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  1. @DTLow's task filter is spot on. You can make such a saved search a shortcut, even, available in the left panel or on a toolbar. Reference for the search terms, including the reminder terms is here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php Windows stuff: I find the separate reminders list to be pretty handy, but it only sows in certain views (e.g. snippet view); it would be nice if it could be shown in all views. It would also be nice if you could disable it altogether, but you can close it so that it takes up a much smaller space in the view..
  2. Probably not going to happen. Per the Evernote SDK, tag names explicitly may not contain a comma (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html#Struct_Tag). My guess is that probably because they are, in various parts of Evernote, stored in comma-delineated lists, so allowing a comma in a tag name would likely break a lot of stuff. You can, however, use a semicolon; i.e., the tag name "Last; first" is legal, as far as I can tell.
  3. The Evernote Tray Application is the starting point.You should see it in the Startup Apps list (I do). And the place in the file system where it lives is: <current users>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. It's a link to evernotetray.exe (there's also the web clipper, evernoteclipper.exe).The Evernote tray application seems to spawn evernote.exe and its "Evernote Subprocess.exe" friends automatically, though the Evernote application isn't visible until you activate it somehow. You can spelunk this sort of stuff using the excellent Microsoft SysInternals AutoRuns and Process Explorer applications, btw.
  4. A big problem here is that Evernote's note content (ENML) isn't a full equivalent to HTML (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php), and its editing capabilities are tailored towards editing only ENML content, and not full HTML. Moreover, in the web clipping process, HTML must be translated to more-or-less equivalent ENML, so it's not going to be an exact replica of the original web page. Anyways, the ability to remove the tables while retaining the cell content is a fair request, and actually something I'd find useful. Upvoted.
  5. In Windows, at least, even with the main application window closed, a fair amount of the Evernote application still running under the hood (I use the Process Explorer application to verify). So the Evernote helper is convenient but probably doesn't really save you all that much in terms of system resources, as far as I can tell.
  6. CCleaner is not required for this task, and it's largely not recommended any more (see e.g. https://helpdeskgeek.com/free-tools-review/why-you-shouldnt-download-ccleaner-for-windows-anymore/) To locate your startup programs, from the above article:
  7. There's no way to use the local Windows application to collect notes without, well, running the local Windows application. Which resources (memory, disk I/O, CPU, etc. are you so concerned about? Anyways, you could: * Use email to send a note to your Evernote email? You can send it to a specific notebook and add tags this way. * Use the web client (not memory & CPU resources, though)
  8. Dunno, gaz, but hey, Evernote has 200 million accounts and all of a sudden they're ready to R.I.P.? I think if bloggers can help to explain how to use Evernote or whatever better, and how they may differ from other applications, then that's all great. But as prognosticators of tech trends? That's an entirely different skill set. Help me get a toehold on Notion, and that's probably worth my time & attention. Try to predict whether Notion or Evernote will dominate over time? My guess is probably as good as anyone else's, and when people make predictions, that's when I reach for my jar of sea salt and start hunting for the largest grains.The problem with making your living bloggering is that you need to generate constant content, even when there's not much there there...
  9. No way to do this currently, as far as I can tell. There should be...
  10. For certain you can select a notebook, then tap on the magnifying glass and type in search filters, including tags, e.g. "tag:sometag". Not very convenient, but at that point you should see a button "Refine your search", which, if you tap you you can then select tags more easily. I think that the whole process could be streamlined.
  11. You can reply to him all you want (and it's better if you learn to use the forum quoting system if you do reply to someone), but he''s not been around here for a long time (note the date on his post). Sure. This is pretty well-known. Notebooks "contain", in that a note belongs to exactly one notebook at a time. Tags "label", in that a note may have multiple tags. In Evernote, notebooks are required for sharing a group of notes with someone else, or for designating local notebooks on a desktop computer, or offline notebooks on mobile platforms. You can't do that with tags. Flip side, notebooks are also usable for partitioning your note set into discrete collections., but you can do that with tags, and moreover, you can organize those tags in a hierarchical fashion, which you cannot do with notebooks. Also because you can apply multiple tags to a note, a note can be categorized into several different categories, which is very useful, and no, you cannot do that with notebooks. But you can certainly share individual notes. Please define "messy" vs. "clean". And what are the tag and notebook "workflows"? Tags and notebooks are organizational tools; a workflow is a procedure for processing information. No question that this is long requested. Somehow Evernote has weathered the demand over the 10 years or so since the original request, and grown to over 200 million users.Should they add it? Probably. Is it necessary? Not for me to say (I wouldn't use it, but that's just me). It could happen in the future, but if you're basing your decision on whether to use Evernote on whether nested notebooks are implemented or not, I'd say at this point don't hold your breath.
  12. If you want to put a link to an Evernote note in external applications like Word or Excel, you do so by creating an In-App link, at @DTLow notes. This will open up the note in your local Evernote when you click on it. In Windows, you do this by selecting a note, and pressing Ctrl+Alt+L to coy the link to the clipboard. You can then pasted into your Word or Excel doc. The link will look something like the following: For more info: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/note_links.php
  13. Um, kinda non-news to me. I mean, really -- someone I never heard of before predicted Evernote's demise, and then had to have a rethink because, lo, Evernote's still around? Stop the presses! I do miss Heather being around the forum, though...
  14. Sure, but when perfection isn't possible, it's good to know the bounds of imperfection...
  15. ...unless 'hat' is in quotes, or followed by punctuation like comma or semicolon or period, or if it starts a new paragraph...
  16. By "equalize", do you mean "Justify"? In the latest release, (there is no beta out currently as far as I can tell), there isw an option on the Align toolbar dropdown button called "Justify" that seems to work.
  17. Tools / Options / General --> "Launch Evernote at Windows login"?
  18. If it's finding these matches in OCR'd texr from an image, that would make some sense, since Evernote's OCR can make more than one guess per word (so for example, it might have guesses for 'that' and 'hat' for the word 'that'). Otherwise, in normal text, as @gazumpedsays, Evernote doesn't match text like '*hat' would.
  19. Sure looks like they have the same blurry text, that's for sure...
  20. Another thing to try would be to go to Tools / Options / Search, and set the "Search as you type delay" to 0 seconds. You'll need to press the Enter key to initiate a saerch, but it might take some lag out of the process.
  21. Take a look at it in the Evernote web client, just to make sure it's not the note content, but instead something weird with the Windows application.
  22. Did you accidentally zoom the note display (Ctrl++, er, Ctrl + 'thePlus' key)? Try hitting Ctrl+- a few times.
  23. Ah, my Rhetorical Comprehension Filter must be turned up high today...
  24. I'm guessing because this: That being said, that just doesn't seem like it will help anything all that much, since that would mainly affect program load time, and not run time, so it's probably not going to make anything faster; putting the database on an SSD would likely be a much bigger improvement.
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