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  1. In the "Classic" and beta web applications, drag/drop of an image from the Windows file explorer seems to work fine. Copy/paste from a Windows File Explorer window doesn't seem to work, but curiously, you can paste from the Windows Evernote screen clipper or the Windows image viewer. Kind of inconsistent there. In the web beta, you can use the "Insert..." menu at the right hand side of the editing panel.
  2. Which Evernote application? Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web?
  3. The import folder @CalS references is the way to go to get separate notes for each PDF. I did try what you did with the latest prerelease ( (308781) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)), and it also concatenated the PDF titles, but it also added all of the PDFs to the note. The behavior you note -- just adding only one PDF -- would clearly be a bug. Adding them as separate notes would be a nice enhancement; maybe if you had Ctrl or Shift down when you dropped the PDF's it could do the separate notes thing, while retaining the current behavior (modulo not capturing all of the PDFs). I can see where both would be useful. So add it to the dictionary, already. Sheesh.
  4. ?? "Dashboard" is a common term: https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/dashboard. Your car has a dashboard. Other applications have dashboards that give you a quick overview of what's going on. It's not that difficult a concept to grasp. It is not a Mac vs. Windows thing. In Evernote, it's just a note; you can be as creative, or note in designing it (mine tend to be more prosaic and less flashy).
  5. Gosh no. We do deal with multi-gigabyte+ files sometimes for work, but not with a text editor. For the record, the .enex file that I tested against was only ~175 MB, child's play for NotePad++.
  6. Well, "modern" or not, some of the application options are stored in the registry, and some of them may be stored in the database; I could probably check the latter to see whether changes to one account affect changes on the second of my accounts, both of which can be active on the same machine. Hate to say it, but most of the user configurable values in the software that I work on are stored in the registry. Of course, you can export those and re-import them elsewhere, though you might get stuff that you wish you hadn't. Given that this is a 20+ year old program, I'm not going to feel too bad about it...
  7. A web search for "windows text editor very large files" turned up https://www.emeditor.com/, among other things...
  8. Yeah, seems to be broken for the "any: tag:x tag:y" case, in both the "Classic" editor and the beta.. Seems to work on the "any: x y" case, though.
  9. You could probably hack a copy of the .enex export file to remove all but the note that you want to restore. It's just a text file. Locate the note by searching on "<Title>blahblah" and copy all of the stuff from the opening <en-export...> ti its close </en-export> into a new text file. Copy the header information from the top of your archive into the text file and save is a a .enex file somewhere (like your desktop). Should import back in fine (I did try it). Basic format: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export2.dtd"> <en-export><note> ... </note></en-export>
  10. From the Evernote System Limits page, Basic accounts can have up to 100,000 notes. I think you're safe there. I am not really a diary person, but for work, I keep a weekly journal. Every Monday morning, I duplicate the previous week's journal, clear out its entries, and change the dates for the individual days, and in the note title. Takes about 5 minutes. What do you mean by "go back a step"? Ctrl+Z/Undo? The Evernote Windows application supports this, for all account types (Basic, Plus, Premium). Which version are you using?
  11. Nice to haves for keyboarding mavens: An application-wide shortcut for toggling display of reminders in the views that support them (Snippet, Card, Thumbnail). This should expand or retract the reminder list at the top view lists. Ctrl+Alt+R anyone? Editor shortcuts to Add, Clear, Mark as Done, Add/Change Reminder Date. Anyone's guess which specific shortcut keys are available. Cheers!
  12. At the rate I'm going, I'll hit 1000 in about 800 years or so (~12 notebooks in 10 years in my personal account). Think they'll get around to raising the limit by then?
  13. Are you using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or web version of Evernote?
  14. Or you could reconsider how you're using notebooks in Evernote. I mainly use them for sharing sets of notes to other accounts, or for designating sets of notes that are to be designated as always available offline on my mobile device (Android); instead, I use tags to categorize my notes so that they're easily found. Of course, if you're determined to use many notebooks (or folders or whatever), then it may be true that a different note program would be better for you.
  15. Accepted, thank you. This is a fair request, but don't discount the answers you hear -- they're typically from users who have long experience with using Evernote and who help out a lot of people on these forums, for free, on a daily basis. They know their Evernote stuff and their advice is generally worth paying attention to. I think this is generally correct; you only want to manually sort -- via whatever means -- a small number of your note collection. But consider that using reminders to do essentially the same thing doesn't really cost a lot more effort, if any. You want to focus on a small number of notes, mark them as reminders -- they float to the top. You want to sort them manually, you can do that. When you're done with one, clear its reminder, and it's removed from the reminders list. That's how I use them, anyways. I think that if you give them a fair try, you might find that they are far from a "lame workaround". I'd much rather use reminders than use the retitling workaround, which I see as awkward and inefficient. YMMV, of course.
  16. Too small for my "OK, Boomer" eyes -- looks like an angel to me, actually until I zoom way in. :whatevs:
  17. Depending on which Evernote client you are using, there are ways to do multiple tag saerch via the UI, rather than by typing the search query in as DTLow validly suggests. In the Windows application, you could start by using the Alt+Shift+T to invoke the tag filter. From there, you start to type a tag name and the list filters down to where you can pick it from the list; at that point, the list filters down to only the tags that are in notes that also have the tag you just selected, so you can keep on picking tags to your heart's content: each tag selection narrows down the list of remaining tags. Alternatively in the Windows application, you can just Ctrl_click tags in the tag list or the tag panel (for the tag panel, press Enter when you're done picking tags).
  18. OK, I see that the post I replied to was initially referring to was about the ability to have outlining -- which was topical, but then the next sentence referred to the ability to resize an image,. which is a different facility altogether. My bad that I conflated them. ETAs have not been provided for roll-out of any features, nor indeed whether collapsible outlines would be part of the planned roll-out at all.
  19. Generally they've not released much information about upcoming bugfixes or schedules/timelines at all, and certainly in no organized fashion. Sometimes someone from the staff will pop in and explain rationales for certain features, which is always welcome (and usually interesting/informative/enjoyable), but again, not really in any organized way. That's more or less how they've been doing it for as long as I've used Evernote and inhabited this forum (10+ years). Sure it could be better, but it's not bad enough that I worry about it all that much. My needs in Evernote are relatively simple and reasonably well satisfied by the current version. That being the case, though, of course there's risk in committing yourself to a software application, or really, to anything in life. In the case of Evernote, there are precautions a user can take to manage risk around preserving the content they've collected/generated. Smart users do that, because there are practically no guarantees in the world of personal software, even in the face of clear, organized communications from the vendor. They've communicated about this a fair amount already; a lot of the thrust there is to be able to offer better compatibility of functionality and user experience across the different devices/platforms that they support.Some sources: The "Behind the Scenes" video series: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/306-behind-the-scenes-series/ Posts by @Ian Small Evernote News blog posts by Iam Small
  20. A lot of people come into these forums, and often whatever they're requesting is somehow the most important feature that Evernote should implement -- I gave an arbitrary number of 18. But there can can only be at most one "most pressing issue" (and that's obviously the most recent issue I requested). Perhaps I should have added the /s sarcasm tag? That's why it's usually helpful to specify which Evernote application(s) you're using when you post, unless you know it's a global issue/feature, and why I try to be careful about specifying which of the several Evernote application(s) a particular feature works or doesn't work in. It's far from clear to me that an image resizing tool is a fix-all for a general collapsible outlining capability (the original request), or even much related to it. It's generally better to keep separate requests separate, but so that people with the same requests can find and support particular proposed features and Evernote can know what's being proposed and how many people want it. For example, I think that having image resize on all platforms is worthy, but if I upvote the topic, what am I really voting for? Just for reference, see #8 from the forum guidelines (https://discussion.evernote.com/guidelines/). Just a recommendation, though. Edit: I see now that I misunderstood your initial post's comment about in-note image resizing to be what you were referring to as a most wanted feature, when instead, you were actually referring to the original request for the topic. The bit about keeping separate requests in separate topics still stands, but doesn't really apply in this case. In any case: my mistake,and my apologies for getting your comments wrong. Carry on.
  21. There are any number of variants on agile methodologies, but there's no set rules on when releases go out to the public (and is Evernote using an agile methodology at all? You tell me.). Many companies release to the public for various reasons (a critical bug was fixed, an important new feature was added, etc., a set yearly/quarterly/etc. milestone). My company does two major releases a year, but we make available the previous version with bugfixes (but generally with no new features) as a convenience to our customers with the caveat that it's at their own risk. We do official betas, as well. Other companies certainly vary. Seriously.
  22. This is is an option in the Windows application, but unfortunately isn't in the Android client. It should be. I note that if you don't follow such prefixes with a space, then they won't be converted; you can add the space later and it will stay as you typed it. Awkward, I know. Upvoted.
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