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  1. So weird. I would never have thought to drag the actual exe to the desktop or Start Menu... always right-clicking and using "Create Shortcut", which *should* do the same thing, shouldn't it? But it clearly does not. I actually *do* remember a long time ago when dragging the exe to the desktop was one way to do it... long forgotten, now remembered. Thanks for the easy fix!
  2. I agree with Kismetique. I'm on a Win 7 - 64 machine. It used to be that evernote was just fine, then it started losing the icon. I created my own icon and added it in Properties. Now, the Change Icon functionality is greyed-out. So, no icons (Start Menu, Desktop or Taskbar) and no work-around. I'm find it difficult to believe that I'm the only person in the world that's having this problem.
  3. I have been using Evernote for a while now on my Win7-64 machine... A while back, after an update, the icon went missing. It didn't show up in the Start Menu, wouldn't show when you created a shortcut to the desktop or pinned it to the Taskbar. When the program runs, the icon is active. I used a workaround for the problem recently by creating my own Icon, making it the icon for the shortcut and then dragging the shortcut to the Taskbar, all good. Another update and another issue: now the properties box for the shortcut icon has the "Change Icon" button greyed-out, so that little trick won't work. I'm a little baffled that a program as slick as Evernote is having weird little problems like this. Has this happened to anyone else or has anyone been able to fix it?
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