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  1. That's exactly how I read the email as well. I've reread it a couple of times to make sure as all the fuss here got me 2nd guessing myself. Maybe its more about not reading all of the email and comprehension.
  2. From a fresh boot mine takes 15 Mississippi's to open which I'm quite happy about... don't need to save 15 secs. I'm using a beaten up old Windows i3 laptop. Not sure why some systems take longer, maybe many variables. On the other point I don't really notice updates, maybe one every 2 - 3 wks. Usually only takes 2/3 mins to update.
  3. I think this may be a Windows problem rather than EN. I have the issue sometimes when copying text from anywhere to a WordPress edit box. I get duplicated pastes. There's a few Microsoft support threads about this happening on Skype as well. WIN + V will open up the clipboard explorer where you can see exactly what's been copied. There's a also some suggestions that if you paste from the right click menu it doesn't happen.
  4. That's an odd one. I've upgraded and all the PDFs in notes are still as attachments. Its not touched them. Try shutting down, rebooting and seeing what happens...
  5. WIN + SHIFT + S brings up Windows own screen shot maker which is pretty good. I use it all the time for quick screen grabs and then drag them into Evernote... works a treat. Also take a look at your keyboard. I think there may be an issue with the caps lock button... either needs cleaning or a new one 👍 Oh... and calm the language as its not very classy 👍👍
  6. Can you examine the clipboard using a Mac? In Windows it's Windows Key + V. Check to see if the characters are being copied from Sublime as plain text. If they are then EN is pasting correctly and it may be an error with what Sublime is sending to the clipboard.
  7. It could be end of line codes that Sublime use... I don't have this issue copying things from Typora or notepad. Does CTRL+SHIFT+V give a different result?
  8. Check you're not blocking cookies and stuff for EN. Also try it in a new profile in Chrome. Could also try in an incognito window. Working fine here all day.
  9. Its all from a point of view. Not everyone has the same experience. I left EN a few years ago as I got sick to death of the antiquated legacy app. The formatting was all over the place between devices and no paragraph headings! It also looked like something from the Windows 95 era when all the rest of my software was pretty and integrated really well. When version 10 came out I resubbed up and find it excellent. My workflow is great and I have paragraph headings 👍 I also think forums like this & Reddit (lol) exaggerate the bad. No one just pops up to say they think its great... apart from me.. 'cos I'm strange 😂
  10. As @agsteelesaid upgrade to the latest version and see what happens... I booted up version 10 at around 8am this morning and its now almost 6pm and EN has 5 processes running with RAM at 370MB and 2% CPU used... I'm using an old i5 laptop.
  11. CTRL SHIFT I gives you the note info with word count..... I think Macs have a different button to CTRL that does the same thing. CTRL (or whatever it is) / gives you about a million shortcuts which save me a bunch of time.
  12. Not an error that I've had myself.... try logging in using an Incognito/private window and see if it works. Could be a browser extension messing with it. Also try logging in using a guest profile. Also try clearing browser cache.
  13. Not sure I understand things properly... when I want to use EN for the first time each day I click the icon and it opens and I use it. Like all the rest of the software I use. Start of each day I click email, browser (Vivaldi - excellent for productivity), Todoist, Pocketcasts and Evernote and they all open. Maybe I just don't understand properly... does this not happen for you?
  14. Its much more than a wrapper that shows web content... honest, it really is. It can be fast or slow, depends how you build it. On another point... Without being pedantic... well maybe a little lol.... the the font size of 16 is in pixels not points and user experience best practice is to use 16px for default body copy. For accessibility is would also be good to have an easy way for the user to increase/decrease this.
  15. So just for laughs and I'm having an easy Friday I just exported a notebook in ENEX, single HTML and multiple HTML files.... all the titles are there and the multi page HTML export actually names the file with the title. Pretty sure OneNote 365 or OneNote 2016 (not the Win 10 app) can import HTML and all sorts of stuff.
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