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  1. Hi, My query is- I am not a premium user when i lost the content, now if I took premium, Will i get the content which was lost when i am not a premium user?
  2. Can someone from evernote team please address this asap, i have my exam in 2 days, i am planning to pay the money in few hours for premium, if i am going to get the content
  3. Already my 2 devices were synchronised and i lost that content in the note already, now can i get it back?
  4. Thank you! So, Now if I took premium membership, can i get back the content which was already lost ? I mean will my data be saved as i am a basic user and now if i pay money and become premium user for few days, can i get the content which i lost when i was not a premium user?
  5. Hi, I am a normal user [ i.e., not premium ] I made a note a few days back, unfortunately, yesterday that content in the note got replaced by my mistake and the note was synchronised, so I lost all the previous content, I tried to view the note history, it's displaying permission denied. Is there any way to get that lost content? Please help me, my exam is nearby! Thanks in advance :)
  6. I am able to find it if I zoom out ; Any permanent solution? to view horizontal rule even if i zoom in?
  7. I updated my evernote [latest version] and RULE [Ctrl+Shift+_] not working( functionality is missing) i.e., nly some invisible gap is coming and I am unable to see horizontal line unlike earlier, what to do?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Does it limits time for apps too?
  9. How to set the time limit for particular apps like whatsapp/telegram etc., on windows 7 and block them once the time limit for that day is over? There are extensions in chrome like Stay focused etc., but they are for blocking websites after time limit for that day is over.. Please suggest some free application to do the same with windows applications Thanks in advance
  10. Will it be possible to design something like this- Having Option to view only Highlighted/Bold/Specific colored text across all the notebooks/selected notebooks in the evernote account in a Single Note? [ I mean importing all such content required in a single note] Thanks in advance
  11. How to remove workchat,Notes,Shortcuts from sidebar permanently?
  12. How to remove workchat,Notes,Shortcuts from sidebar permanently?
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