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  1. So how's that working' out for you?? 😼 Note that I am myself am a full time C++ dev, though I have some a bit of JavaScript in the past, not to mention being exclusively C for the first 8 or so years of my career. Not gonna make any claims about how much sanity is left in general though...
  2. You may think you're paying Evernote for premium features, but mostly you're not. By and large, the "premium" aspect of Evernote Premium is one of capacity (note upload capacity, larger note sizes, etc.) rather than fancier editing features; see https://evernote.com/compare-plans. In fact, the editor is the same with respect to editing, in which I'd include image resizing. That's not to say that quick resize wouldn't be a useful feature for some number of Evernote users, but that's not really what your premium account buys you.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums. Merging this to the existing request.
  4. Yeah, "component" the literal string shouldn't be used to ferret out URLs. Maybe they should have used regular expressions (star of the hit comedy "Now You Have Two Problems"): # RFC-3986 URI component: URI-reference (?: # ( [A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9+\-.]* : # URI (?: // (?: (?:[A-Za-z0-9\-._~!$&'()*+,;=:]|%[0-9A-Fa-f]{2})* @)? (?: \[ (?: (?: (?: (?:[0-9A-Fa-f]{1,4}:){6} |
  5. Except that there are other link types than "http://"; "https://", "file://", "ftp://", "mailto://" etc, are all valid URL prefixes (see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL). Beyond that, I'd be hard-pressed to say that the ones here look anything like web links (sorry, @dcon) or any other kind of URL, and it's already been shown that its behavior is pretty inconsistent, so it looks like a feature that needs some developer attention because bugginess. I suppose you could ask for an option to turn it off, but that's just one more option hiding among many, and only @CalS knows them all.
  6. Understood, but why the difference in behavior between "ar.component" and "r.component"? That's what makes my nose wrinkle...
  7. Kind of bizarre. I tried paring down the name. While "r.component.file" worked fine (no link generated), "ar.component.file" did generate the link. Actually, "ar.component" also generated the link, while neither "r.component" nor "ar.component" exhibited the problem. Smells like a bug, but it seems like a weird one. In any case, what should work is after you paste it in add a space at the end, then select the link and press Ctrl+Shift_R (or right-click / "Remove") and it should stay as text. But definitely a bug.
  8. You can certainly move notes from a notebook that's shared to you to a notebook in your local account, so long as the shared notebook has been shared as writable (you can copy notes from a read-only notebook). Tags that aren't in your local account will be added, so your note tags are retained (but I think you lose any tag hierarchy from the source account, if that's important to you; it's not really for me). The Windows Evernote client makes this easy, since you can select a bunch of notes and move them all en masse, or copy them if you want to be extra careful, making that they transfer corr
  9. I'm not seeing this in the Evernote for Windows application. Is that what you're using? Please post a sample filename that doesn't work for you.
  10. As far as I can tell, Notepad++ (which I use a lot) doesn't implement a true dark mode, which would include UI elements as well; seeing as how the Settings dialog doesn't change is a clue. What it does offer is the ability to theme the editor, and some themes are dark ones. I assume that Sublime Text, VSCode, Atom, etc. are also like that. If that suffices for you, fine, and that would probably be a lot easier to implement in Evernote than what I believe that others are asking for, and which, I believe, is the holdback on Evernote offering true dark mode. To be honest, a better ability to them
  11. Sure, that would be a nice-to-have, but just to be clear, it would have to be more specific than that, since a search can have other search terms than literal text, e.g. tag:MyTag, notebook:MyNotebook, updateddate:, intitle:, etc. In other words, It would need to be the first occurrence of a literal text term. One thing related that it does is highlight all of the literal text search terms that it finds, but that highlighting can be somewhat flakey -- sometimes it disappears if you switch to A new note, sometimes they're highlighted in the new note. For the initial problem, I suppose
  12. Looks OK to me. Can you supply a screen shot of what you're seeing?
  13. You can use Ctrl+F to do a search inside a note. So in you case, you type 'QUICKY' in the search control, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+C to copy 'QUICKY' to the clipboard, Ctrl+F to open the search for the current note (at the bottom of the note), Ctrl+V to paste 'QUICKY' into the search text control.
  14. jefito

    Gary North

    You might consider re-titling your post, as "Gary North" isn't really suggestive of the topic. Meanwhile, moving this to the web clipper specific requests forum...
  15. Child tag search in Windows is a hack and a botch and ultimately a misfeature in Windows, as far as I'm concerned (and have whined elsewhere).Implemented properly, as a part of the search language, it could be quite useful to some folks (I still would probably not use it due to the way I use tags). Unfortunately in the Windows application it's implemented as a global flag in Options, and supplies some pretty good UI surprise if you accidentally add a tag that's a parent tag to your search.. It should never have Actually, I don't know what t "only available for notebooks" means: it fails
  16. Just a guess, and I can't test it here at work, where I run only one account at a time, but maybe it's if you have more than one account enabled, as in shown in the File menu.
  17. NOte: your attachments didn't come through. Tab characters don't really exist in Evernote (being based on a HTML-ish language). So Evernote currently just replaces them with 4 spaces. Since I don't use tabs in my code (4 spaces for me, too), this all works out fine for me. The alternative would be to use some kind of CSS trick to enforce tab indentation. Could work, I suppose, and it may be that they've tried it before,. But of course, if you do that, then you can't cursor through the indents in the same way you can via tabs. I don't know how far Evernote intended to honor formatt
  18. I'm seeing something that looks like a bug. Version is (308859) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) Clear the note history Open the tag list in the left panel. Click on a tag, say 'MyTag' Open the note history list by long-pressing on the '<' caret in the toolbar. You should see two entries, both named 'Mytag' Click on the topmost entry in the note history list (should be the previous note history entry). Nothing happens. Click on the left caret (<) in the toolbar, nothing happens Type Alt+LeftArrow, nothing happens. Open the note h
  19. If your mobile version is Android, then multiple tag filtering is supported, as is navigating through the tag tree.
  20. For recently visited notes, about the only way is to use note history, as Cal suggests, with the additional tip that a long press on either of the note history toolbar buttons gives you a list of what's behind in the history stack, or what's ahead, so you can pick a specific note. For recently created or updated notes, you could instead make a saved search, named, say "Recent Notes", and use a search filter of something like "any: created:week-1 updated:week-1", then save that as a shortcut, and access it wherever your shortcuts are displayed (in either a toolbar or at the top of the note
  21. Looks like Windows, in which case, click on the Note info button above the link, ion the right-hand side of the screen: , or press Ctrl+Shift+I, and in the resulting menu, for the "URL:" entry, click on the small triangle to the right , and select "Clear" in the drop-down menu..
  22. Which platform are you referring to? Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? What it "grid view"? (WIndows has Card view, but no Grid view). What is "stack view"?
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