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  1. https://evernote.com/compare-plans The forum is for everyone. Brand new users get some moderation, I think with some limits to prevent spammers, but you should be able to bite the apple down to the seeds. Rules on forum membership here:
  2. Go to Help / About..., and copy the version text from the About dialog. My version is " (308610) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)". The "Prerelease" bit means "beta". Not sure what you mean by "page". Are you using the web version, or the native Windows application?
  3. Yeah, if they weren't maintained locally, then there'd have to be hooks in the API for thumbnails, which I don't see (though it could be stored as a special resource, I suppose, or the API could have changed), and they'd need to be synced. Something seems familiar about you, stranger...
  4. If you're on Windows (that's the forum you posted into), then Tools / Options / Note --> "Always show PDF Documents as attachments" should be unchecked to always show PDF files inline. That's a local setting, so your client needs to change that setting on their computer to get that behavior. I don't believe that there's any way to force this preference on some other user, whatever Evernote application they are using.
  5. Drag it from the desktop to the taskbar?
  6. I use a premium version for my personal use, but I use a free version for work (software development). In the work account, I manage my tasks, do research, capture screen shots, debug and log info. I don't use the email feature, though I use the web clipper a fair amount. I have never even come close to hitting my upload limits. Truth-in-advertising, though: In my personal account, I maintain a good-sized notebook of computer and software development articles and literature (~1450 notes collected over the course of several jobs in 10 years of Evernote usage), which I share to my work account. Even so, that wouldn't have driven me over my upload limits either. The free account works fine for me, but it might not for you. On that note, I really don't know what you're asking for. Jeez, free is free, isn't it? Flip side: I gladly pay for my personal account. There's nothing else out there that I've seen that does what Evernote does; it just works for me. Feel free to ask questions, but it takes time to figure out what some other person wants out of a program. If you're not motivated enough to do some experimentation on your own, why should we fellow users be motivated to spend that time on your case? The paid version offers functionality that the free version does not. That's a value proposition right there, despite your belief that value should not change. Whether the price of a premium Evernote is worth it is a decision only you can make. The Hulu comparison is a false one, because Hulu and Evernote are in entirely different product categories.
  7. I haven't noticed that syncing is particularly slow. Is this a problem syncing from the Evernote servers to your device? Is it slower now than it was previously? Specifics help...
  8. Is this rhetorical? Because last I checked, software development is a human endeavor...
  9. Well, the weird thing is that my phone exhibited two different behaviors in the same day. Hard for me to understand what's going on, though I won't rule out user error...
  10. jefito

    Tags 101

    There really is no Tags 101, i.e., there's no One True Way to Tag. There are many ways to tag, and different methodologies. You should be more specific about what you're trying to do. I could tell you what I do, and how it works for me, but that's surely different than other folks' approaches. Well, OK, there is some 101 stuff (more like rules of the road): Tags have no intrinsic meaning, except what you give them. Tags can be formed into trees (hierarchies), similar to file folders, but one restriction to this is that tag names are unique, meaning that a tag name can exist in only one location in your tag hierarchy scheme. The formal Evernote search language can find notes with specific tags, for example, a search for "tag:abc" will match the "abc" tag, but not tags "abce" or "xyzabc". You can use a wildcard at the end of a tag term to match the start of a tag name; for example, , a search for "tag:abc*" will match the "abc" tag, and the tag "abce" (but not "xyzabc"). Note that some tools (e.g. the tag filter tool in the Windows search panel) do filter on infix matches, as in you type "abc" and it matches "abcxyz", "zabcz","xyzabc" etc. That's really handy. You can apply multiple tags to a note, much like in many languages (e.g. English), a noun may have several adjectives that describe it (e.g., "my big red dilapidated house").
  11. I do some nesting for organizational purposes, but I'm not too rigorous about it, and don't spend much time organizing them. Some tags are used in different contexts but can only exist in one spot in the tree, a true hierarchy isn't possible. I don't often use the tag tree for note navigation/browsing. I prefer iterative tag filtering when I can get it: type in a tag name (with as-you-type suggestions), select it, and further tag suggestions are based on the note set that has all of any previous tags. In any case, max # levels in my personal is 4, and in my work account, 5. Tags typically have shortish names (no compound names), probably averaging 7 letters. If all tags are not going to be shown, it would be very nice to have a way of forcing certain tags to the front of a note's tag list (possibly via a special prefix character?, e.g. '#' '@', '!', etc?). Also, it would be nice if the same collating sequence was used across all platforms, so that tags order identically.
  12. Can't comment on the Evernote intentions with respect to notebook metadata in ENML files,, but Windows comes with PowerShell right out of the box. No setup required, as far as I know; I run it from a standard Windows CMD shell. I'd have to check the old PS script that is posted in the forum to make sure it's still good.
  13. One way around that particular export / import problem:
  14. Nope, doesn't work that way, as far as I recall. Exports as one big file, whether you choose All Notes, a stack or a single notebook. Splitting takes place as needed, per the setting in options. That's why I use a PowerShell script (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53536-how-to-backing-up-evernote-using-powershell/Notebook has never been part of export, for some reason. Didn't know that you could export without tags; I'd never do that. Nothing much to say here, just this: 😀
  15. I didn't see it inserting any extra / unexpected lines, when I tried it out. Might want to narrow down the scenario where it does for you; that can really help the testers / developers.
  16. On my phone, with Evernote open and a note on-screen, the screen goes off as normal after a couple of minutes, both while on battery or charging. Edit: this with a Droid Turbo phone, Android 6.0.1, Evernote version 8.11. Edit Edit: OK, this is weird. I had a few thoughts on the way home, and when I got here, I'm not seeing the screen turn off any more. Seemingly same scenario. Now I'm not sure just exactly what's up. Anyways, a setting for this would be nice. I would want the screen to stay on when I'm in a meeting, most of the rest of the time, I'd be fine with it turning off. Oh, and I wonder whether motion sensor input might be useful, as in don't turn it off if the device moves withing some time frame.
  17. Yes, it is. You should add your vote here: Evernote does not usually divulge their feature roadmap, and there's been no indication that nested notebooks are coming any time soon, if at all.
  18. Try looking at your account settings. That should show you what Evernote thinks that your monthly usage is.
  19. Could be, I suppose, but I'm pretty sure that sync is unrelated to the new export file splitting behavior, and even if it were, it doesn't split notes; it's just a limit on the size of export files. So a large note is still going to be handled as one file, not multiple.
  20. Evernote may be slower on HDD, but that doesn't necessarily make it crash, which what the original poster is seeing...
  21. Then come up with one tag tag represents each group. It may have an obvious name or you might have to invent one, but remember: tags are a vocabulary that should have meaning to you. That's your main tag; then go ahead and tag with more specific tags as well. This is classical hierarchical naming stuff, e.g. "Felidae" --> "cat", "lion", "lynx", "jaguar", "tiger", etc. (https://www.britannica.com/topic-browse/Animals/Mammals/Feline-Family).
  22. Doubtful -- they are not out to punish anyone who chooses to use their Basic services (else why would they offer it?). It's probably that somehow, the action of deleting a notebook in your case somehow involves syncing a note that's >25MB in size, which runs afoul of the the Basic account's maximum note size limit. Not sure why that is, and it's always possible that it's a bug. If you can identify the note, try deleting it directly. Or try moving it to a different notebook and see whether that triggers the same message. Alternatively, try selecting all of the notes in the notebook, and delete those. No guarantee any of these will work, but they're worth trying. Aside from that, your Basic account limits your direct support options (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/), but you could also upgrade to Premium for a month, and do your cleanup, then drop back to Basic. I've heard that support folks sometimes do that gratis as a matter of course for certain problems.
  23. Is there any way to do this? Not In Evernote, no. You could try copy/pasting the table into a spreadsheet, sorting there, and then pasting over the original on in your note.
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