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  1. This (7.14.1) was the last tolerable release of Evernote. It doesn't work with my new MacBook. This company rivals Microsoft for making gratuitous changes that nobody needs whilst simultaneously removing features that many of use every day. Why??
  2. Well, i can't get the Legacy version to install on my new MacBook, so I'm stuck with the lame current version. Why do you remove features when you go to a new version?? Sort by tag is a necessary part of organizing my day - EVERY DAY. Now I can't do that... It's not as if I can switch to a new app to replace Evernote -- I'm in too deep. But it seems like every new version removes something I use daily. It's extremely annoying..
  3. Seriously, why would you take the top list view away without warning us pre-upgrade?? Now i have to figure out how to re-install a legacy version. Thanks for wasting a lot of my precious time.
  4. #2801572 - 03/19/2019 #2818703 - 04/11/2019
  5. Opened my first ticket on this on March 19... Then another on April 11... Nothing. I wouldn't complain if I wasn't paying for this service, but I am. It's starting to get annoying, as I depend on this plugin, and forwarding just isn't the same.
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