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  1. Never listen to developers for release dates.... you'll never get anything launched... ever 🤣
  2. Check to see if these missing notes were in local notebooks... the new app doesn't do local notebooks so they need to be brought online. Somewhere in the menu options there was a function to check for local notebooks... I can't see it in mine anymore so maybe it goes away once it finds them. Edit: Just found it in the tools menu.
  3. That's a shame... still waiting for the Android app to go live but would be nice to see some of the markdown shortcuts included. So much easier to do this for headings # heading ## heading 2 ### heading 3 and use + or - for a bullet list. Hopefully it will come.
  4. Not sure if you've found out yet but there's very basic markdown support. ``` gives you a code block - very nice shortcut. So is --- for a line
  5. From the other side of the coin....I left EN 4 years ago and one of the reasons was that my notes were very inconsistent between devices. I don't have time to micromanage my notes so when they launched the new app and standardised fonts, I thought great! Love the new fonts and so far all looking good for me. Just the other point of view...
  6. I've spoken to a few people who said they lost data but they had this data in local only notebooks on the old app. The new app only supports offline data so all notebooks need to be in the cloud as well. Your lost data maybe in a local notebook so hopefully not lost.
  7. Absolutely. I've worked with a small number of companies who have implemented Electron apps and there's nothing wrong with the framework at all. It gives you the ability to use the same code over different operating systems and devices. You can also deliver much quicker as you're designing and building once. They are absolutely not just websites, they use web technologies but are not just websites. On my PC my email app (Zoho Mail) is Electron, so is Skype, Pocket Casts, Todoist, WhatsApp, iAWriter, Evernote and a few more. You can write good apps and bad apps in Electro
  8. I can do another positive post... The new app is great! I used EN from 2008ish until around 4 years ago when I moved to OneNote. Reasons for moving were different editor in different apps, notes looked different on different devices, the editor was from the olden days on Win 95, no paragraph headers for a note taking app!! lol... other note takers were becoming much more functional as the world moved on... you could do more with the notes. Sure, if you wanted to store plain text files with attachments or micromanage everything with 5000 tags then everything was fine but note tak
  9. A lot of software companies I've spoken to over the last few years (consult work) are going for 30 day free trials instead of offering never ending free plans. It costs too much money. It used to be a cheap marketing tool but not really anymore.
  10. You'll love the 2 in 1.... I didn't think I would and thought of the pen as a gimmick but I've found it really useful. Works as a powerpoint clicker as well Pen support is way better but it's not OneNote where you can free draw and annotate over anything in a note... I hope with the new codebase they'll be able to build this in the future.
  11. Ah... yes, got that as well on Windows... the side panel is limited but I seem to be able to make the note list HUGE!
  12. I'm using the Windows app but their meant to be the same! If I hover my mouse on the very edge of the sidebar it turns blue and I can drag it wider if needed.... same with the note panel.
  13. I think it's a privacy thing... If it's ticked and you log out your data is still stored locally on the computer for offline use when you log back in again. If it's unticked then it clears all the data and logs you out.... when you log back in it has to download it all again. That's my understand but I may be wrong.
  14. Another agree. Pen support is much better. I've not had any issues with the new app and re-signed up to premium last weekend and moved everything from OneNote as the new app answers a lot of questions as to why I left Evernote 4 years ago. There's a few little things I'd like to see added but the usability of the new app is MUCH improved for me. Nice job by the development team.
  15. I would very much like EN to reintroduce public notebooks again with a public URL. They used to offer the feature many, many moons ago and it was useful to create training documentation that I could offer to clients. Maybe even a public URL with password access a bit like you can do with some file sharing services. Right now I have documentation as a word doc that gets converted to a PDF that gets sent to file storage that gets shared with trainees. Workflow I would like is build the documentation in a notebook and share the password protected URL with trainees. Maybe
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