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  1. The web view is your best view into Evernote's servers, so you likely have some kind of syncing issue, quite possibly from an update that failed to install correctly. If I were you, I would do a complete uninstallation using Revo Uninstaller and then reinstall downloading the latest version from evernote.com. Sign out of Evernote and uncheck the option to retain a copy of your data locally before you start the uninstallation process. This will hopefully give you a clean slate to start from. 10.97.3 is the latest release anyway, so you would be killing two birds with one stone. After reinstalling, give the Evernote servers some time to download a new copy of your data and for everything to get synced. How much time depends on the size of your database, the speed of your connection, and whatever other loads the Evernote servers are managing at the time. Vinnie
  2. Yes, if I were you I would try a complete installation. Use Revo Uninstaller, though. The "normal" uninstall process does not reliably remove everything for a clean, new, installation. Since your data is still all on Evernote's servers as you have confirmed with the web client, you likely have a sync issue, quite possibly from a failed installation. Another area of possibility might be something with your Internet connection or configuration, but I, myself, would try a reinstall as the quickest potential solution and the one most likely to work. Good luck, Vinnie
  3. I click in the search bar on the windows client and this is what I see, with the cursor inside the search box. Is this what you see? As far as I know, it has been like this for some time and seems perfectly natural to me I rarely use the search box, though. The Cntl+Q function is fine 99% of my searches; I use it dozens of times a day. If you're not familiar with it, you might give it a try. Vinnie
  4. FYI, there is also this new setting in Tools/Preferences: And now that I'm looking at it, I better set mine to Desktop app! Vinnie
  5. If you haven't done it yet (I can't tell from your description), I think the first to do is to go to www.evernote.com and log into the web client, The web client gives you the most direct view of what is on Evernote's servers. Are all of your notes there? If they are, then you can uninstall Evernote on your Windows PC using Revo Uninstaller and reinstall a fresh copy. If you check and report back, you might get some specific guidance on what to do. Vinnie
  6. Ctrl+Q for the Windows client or CMD+J on the MAC. I think this is one of the least appreciated features of the Evernote desktop clients. (It's not available on the web client, which, for me, is a major reason to use the desktop client. Vinnie
  7. Try a device that's not under the control of your company. It's completely possible that your company's IT security settings are blocking Evernote. Vinnie
  8. Yes, when the poster mentioned "supervisor," my thought was that there is a security limitation affecting the poster's ability to have access to the shared notebook. Vinnie
  9. On my account, the error is across all platforms. I have it on good authority that that Evernote is aware of the bug and is actively working on a fix. Vinnie
  10. >>You do just end up spending more time on the system than on the thinking/working; but that's the price you pay for 'free'. I don't know that "free" is the determinant... I think I spend an hour or so a week on Outlook - which I pay for - trying to find what just happened... e.g., this past week, as I recall, my signatures disappeared, my view changed, and bcc went away. That's just on my desktop. On top of that, Onedrive constantly pops up and gets in my way. On my laptop, I keep turning off "new" Outlook and it keeps coming back, so it will be another half hour searching and fiddling to deal with that. Even with all the recent glitches, I spend a lot less time on this kind of stuff with Evernote than I do Microsoft's products. And when I do need help, I find it much easier to get with this resource and the knowledge and helpful people here than going online to find help with Microsoft's products. Vinnie
  11. Meanwhile, I strongly suggest using "ignore." Anyone who makes an ad hominem attack wins a place on my list. Also, if a poster has nothing but criticism and never a positive thing to say, eventually I will add them to my list. I appreciate the patience of folks here who hang in there and continue to try to help people who are consistently negative. I can't manage it -- like in the real world, in the virtual world, I prefer to surround myself with people who have a positive view, who are not "outraged," "frustrated," "livid," "infuriated," "incensed," and so on at the smallest things. And, if there were more ignoring going on, I think there would be less of those comments, since they'd get fewer responses. Just my POV. I know others may feel differently. Vinnie
  12. You could also subscribe for a month, do what you need to do, and then unsubscribe. Might be worth the small amount of money to avoid redoing your work. Vinnie
  13. I have a different note count issue that Evernote is aware of and working on. You might want to let them know of your issue since it seems logical that they might be related. feedback@evernote.com, or you could submit a support request (probably not worth the time to do that, IMO, unless this problem persists). Vinnie
  14. Normally I would agree, @gazumped. But I have heard from someone in touch with Evernote that they are aware of and working on the note count issue. So, maybe I have two issues, but for now I am hoping that one thing is related to the other, and both get fixed together without me breaking a sweat! 😁 Vinnie
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