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  1. Got it sorted. thank you for assistance with that. It was driving me a bit nuts but all good now. THx
  2. ok. will try to reboot. it is when the phone goes to sleep after use and i go to use it again. the screen defaults to Evernote and angers me that i have to endure that. i dont want to have the sceeen default to any one application but rather have the choice to open what i want when i want it and not have to x out this pervasive app before using my phone even to make a simple phone call.
  3. Why is it that Evernote is on my screen and i can no longer use my phone without closing the app first. It has invaded and hi jacked my screen. Rather than a respectful icon on the screen, it is a blown up presence that i need to shut off before i can even use my Blackberry Android. I am so disgusted i am going to delete the app from my phone if i cant find a way to solve this. i will not have one application hi jack the entire screen of my phone . Anyone else have this problem? Please advise how to fix or im deleting this app.
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