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  1. Hi, where is the option to remove the dashboard? I'm Premium. I got this annoying new view now every time I open the Evernote Android app and it requires one useless extra tap onto a quite small area "Notes >" to open the notes list which is the main view I need every single time. I found options to edit the contents of this dashboard but I cannot find any option to skip it entirely (also looked into every page of the general settings). And no, just having the "notes" widget doesn't work because it shows only 2½ notes without scrolling, with only one line of preview and a lot of empty space
  2. Ah, yes of course I totally agree. I just thought for a moment that you sounded frustrated because you didn't have a solution.
  3. @Pozinux: There is also a workaround available which I posted above: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/120108-copy-paste-in-code-block-double-the-empty-lines/?do=findComment&comment=557917
  4. Can you please do the following to help me debug the problem: Download InsideClipboard from here Copy the source text Open InsideClipboard, select the displayed entries one by one and create a screenshot of each Use my script to convert the text (Ctrl+Alt+P) Refresh InsideClipboard, again select the displayed entries one by one and create a screenshot of each Post the screenshots here Thank you
  5. I was indeed referring to debugging without symbols - Raymond is not a wizard either, it's a skill that can be acquired, you know But in particular I just thought if someone asks me a specific question that would help to figure it out, I would try to find an answer and be happy to assist. I don't know, like, is this or that function getting called and with what parameters, or things like that. (I know that just poking around would take a long time, that's not what I meant.) For me, even after several minutes it doesn't fix itself. I forgot to mention, my Thunderbird is 32-bit as wel
  6. Is there anything I can try to help figure this out? (Things involving debuggers are fine too.) Unfortunately I can't provide the EML since it contains sensitive information. I'm on Thunderbird 68.6.0. I was dragging to the note body by the way. Sorry I missed this piece of information. EDIT: It seems the EML wouldn't help anyway since it happens for all emails for me. I tried now with an entirely new note and a totally unrelated, bare bones email, and it happened as well. EDIT2: Reading your message again, I noticed that it's not even a different Evernote version...
  7. Well I did read the code of conduct, which doesn't say anything about that, and there are several other reports about issues here. After all it is called "possible bugs/technical issues". And as mentioned before, when I previously posted about this sort of issue I got a positive response from staff, so in my mind this forum stuck as place to go for reporting issues. I did indeed miss the description of some of the subboards (including this Windows board) though, which said it's "community help". I'm sorry about that. Being a developer myself, I don't think that this is "forced instabilit
  8. "Doesn't work" would mean it does nothing and/or displays a 🛇 cursor. If a software reacts with hanging or getting into an undefined state, it is always a bug. While I don't agree that it is "self-inflicted", as explained above, I realize now that even though this forum is under "evernote.com", titled "Possible bugs" and also linked first when checking about bug reports on the homepage, it is actually probably not the best place to report bugs. However, last time I did that, a staff member responded, thanked me for reporting and said it would be forwarded to the developers... so it is
  9. EDIT: I realized that this is not the best place for bug reports. I opened a support ticket now. Sorry for the unhelpful thread. --- Today, I dragged an email from Thunderbird into Evernote. After a second, the note editor area went white, and moving the mouse around over it showed no text-entry cursor anymore. Changing note didn't do anything, neither did changing notebook (the previous notebook's note list stayed). Otherwise, the interface itself was responsive. Closing Evernote made a "synchronizing notes" window pop up which didn't progress. Clicking "cancel"
  10. I have a workaround now. I hope it can help others as well. I wrote a script that converts the plain text in the clipboard to HTML that is accepted by Evernote as a code block. You can then easily paste the code without messing up formatting. If you paste it outside a code block, you will get a code block with your code inside. If you paste it inside an existing block, you will also get the code pasted correctly, however it will insert one extra line break before it. You have to remove it manually. Install AutoHotkey Download the WinClip library Get my script
  11. @jefito Hm I was a bit fast in concluding that the rich text format would work. I tested it now with Visual Studio as well, and I can see it then instead removed the empty lines. (Actually, we can see that even in your post.) So we have the option to either get twice as many empty lines as needed or none at all. Both options are not really usable. 💔
  12. Those Todo boxes are a bit weird anyway. It is easy to end up with two or none when copying/pasting/insert/deleting lines. Plus, when the cursor is right of the checkbox, moving up/down will put it to the left of the checkbox in the previous/next line, instead of right where I would intuitively expect it.
  13. I have a weird situation now where the cursor doesn't move word-wise as expected when pressing Ctrl+Left/Right. My Evernote version is (308859) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on Windows 10. See this screen recording. What happens is: At the start, the cursor is at the end of "index". Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "index" ✔ Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "worksheet" ✔ Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "index" in "1-index" ✔ Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "1" ✔ Ctrl+Left => Cursor ju
  14. Btw, I tried messing around with the HTML content in clipboard, and I couldn't find any combination of divs, p's, evernote clipboard attributes, actual newlines, brs, etc. that would result in the desired outcome. I didn't play with the richtext since that format is more foreign to me. But, if you say that the richtext could work, it could be worth for me to try building a utility that will convert CF_(UNICODE/OEM)TEXT to the required richtext data inside the clipboard to be able to paste it correctly... This is still pretty annoying though. This would mean that the RichText is the *
  15. I have the problem that the web clipper is removing indentation from code blocks, making the code unreadable. I have seen this on multiple websites, regardless of whether "full page" or "article" or "selection" is being clipped. For example, try this website: https://objectcomputing.com/resources/publications/sett/july-2019-web-dev-simplified-with-svelte It should look like this: But in Evernote, it ends up like this: I'm using Chrome and the Windows client.
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