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  1. Then come up with one tag tag represents each group. It may have an obvious name or you might have to invent one, but remember: tags are a vocabulary that should have meaning to you. That's your main tag; then go ahead and tag with more specific tags as well. This is classical hierarchical naming stuff, e.g. "Felidae" --> "cat", "lion", "lynx", "jaguar", "tiger", etc. (https://www.britannica.com/topic-browse/Animals/Mammals/Feline-Family).
  2. Doubtful -- they are not out to punish anyone who chooses to use their Basic services (else why would they offer it?). It's probably that somehow, the action of deleting a notebook in your case somehow involves syncing a note that's >25MB in size, which runs afoul of the the Basic account's maximum note size limit. Not sure why that is, and it's always possible that it's a bug. If you can identify the note, try deleting it directly. Or try moving it to a different notebook and see whether that triggers the same message. Alternatively, try selecting all of the notes in the notebook, and delete those. No guarantee any of these will work, but they're worth trying. Aside from that, your Basic account limits your direct support options (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/), but you could also upgrade to Premium for a month, and do your cleanup, then drop back to Basic. I've heard that support folks sometimes do that gratis as a matter of course for certain problems.
  3. Is there any way to do this? Not In Evernote, no. You could try copy/pasting the table into a spreadsheet, sorting there, and then pasting over the original on in your note.
  4. You can log in to the accounts separately, but you can't be logged into more than one at a time. The workaround is to share notebooks between accounts. I have the same setup as you do (premium personal and free work accounts), and I use the sharing option; in fact, most of the reason that I use notebooks is to facilitate my sharing needs.
  5. The recent versions (including 6.19.2) of Evernote have been stable for me in general, one or two unexplained shutdowns over the last 6 moths or so, running with daily use on two different desktop machines. I'm not seeing any kind of memory usage problems either, as reported in Process Explorer. If things are different on your machine, more detail about what you're seeing can help Evernote staffers to help isolate problems.
  6. At a guess, the Windows beta doesn't yet correctly handle the markup that's used by the web beta editor to encode the new check lists.
  7. See this post and surrounding discussion:
  8. Yep, and I thought about adding that, but decided to stick to what they were showing. Thanks for the screen cap, btw.
  9. A long awaited improvement. Looks reasonable, given the form factor constraints. That will be a nice addition to the mobile clients. I'll need to pick up the "Tag Kingdom" meme now. Note: I was a little surprised by the claim that Android client's Tags view doesn't show the tag hierarchy. I certainly see it on my device. If a tag has subtags, then on the right hand side, there is an indicator showing number of tags, with a right arrow. Tap on that, and you see the subtags. Regardless, this looks like a nice step forward, with lots of nice usability stuff and improved consistency. I continue to enjoy this series. Thanks.
  10. Have you actually asked for help here on the forums? Many users have been helped here, often by other users.
  11. I merged your post with the existing discussion for this feature No, there is no "pin" feature for notebooks You can force the note to the top of the list by manipulating the note title and dates Another way is to make the note a reminder note.
  12. Often, a screen cap will help to clarify the situation...
  13. It really helps if you include which Evernote client(s) you are referring to. On the Windows client, you can generally use the note history -- left/right arrows in the main toolbar, or more quickly, Ctrl+LeftArrow/Ctrl+RightArrow (like in a web browser) -- to move backwards and forwards between "places".
  14. For now, at least, they call that version the Evernote Web client. No USB stick required, either, but Internet, yes. Beyond that, you should search the web for "evernote portable version". You might turn up some links of interest, and possibly previous discussions in these forums...
  15. Evernote does not allow this. When you add a file to an Evernote note as an attachment, it's stored in the note, and is completely separate from the original file. When you invoke an editor on a note attachment, Evernote writes its copy out to disk, and that's what you're editing; when you save, the modified Evernote copy is pulled back into Evernote. If you want to edit the original file, then you can do that, but you'd need to then replace the Evernote version of the file with the one that you edited, and hope that the Evernote copy was not edited separately, since you'd probably lose those changes.
  16. Right. Check boxes are different. But the "draggability" resides with the bullets/numbers in the two types of lists, I believe, so bulleted check lists should work.
  17. Note that Evernote does OCR the way they do it because OCR is imperfect. The way that they do OCR will allow them to make multiple guesses for the same piece of text, thus possibly helping search results. You stand a poorer chance of finding what you're looking for if the OCR has missed a word, so Evernote can put multiple potential matches in. You can see this in notes exported to Evernote format that have Evernote-generated OCR; each potential word is given a pixel location in the image, and you can sometimes find overlaps. The flip side of this is that this strategy (and maybe other considerations) makes copying text from the image problematic. For example, how are alternative matches handled? Do they appear all together? How about overlapping matches? I'm not saying that the ability to copy text from Evernote OCR'd images shouldn't or couldn't be done, just that it's trickier in this case than it map appear to be.
  18. @Ryq GYou posted in an Evernote for the Web subforum. Is that the client that you are having trouble with, or is it a different one?
  19. There is no secret shortcut to do this. It's an operation that makes no sense, UI-wise: break a line and put the text following the cursor above the preceding text? Nope. Instead, it sounds like a bug to me. Moreover, it doesn't seem to be what you're wishing for anyways: You can do this with lines in a bulleted or numbered list, in the current Windows client (which you're using). Hover over the bullet or number at the left, and you'll see the cursor turn into a hand. That means that you can drag it up and down the list, or into another list. Appears to only work with individual list items, but I haven't used this much, so there may be ways to make it work with multiple list items that I'm not aware of.
  20. *shrug* Seemed like a reasonable response to what you asked: I vaguely remember some discussion around that in the forums with an Evernote developer, that I thought contained some of the justification, but I couldn't come up with it, and it's possible I'm misremembering it. You could try searching the forums for it.
  21. Moderation: merged identical requests, and moved to Windows request subforum
  22. iframe is a prohibited element in Evernote's ENML format; see https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php#prohibited
  23. Right-click on a notebook in the left panel (note: doesn't work for stacks), and select "Style...". It is present in (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750), which I am also using.
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