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  1. Emojis: https://www.emojibase.com/emojilist/zodiac Symbols and Unicode characters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_symbols
  2. Not familiar to me. What does it really look like? Screen shot?
  3. I think you're right to focus on the extensions. The Evernote export functions in the Windows application default to ".enex", not ".enml".. My current guess is that these are from the Android device, which I believe stores notes in ENML format with ".enml" extension.
  4. I'm waiting for it to hurry up and become my first brain because the current first brain isn't doing so well...
  5. As far as I know, Evernote for Windows won't export anything unless you explicitly tell it to do so. TO export notebooks, you'd need to have right clicked on a noebook in th enotebook list, and selected "Export Notes...", selected the ENEX format, and clicked on the Export button. Or alternatively, you used the ENScript command line too to do the export. I have never seen Evernote just export notes automatically, in the 10 years I've been using it. For more information on ENEX export: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005557-How-to-export-content-from-Evernote
  6. You could be right, but I couldn't accomplish it earlier, at least in the table where I keep my checklists. I just tried again, and it seems as though you can make a selection of anything and drag that around, even a whole table, maybe that's what I missed. I didn't find it all that easy to do well, though. Maybe I'll get the hang of it eventually.
  7. Ha-ha -- I can be obsessive sometimes, but this was something I wasn't looking for, but stumbled across in Pachikov's' Wikipedia page and thought it might be of interest... maybe to other obsessive types. I'm done, now I swear, on this subject anyhow. That's the flip side of being able to store all that diverse collection of stuff -- finding any of it. We could use a file system to store all of our stuff, too (and little known fact: the Windows file system supports tagging; see e.g. https://www.howtogeek.com/344543/how-to-tag-any-windows-file-for-easy-organization/) but Evernote's search seems a lot more accessible to me.
  8. Hey Dave, I think you're at a level where you can just move topics to more appropriate forums, and I think that that would have been entirely appropriate for the original topic (sometimes I ask before moving, sometimes I just move them). In this case, the @t87699 has now created a new feature request, so I've merged the other topic to this one, as it's all one issue.
  9. Is this the same issue as your other topic?
  10. Just to be clear, drag and drop of list items in a note doesn't seem to be implemented for the Evernote Android client yet (as it is in, say, the Evernote Windows client). Cut'n'paste is the workaround, at least for now.
  11. Um, it's not called "EverNoteTaker" is it? That would be the counterpoint to your 'it's "EverNote", not. "EverStore", so that implies its primary purpose is note taking'. Or that a "MacIntosh" can't be a computer since everyone knows it's an apple (or a Scot). By that token, Evernote could just as well be a music preservation application (musical note, anyone?). Anyways, nobody's claiming that the term "Evernote" is insignificant, it's just that the "note" bit of it means more than just user entered content, because that's what's done all the time in the computer world. Consider, e.g , files", "directories", "folders", "windows", "mice", desktops", ad infinitum, all commonplace terms that have taken on new meaning in the context of computers. None of this is to say that note-taking is a "second-hand stepchild"; really what Evernote did was take a common concept and extended it into the computer world. Indeed, using "Note" was a great, but easy to make choice (consider all of the other "note" programs out there that use "note" as Evernote does). It's is familiar and user-friendly name for that "electronic bag of stuff that I keep my computer content in", too, rather than, say Notion's "block": it extends the original meaning into other preservation-worthy content things that you find on a modern computer. And it goes well with the familiar extended metaphor of "note", "notebook" and "tag", each of which is also somewhat extended for the computer age. BTW, I've been an Evernote user since 2008, (AKA the "Timeline Folly Years"). The motto is "Remember everything", not "Remember only that stuff I typed in". See https://evernote.com/about, maybe? Also, perhaps of interest, Stepan Patchikov, the Evernote founder, received a patent for an "Electronic note management system and user-interface" in 2004 (https://worldwide.espacenet.com/patent/search/family/051798330/publication/US8880597B1?q=pn%3DUS8880597), wherein it seems pretty clearly understood that a note is not just user-entered dat, which I'd say goes towards original intent. I honestly can't remember the marketing around Evernote in the early days; I'm pretty sure I saw a reference to it somewhere, probably LifeHacker, (Buddha help me) and realized that it might be a good fit for collecting the sorts of things I need to do my work: screen caps, code snippets, and yes, "notes" as in "brief records of thoughts...". It was, once they ditched the timeline: the underlying storage concept of an "Evernote" as a collection of computer content was the key for me.
  12. Well, you can always use Google Keep. That seems pretty simple.
  13. Offline notes in Evernote for mobile are not the same as local notes for desktop (or more precisely, notes stored in offline notebooks on Evernote mobile are not the same as notes stored in local notebooks in Evernote desktop). The latter are never synced to the Evernote servers; they live exclusively on your single desktop installation. The former certainly are synced; they are "offline" because they are cached on the mobile device (if available storage allows), thus making them available when the user is offline. Note that the "offline" part of an offline notebook is a per-device setting; just because a notebook is designated as offline on one device doesn't mean that that's inherited across other mobile devices (handles the case where different devices have different capacities. In any case, Evernote mobile has no local notes; all notes are synced to the Evernote servers whether on offline or normal notebooks. And local notes from desktop Evernote can necessarily never be found in an offline notebook, because they never make it to the Evernote servers in the first place, so they therefore cannot be synced down to an offline notebook on a mobile device.
  14. Don't get distracted by the "note" in "Evernote". In Evernote, a note is just the primary unit of information storage (with notebooks, tags, stacks as structuring facilities), whatever it contains and how it got there, whether entered text or images or web clips or other attachments. The "note" in "Evernote" doesn't necessarily imply note-taking, though Evernote certainly can do that (leaving aside any debate as to how good it is at that, pace Markdowners). For some users, note-taking is the primary focus, for others, not so much; it's a spectrum (I'm probably 33% note taking, and 67% the other stuff). But the underlying note storage system works with whatever stuff you can stuff into a note, and that's universally true for all Evernote users, whether they're note takers, web clippers, image savers, etc. So I think that it actually is a fair assessment to say that the primary nature of Evernote is indeed a digital filing service. But that doesn't preclude or otherwise denigrate use of Evernote primarily as a note-taking facility. If Evernote isn't primarily a generic digital filing service, then the corollary would be to say that people who do only web clipping in Evernote and never take notes in it are somehow doing it wrong, and I doubt very much that you'd ever say that.
  15. OK, I think I see what you're saying. Not sure why, but I don't always get dropped into Evernote after a clip operation. It may only happen if Evernote is currently running. But when it happens, all I need to do is press the Android back button, and I get returned to the place where the clip originated. I think that a setting to say "just clip, don't open the Evernote application" would be nice, but it's not been a big problem for me.
  16. Hardly. See, e.g., https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/306-behind-the-scenes-series/ With respect to this topic, this is primarily a user forum, and the Evernote devs don't typically respond here (though it's great when they do), and Evernote doesn't really give out their plans for future development of particular features. They do read the forums, but just don't tend to provide a lot of feedback. I think that most of us are hoping that the end result of the current development push will be better common features/capability across all Evernote applications, and this would fit right in. Hopefully that's the case.
  17. I just use the share button and send it to Evernote via the Evernote clipper. Doesn't that work for you?
  18. Try posting your problem to https://twitter.com/evernotehelps?lang=en
  19. In the latest release, 8.12.3, on my Pixel 3a, a shortcut to the note goes directly to the note, skipping the list. Not sure what the difference in your case...
  20. OK, so what you're asking for is that Evernote, when it detects that you have a notebook that contains only one note, automatically opens that note? Seems like it would be work wasted on something that probably rarely happens in the realm of Evernote users, most of whom have multiple notes in each notebook. But hey, it might happen. In the mean time, I think that what you might try is making a shortcut to that note, which will appear in your Shortcuts list, then you can tap on that, and the note will open. Open the note's notebook, and then long-press on it so that a checkbox appears to the left of the note header.Then open the three dot menu at the top of the screen, and select "Add to shortcuts". That should now be in your shortcuts list.
  21. You missed a golden opportunity to point out who's been in the forums even longer... I suppose that puts me in the realm of cave paintings...
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