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  1. In addition to @gazumped's suggestion, on the Chromebook, are you using the Android client or the web client? If you have been using the Android client, log into your account at www.evernote.com and see if the note is there. The web client lets you essentially look directly at what is on Evernote's servers. The note might be missing on the Android client due to some kind of sync issue, but still may be viewable on the web client. If it's not on the web client, it's not on Evernote's servers. Vinnie
  2. Also, if the notes you are opening were in Legacy and haven't been opened for the first time in v10, v10 updates the note format. That's a change even though you're just viewing it. Vinnie
  3. If you're in the US, because everything you do at work belongs to the company, including making records about who you are meeting with and when. And it also sounds like your IT folks aren't being as rigorous as maybe they should be to protect the security of the company's system and its intellectual property. BTW, I'm a semi-retired "suit," not an IT pro. If my IT staff were allowing older software to connect to my system without admin approval, I would be looking for new IT staff. Vinnie
  4. Maybe as a troubleshooting step, try the command but use a date that is much later? Maybe it's something related to the age of those notes, potentially caused by reformatting from Legacy to v 10? Anyway, that would give you a hint as to whether it is the execution of the command itself on your installation or related to the data files on your installation. Vinnie
  5. That makes it better in my view, because you can set undated reminders for several notes, click on the reminders tab, and there they will all be -- three, four, five of the most important notes to whatever the notebook topic is. So, advantages and disadvantages. Vinnie
  6. Sorry for disappearing.... I've been traveling. As @Jon/t said, look at the web version. That way you're looking as directly as you can into Evernote's servers. Whatever is there is what will sync down to your local devices. Corrupted data files on a local client, like the Mac app, occur, and can generate all kinds of symptoms. That's why folks who are more expert than I am (like Jon!) recommend doing a full uninstall and reinstall. And use Appcleaner to do it. That way all of the local data from Evernote is gone; you get a fresh installation of the master program, and you get a fresh copy of your data mirrored down to your local device. You could have some weird thing going on that this won' resolve which would require you to contact support. But one of the first things support will ask you to do is this complete uninstallation, so you don't lose anything by trying this yourself. Good luck, Vinnie
  7. And I'm a simple guy so I just start the name of the task with A1: [task,] A2: [task], B1: [task] etc. Vinnie
  8. The corruption could have come when you opened the Legacy note in V10 for the first time - the file formats for the two versions are different and Evernote updates the format the first time you open a Legacy note. Or the corruption could be unrelated to that and was pre-existing or occured after you transitioned to 10, In any event, you'll likely need to delete the app and reinstall to get rid of the corrupted local data. Use Appcleaner to do a complete uninstall; the normal uninstall will not get everything. Download a new version from Evernote.com so you're assured of getting the latest version. Avoid using the Apple Store for the download since the store version lacks some capabilities. I'm not a Mac user, though, and there are a number of folks here who are and who have a lot of expertise. They may weigh in with an alternate suggestion. There are lots of threads in the Mac section that go into great detail about this. You might want to browse around there. Vinnie
  9. Tu pregunta es ubicado en la sección Teams. ¿Estás usando la versión Teams? Teams es diferente y no hay muchos aquí con experencia con Teams. Si no usas Teams, sino la versión individual de Windows or Mac, ¿sabes que te puedes usar el cliente web en lugar de la versión local? Tal vez la versión web sería mejor para ti. El cliente web tiene la mayoría de los habilidades que el cliente Windows o Mac y el cliente web no necesita mucho del disco local. Saludos, Vinnie
  10. Latest version at evernote.com as of April 4 at 14:38 eastern time is version 10.83.5. Apparently performance is better. (I haven't had the problem so I cannot speak from experience.) Vinnie
  11. also, Tools/Settings/Application, and click on the radio button, "resume where I left off." Vinnie
  12. Well, let's agree to disagree. I don't believe I am stupid for paying the full retail price. MY point is that making a blanket statement like "It is stupid..." without any qualification or recognition that others may have a different opinion is, in my opinion (notice the qualification there?) rude. And, also in my opinion, it decreases the enjoyment of sharing tips and experiences with other users here. Vinnie
  13. Nope, @chilee, you likely don't have the latest - the automatic updates are always behind. Check version number: Help/about. You will likely see it's not 10.83.5. Usually I just wait for the auto updater myself. But if I were having an issue like the lag with larger notes (I'm not, fortunately...) I would go to Evernote.com and download the latest version, to see if Evernote has managed to fix the bug. So, I'd suggest downloading the current version and see what happens. Vinnie
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