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  1. This problem is unsolved, requesting evernote team to help, Unable to add notes on homescreen on android
  2. Still the issue is persisting, requesting evernote team to help
  3. I paid 2 hours back and in my account info it's displaying premium For a given note, there will be an option called add note to the device homescreen Earlier i used to add all my notes on my mobile home screen for quick access, Now though i click on add to homescreen, the concerned note is not being displayed on homescreen
  4. I paid for evernote premium thinking that I can add my notes on the device home screen. However, though i am clicking add to home screen, still the note is not appearing on home screen, pls suggest what to do
  5. Hi I am Unable to add note to home screen in ANDROID for quick reference , Pls help
  6. Pls suggest for windows, also I'm not a programmer, so can't automate workflow I'm looking for some ready made solution
  7. If anyone uses stylus for tab/laptop, please tell me if I'm browsing some article on Google chrome and installed Evernote web clipper And if I just select the text with stylus pen, will the text automatically get saved in Evernote because of Evernote clipper?
  8. Hello everyone, Can anyone please suggest a good app which makes notes automatically in background in some document I.e., if I'm reading a PDF or some blog and if I just select the text with my mouse,it should get automatically saved/pasted in some document This will reduce the hassle of clicking copy , paste Everytime when we have so many lines to copy from a PDF Pls suggest for the below OS -Windows and Android and MAC Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, My query is- I am not a premium user when i lost the content, now if I took premium, Will i get the content which was lost when i am not a premium user?
  10. Can someone from evernote team please address this asap, i have my exam in 2 days, i am planning to pay the money in few hours for premium, if i am going to get the content
  11. Already my 2 devices were synchronised and i lost that content in the note already, now can i get it back?
  12. Thank you! So, Now if I took premium membership, can i get back the content which was already lost ? I mean will my data be saved as i am a basic user and now if i pay money and become premium user for few days, can i get the content which i lost when i was not a premium user?
  13. Hi, I am a normal user [ i.e., not premium ] I made a note a few days back, unfortunately, yesterday that content in the note got replaced by my mistake and the note was synchronised, so I lost all the previous content, I tried to view the note history, it's displaying permission denied. Is there any way to get that lost content? Please help me, my exam is nearby! Thanks in advance :)
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