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    @ETep0715 I've used https://www.kanbanote.com/ for a wile, in combination with my TSW/GTD set-up in EverNote. Not the coloroptions you mention, but an easy dragable Kanban view. I stopped using it, cause 9 great saved searches and TSW/GTD did the trick for me more than enough for smooth organisation of my life and work. @gazumped "Hi. More color options may be coming along in next-gen Evernote clients, but for the moment what you see is pretty much all there is available." Is this a general statement cause EverNote is still developed (as I believe it is) and not just maintained? Or do you have concrete information I missed and then curious to read about? 🙂 Thx!
  2. Yes, PLEASE fix this. It's hurting my productivity. Also: People (lots of coll. and clients, etc.) see me using EverNote on beamers all the time in meetings, and everybody is getting such a bad impression of EverNote. I think they won't consider EverNote for years after seeing my note getting messed up.
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