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  1. Probably fixed.... not exactly a major issue but just need to open the note in a new window to see word count etc... I'll hang on for an update.
  2. Using the latest version on Win 10. The Status bar appears then disappears when selecting a note. Works fine when a note is opened in a new window but not when opened within the interface. Anyone else see this issue?
  3. Looks like the shortcut option is back in the clipper settings for the latest version on Chrome. I'm using Really useful if, like me you use a lot of Chrome Application Windows... you don't see the extensions bar.
  4. We can be hopeful that a version 7 is on the horizon which is a complete rewrite of what we've got which would point to why they're not bothering much with version 6.... Kind of agree with @AngieR, been working around software development myself for 20 years this development screams of either a very small, pushed team or a piece of software that is about to be abandoned. Shouldn't be releasing with this amount of bugs especially the lag.... fix the lag. Slow UI feedback to a user makes them think everything is worse than it actually is
  5. Thanks for the info... lets hope they fix it... a right PITA at the moment. Yesterday and today I've clipped over 100 pages to do with a course I'm sitting and only the ones with HTML tables appear blank..... this may help devs debug it. EG: this link gives me a blank page in the Windows app. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages
  6. I think the clipper updated recently in Chrome and in the settings I can't find the shortcut option anymore..... used to be a box where you could select which shortcut key activated the clipper. Has this option gone forever?
  7. Same here and just mentioned it in another forum post...... it only happens for me with pages that include HTML tables.
  8. Just updated to 6.10 and get the same lag as others but more worrying is web-clipped pages with tables display as a blank note. They look fine in the Android app and Web app but on Windows they display a blank note. Is it a blank note? Will this blank note sync and overwrite the correct note that shows correctly on other platforms? The software does feel very buggy, not sure how to describe it really, its slow and feels very heavy to use. Never thought i'd say this but I reckon they should start from scratch again and ditch the current app all together....clean sheet... create something modern, fast, powerful. Anyway hope the tables issue gets sorted.
  9. @gazumped Many thanks.... I'll wait for the update...
  10. Windows 10. The new PDF viewer is not so great When I click a web link within a PDF the page appears within the note itself and ALL notes then display this web page... only display, this does not sync or replace content. To revert back I need to close EN, open Task Manger and close off the EN processes then reopen EN.... everything then works. Bit of a PITA when working with a lot of PDFs. One solution is to right click the link and select open with --> Google Chrome but if you forget above happens I would imagine the expected behaviour when clicking a web link within a PDF - open the link in the web browser. A separate issue is with dragging images into a note with a PDF..... even though the cursor and drag point is below the embedded PDF the images show randomly above & below the PDF. Anyone else see these issues?
  11. @JpBookBug I have exactly the same issue and its been like it for a long as I can remember.... TBH the web version is very buggy indeed. Hopefully at some point Evernote will make it work smoothly..... A way round is to search for the notebook in the search box and then it shows.
  12. I don't have direct experience with this but I work with a company that installs O365 for schools and their opinion is that O365 & OneNote for schools is excellent and Google Apps For Education is also excellent and works well with Chromebooks.... unfortunately neither builds EN into the equation. The big benefit of Chromebooks and schools is that they are dirt cheap and dead easy to manage.... can save a fortune on admin costs. I think EN has an opportunity to create something very powerful for schools but in my opinion they need a better sharing system and folder/notebook organisation structure..... plus a visible undo button
  13. I looked at this years ago and its a bit of a faff and you'll either use multiple apps or do it manually. I split tasks and notes so use Todoist for tasks and EN for notes. Nobody has come up with a system that really nails tasks & notes in one app yet..... would be nice
  14. From the PP: "This is primarily to make sure that our machine learning technologies are working correctly, in order to surface the most relevant content and features to you. While our computer systems do a pretty good job, sometimes a limited amount of human review is simply unavoidable in order to make sure everything is working exactly as it should." Could you not create lots of dummy data covering many scenarios for testing? I'm old... been doing marketing & communications for a long time. Can I respectfully suggest you need a new communications policy...
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