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Error Message when trying to authorize Evernote to access my gmail account. Any fix? Using Evernote 10.67.4 Windows

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1 minute ago, mi_cha said:

I'm getting the same error message.

Unable to use Evernote Gmail add-on.

What version of Evernote are you on? The current is 10.70.2. If that's up to date, then the suggestions in the previous post are probably your best options.

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Evernote Pro account
Desktop Win app v. 10.70.2 (Win 11)
Chrome v. 120.0.6099.200 64 bits

Everything updated to the last version.

Problem: Evernote account authentication in Gmail add-on fails
Since: about 1 week
Error message: <Error handling callback: token mismatch (line 269, file "Main")>

Does Gmail add-on have access to my account? Yes, I've checked my Evernote account dasboard several times.

What have already been done: uninstall add-on> reinstall add-on> revoke access> authorize access

I'll open a ticket, but I see that Evernote support is quite slow these days ;(

I hope the add-on is functional again soon, it is critical to my workflow.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

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I have opened a support ticket and Evernote said they will get in touch once they figure out what happened.

I will let you know.

Other Gmail add-ons are working fine.

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Just to let you know: 1 week gone and all I've got from Evernote was an automatic reply to my support ticket.

Still no solution.

Evernote Gmail add-on is still broken.

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We know that EN support is notoriously slow since mid of last year. It seems they are catching up at the moment, but 1 week is probably still not in reach.

Which sucks, no doubt. But unfortunately there is no alternative for some issues.

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From my experience with other SaaS support, one week is quite a long time for a paid service (my case, since I have a premium subscription).

Anyway, in the present situation, what else but wait?

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I realise that we paying users shouldn't have any expectations of Evernote support, because they're working hard to develop Evernote, they're very busy with the new UI, etc. 

I'd just like to warn other users, or potential users, that the usual advice: "there's no point posting on the forum, they don't read it, open a support ticket instead" won't bring a solution either.

I've had my workflow broken for weeks by an error in the gmail add-on and all I've received from support is a reply saying sorry.

Here is a user who has paid for Evernote's most expensive plan since 2009, with thousands of notes, and who has experienced several bad decisions by this company at different stages and who, despite the self-inflicted sabotage of its developers, has stuck with it.

So, my dear colleagues, think twice before building a workflow that is highly dependent on Evernote. We are at our own risk.

Take care and stay well.

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