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  1. I agree fully. My using Evernote/tags as a Ninja incorporates the hiding of unused tags, fast-typing first letters of tags I want to (un)assign, in groups, etc.. My productivity is slashed severely by the new Evernote and if it doesn't get up to speed for my use cases, I will need to find an alternative for me nd my colleagues. More details:
  2. Not knowing the answer to your literal questions..... I work around the whole thing: I created a Gmail account, which forwards all e-mail to the "impossible to remember" e-mailaddress of evernote. Maybe that can help you?
  3. I use PhraseExpress to create shortcuts to inject the right texts, not only in Evernote. But everywhere. it: could be "intitle:" or shorter qi would also work, as long as you never type qi normally. 😉
  4. Same here. I work like a Ninja in the legacy Evernote, changing hundreds of Evernotes during a day, in groups, one by one, changing tags VERY fast, organisering and while managing my company. I switched back to legacy very fast. See also: Tip: I never used the insert date/time of Evernote, I have always used PhraseExpress to do this and it's more customizable and wonderful. I use qqd for the date, e.g. 20210307 and qqt to also add the time. This besides MANY more shortcuts to insert all kinds of text/structures.
  5. Windows-key + . (period) Will show the Windows helper for emoji's/symbols. Maybe that works for you?
  6. For me classic EverNote is PERFECT. Costs me no overhead, change/find tags like a ninja, etc.. The !.n tags are indeed time related. Day is meant to be done today. Week is reviewed once a day, and I promote items to today or some other time if needed. Month due in 30 days and reviewed once a week, year is due in 366 days and reviewed once every month. Touch means "on agenda next time I talk to this person, team, project, etc." Busy means in progress elsewhere. Waiting is reviewed once a week and waiting for action by someone else. Parked is not active, to be chosen later for example. Options in a project, or unused resources, idea's, etc.. Reference is read-only information/sources related to that project/team/item/person. Archive is fully done and normally not to be seen. My 100 filters exclude all Archived items. I used to use due dates and such, but my work as a COO/CEO is so dynamic/rich in chage, with over 100 running projects within ~10 teams and/or ~26 people, that I now only work sorted on priority/bucket, nog actual dates. I like you presentation/Gantt idea, but for me the data changes too much, on an hourly base.
  7. Nice! For me I have every view/perspective that I want in Evernote (legacy), so I need nothing else for now. I don't work with far away timelines, so no Gantt or timeview needed. Sounds like a nice setup though DTlow, for when you need time based management.
  8. Thank you for starting this topic. As for your first question: For my workflow it is CRUCIAL. Evernote legacy sorts the tags WITHIN the tags colomn an sort-of-alphabet, at least consistent. After that Evernote legacy sorts the rows in the view on the Tags column. Effectively it doesn't sort on FIRST tag by that, but also on SECOND tag, when first is the same, and so on. See here for my details: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/129388-using-the-new-evernote-10-for-gtdtsw-workflow/ an example of my needing the sorting by tags IN a single tags field and sorting rows by those tags fields: The above view is a result of one of my 100 saved searches,which give me instant view of relevant items sorted by time/GTD priority. Above is a result of the following saved search: As for your second question: I have not found alternatives in Evernote 10, except using Legacy. 😞
  9. I use tags INTENSIVELY and like a ninja so fast, indicating time (do today, this week, month, year, touch (next time), parked, waiting, reference, archive). ALso comntect /Project XYZ, also team **MT, **tech, **sales, **company, also person ?CharlesDickens, and various aspects /HrmContracts, /HrmIllness, /Hrmetc... I use 100 saved searches to open directly a list of items voor e.g. a meeting of a certain team, or a day-view of what to do today, a view of all items related to a person, when a have a bilat-meeting with a person. See here the details:
  10. I will. U2 please! For now I'm stting still, and waiting. In the meanwhile I use legacy version en quite happy with that. :-) Same as what @DTLow is doing, I imagine. I really want "handle, tag, sort, find, saved search items like a Ninja again". :-)
  11. Please stop spamming all over the place. Please post this ONCE in an on-topic thread talking about alternatives. Please delete your spamming posts. If not, I hope some moderator will block your account or something. Thx.
  12. @ks. Please stop repeating this message everywhere. If you want to undo your off-topic disturbance, please delete it everywhere again. You are disturbing my reading experience a lot. Posting it once in a thread that talks about alternatives is good enough. If you don't stop, I hope some moderator will block your posts or your account.
  13. You mention thé three hotkeys I use all day. And the like a ninja part is very important to me. The Ctrl+Alt+T window allows me to type the start of a tag, hit space to (un)check it, type another one, another one, another one. It takes me 3 seconds to (un)check 5 tags. I cannot do that anymore. If this speed-use doesn't come back I'll have to stick to old Evernote, or find something else that allows for ninja-usage, or change my ways.... The latter must still fit my needs ofcourse. 😉
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