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  1. One of their posts in a different topic this morning was clearly bot-ish. Flagged and hid it. This one here appears to be a direct but unattributed quote of an old Verge article: https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/4/17820752/evernote-premium-annual-subscription-sale-executives-depart, so kinda bogus, but mostly harmless, I guess.
  2. Sure -- life sucks, and then you go to OneNote or Notion or WhateverNote, and find out that life sucks in a totally different way...
  3. It's coming. It's in the current web beta, as has already been noted in this thread.
  4. Top left corner of the topic, the green triangle with a number below it:
  5. Odd. I invest my time and money into Evernote because of the features it has today, rather than the feature I hope it acquires in the future (but may never get).
  6. Well, I don't understand it, that's whyI asked. If you can't be bothered to describe it any better, than good luck.
  7. Double-click on a note in the note list ~or~ Select a note in the note list and hit Ctrl+Enter ~or~ Select a note in the note list, right click, and select Open Window ~or~ Select a note in the note list, and in the main menu: Note / Open in a New Window
  8. Please do not post identical content multiple times in the forums. I've merged them: please delete the extra copies. Thanks.
  9. Or you could just use the Evernote Windows global shortcut key (default is Ctrl+Alt+N, I think, but it's configurable) to open a new Evernote note, and you just type in that note, and you'd get the exact same result.
  10. Since when? It does a Cut operation for me, as it should. Ctrl+Shift+X encrypts text, though. None that I know of. It would be nice.
  11. What "intermediate steps" are you referring to? The functionality is to move a note to a new notebook. They have put three recent notebooks at the top, which is A Nice Thing (though they should probably not include the notebook that the note is currently in), you can use the search magnifying glass to find other notebooks, or scroll through the list. What, precisely, do you want to see?
  12. Same answer, most likely: The Paragraph entry doesn't have an ID (there's no "Paragraph" command), only its children do, e.g. "Left" (= aligh left), "Right" (= "align right"), etc. Is this a problem?
  13. I don't understand what you are saying. Can you explain it better? Provide a screen cap? If you're talking about the search results once you've performed the query, they are always in the order specified by the sorting chosen by you for the current context, which, n the Windows application, can be different for different notebooks; there's also a global search order as well. If you're talking about search suggestions as you type, then that's what is unclear to me.
  14. Please read posts by @dcon / @dconnet to get a handle on why dark mode is difficult to implement on a Win32 application. Windows is not that same as Android...
  15. To make Evernote better. What's the point of your useless comment? Sorry I read your post -- you're back on 'Ignore'. Again.
  16. In Windows, Ctrl+Alt+N anywhere opens up a new Evernote note, type, type, type, you're done. Easy, and not any harder than what you suggested, plus it makes it easier to assign a notebook and tags right then, rather than having to figure it out later.
  17. I'm OK on disagreeing on this point (and don't want to belabor it further), but more importantly, I'd like to emphasize that from my side, we're all good now. To the stuff about an actual editing interface, just allowing you to do what could be done previously, i.e., add or remove individual items from a straight list would be sufficient. Really, you're looking for ways to remove actually misspelled items, since you can add new items via the standard note editor. Perhaps the UI could include a way to import a simple list in, as well; that would be handy. Beyond that, working in affix rule
  18. Fair enough, and for the record, I also respect the work that you do in the forums: you help a lot of folks hereabouts and you often tackle stuff that I wouldn't. Sometimes communication gets a little sideways on the web, if if I misread your feelings as being more overwrought than were meant, then you have my apology as well. Sure, those are my words, and they stem from my experience in the software development field. To my mind, when you make software, there is -- or ought to be -- some form of understanding that some elements of an application are for use by the end-user, and some a
  19. Thanks, but the problem is that this is an Android-specific thread...
  20. Sure: That it was a simple text file was a fact, that it would remain one was an assumption. In Windows? Roger that.
  21. Oh yeah, missed this. So sometimes, when there's no contract about a particular artifact of a program (file format, registry entry, etc.) a developer will make changes that provide a prelude to making future changes, because there's no expectation that anyone outside will be consuming it directly. And maybe due to scheduling and prioritization issues, the actual changes/improvements aren't made right away (or at all). Them''s the breaks, because the program has already moved on, and the format is different, and it shouldn't affect anything except the program. People who make assumptions
  22. Assumptions ("hey, this is just a text file, I can just edit it myself") are easy to make, but not always warranted. It was an assumption on the part of certain users that the file format would never change, but there was never any contract between users and the developer about the file format. Reality bites, sometimes.
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