doing an online search, the number of found notes is bigger than the number next to notes in the left sidebar. @surfshark This note did not contain any encrypted content, it was a web clip with a bit of content added later by me.
  6. @gazumped i have already looked in the trash bin on all the platforms, all contain no notes. And i am sure that i deleted this note on the 22.06 or the 23.06.(so about 9 to 10 days ago) from the trash because i don´t like having any notes lie around for long in the trash. The note appears to just exist in the search index, for example with @ shortcut i can also link to this note, but when i click enter, no link is created. And when i try to open the search entry of the note, on windows and web the note-window remains empty without any buttons and i cannot right click it the search result. On mobile, the search result for the deleted note gets replaced with an empty field. Also in the activity logs i can see an error which contains: {"name":"electron.main","hostname":"desktop-kp-win","pid":13424,"topicName":"broker:outside","level":40,"msg":"broker:outside Error: 4948ad50-9c69-497e-bae9-aeae6cdd6f8a: Unable to find Note","time":"2024-07-03T13:43:21.445Z","v":0} {"name":"electron.main","hostname":"desktop-kp-win","pid":13424,"topicName":"boron:WindowEventHandlers","level":50,"msg":"boron:WindowEventHandlers Uncaught (in promise) Error: 4948ad50-9c69-497e-bae9-aeae6cdd6f8a: Unable to find Note\n3\napp://evernote/boronMain.js","time":"2024-07-03T13:43:21.447Z","v":0}
  7. Hi, my searches in evernote surface a note which i have deleted about 10 days ago. This happen in evernote web, on the windows app and the iphone app. Is there a way to clear the search index db or otherwise remove this false entry? The last time i had this error was in 2022, and the only solution at the time for me was to export all my notes in the old account to a new account and then delete the old one. But now i would loose all notes links with this method. My ticket number for this problem is #3924235 Thanks.
  8. 3 Reasons: Offline-Access to the Notes. Export of Notebooks as .enex-files without the use of third-party-software. Import-Folders. But apart from these functions you are right, the local Versions and the Web-Version feel very similar in day-to-day-use.
  9. Hi @shkit, i have found the same occuring on my system. Then i googled a bit about this error and found another electron-based-app with the same error: kit - Fresh install has high idle CPU on Windows 11 In this error report, one user renamed the .exe file of the programm by adding a 2 to it to fix this. I tried the the same with a fresh evernote 10.94.2 install on my pc, renamed the Evernote.exe, corrected the link and it´s icon in the start-menu and it seems to have stopped the problem: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote\Evernote.exe -> Evernote2.exe This don´t make sense to me, but now the high cpu-usage in the background has stopped for at least for now. Starting Evernote automatically with Windows boot did not work until i corrected the evernote entry in the registry under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run At least this could be a weird workaround for those who need offline access to evernote and don´t have access to the ms store version. Btw: All these changes can be made using a powershell-script containing 3 commands and the adapted start-menu-entry as a source.
  10. I have an AMD 7800x3D CPU and a Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU with driver version 555.99. if it really has something to do with the Nvidia-Modules, it would explain why a newly created local user on my system has the same problems, but when I boot windows in safe mode(where only the basics windows needs to boot are loaded) the problem does not appear.
  11. Hi, as you can see in the thread Evernote constantly uses 100% of a core multiple people(including me) have the problem with the high cpu usage since version 10.91.x. What helped in my case was switching from the version downloaded from the Evernote homepage to the version downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Regarding the RAM-Usage, 0,9 GB is fairly normal in my opinion. Also you can open a support-ticket, if multiple people report the same problem, it may increase it‘s priority for the developers.
  12. @Mystic Autostart on boot is working in the store version. Only disadvantages of the store version compared to the download version i have found are: No entry in the right-click -> sent to menu in the windows explorer Local DB not moveable Square Icon
  13. Problem persists with version 10.93.1. Even when i uninstall it with revo, then reboot and disconnect the pc from the internet before opening the new installation of Evernote again. It´s using cpu-resources in the background even while not logged in. But then i tried the version from the Microsoft Store, and it does not have this problem. So for the moment my solution is to the use the ms-store version until they fix their standalone-installer.
  14. Have tried that already on my system, I have run revo uninstaller in the intensive mode and deleted everything found in the file system and in the registry. Then manually deleted the Evernote-updater-folder, because revo won‘t find that. Then installed Evernote again after a reboot. No change, even after letting it run quiet a while to download the offline-db.
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