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  1. Just wanted to follow up on this post to confirm that this was the only thing that worked for me to get rid of the continual EvernoteSpotlight crashing. I performed this procedure on 1/13/2020, and as of today, have not had a single EvernoteSpotlight crash. Thanks for the info!
  2. Adding my maddening experience to this thread: I have an iPhone XS (512 GB). Latest iOS 12 and Evernote app updates. With my Evernote account, which dates back to 2008 (meaning that I have a TON of notes), it literally takes FIVE SECONDS to open a note from the time I tap on it in a notebook. ”Uninstalling then reinstalling” the EN app is not a solution, because I have done that many, many times before as a troubleshooting procedure. But the situation always returns. i just think this is indicative of the overall lack of attention to software quality that has sadly become standard operating procedure at Evernote over the past few years.
  3. I paste in a lot of code into Evernote documents (usually from Sublime Text), and am constantly annoyed when my double-quotes are converted into "curly quotes" when I paste them into Code Blocks. Is there a way to disable this? It drives me crazy!
  4. Unfortunately, no. Evernote has publicly stated that they don't think that account switching is important enough to users to continue supporting that feature. so they removed it, despite the fact that the Desktop clients still support it, which really makes no sense. It's a shame, because the Web Clipper did at one point support on-the-fly account switching, and it was awesome.
  5. The biggest (and saddest) irony of this statement is that ever since you guys "depreciated" the (allegedly) infrequently-used account switching feature in the Web Clipper, the less and less I've actually been using the Web Clipper, and have reverted to manually copying & pasting content into my Evernote accounts, like a gosh-darned Neanderthal. Using Evernote shouldn't be a painful, friction-fraught experience every time you need to use one of its core features. And I have a really difficult time reconciling the continuing existence of account switching in the desktop clients, with the claim that account switching was removed in the Web Clipper because nobody used it. I think all we're looking for here is the answer to one of two following questions: 1) Can you PLEASE––for the love of every $DEITY from every major world religion–-bring back account switching to the Web Clipper? 2) Can you just cut to the chase, and let us know if the whole concept of "account switching" in general will eventually be deprecated across ALL of Evernote's client apps, so that we can all get on with our lives and stop grasping on to the thinnest, tenuous threads of hope that you will change your mind and listen to the very real needs of your devoted "Power User" client base?
  6. Usually you hear horror stories of people losing data because they didn't backup, but in my case, my horror story is due to a slip of the mouse, and I accidentally selected "Restore Deleted Notes" when right-clicking on the Evernote "Trash", instead of "Empty Trash". Now I am staring in horror, watching Evernote restore hundreds of deleted and redundant notes to my account, because the "Restore Deleted Notes" option does not warn you that it's about to restore the deleted notes and give you an option to abort the operation. I dont suppose there is any way to "undo" a "Restore Deleted Notes" operation, is there? If not, I would like to submit a formal Feature Request to the Evernote Mac development team to implement a modal warning dialog box to this feature, so as to avoid mistakes like this. Either that, or implement a user-definable "Empty Trash after xx days/hours/weeks" option, so the magnitude of making such an error won't be as bad as accidentally restoring notes from an infinitely non-expiring Trash folder.
  7. Thanks jbignert, The only reason that I purchased two separate Evernote Premium accounts for my work and personal use was because of the addition of account switching. Previously, I was using a single Premium account to juggle both work and personal stuff. Needless to say, this was a total nightmare. When you guys added account switching, I was absolutely ecstatic, because it removed a major hurdle in making Evernote the foundation of my information & research workflow. If account switching is not reinstated to the Clipper, I will probably end up canceling my 2nd paid Premium account and go back to suffering with the old way of doing things, in a single account. That would really stink, for hopefully obvious reasons. What makes Evernote so great is that it is flexible enough to cater to all levels of users, from the simplest recipe-collection tasks, to complicated, intensive information gathering workflows. However, with the removal of account switching (and the rather cavalier public dismissal of its usefulness) It makes me incredibly nervous that Evernote is changing its focus to catering to novice users, at the expense of the very "power users" who are doing amazing things with your product, and whom you like to spotlight in your marketing materials. My snarky comment regarding Skitch wasn't 100% snark. The removal of this feature reminds me of the absolute trainwreck that you guys caused with the Skitch acquisition and the inexplicable removal of nearly every single feature that made Skitch such a great tool to begin with. I just dont want this to happen to Evernote, because it is in my list of top 5 favorite apps that I use on my Mac every day, and it has revolutionized the way I do business. Thanks again for your consideraton.
  8. Holy Hell, are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! The ability to switch accounts in the web clipper is absolutely critical to my company's productivity workflow. It makes absolutely no sense to deprecate (the word is "deprecate", btw...not "depreciate") this feature in the web clipper, when the same feature exists in the Desktop client. The improvements to the new clipper are amazing and most welcome, but removing account switching is most definitely a regression, and I'm wondering just how you're determining that nobody actually used this feature, because I can't imagine that many "power users" of Evernote Premium––who are paying a "premium" to maintain separate Evernote accounts for both work and personal purposes––did not use this incredibly useful feature. Did the Skitch acquisition team dictate this change?, because it is incredibly hostile to your users who are using Evernote to do real work, and not just clipping recipes off of the web. Please consider bringing this feature back.
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