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  1. That's a gross generalization, and not at all representative of a lot of the developers I've worked in my 35+ years in the biz, many of whom were indeed "word people". Flip side, of course, would be claiming that English majors are generally not numbers/logic people, so you oughtn't rely on them to produce anything sensible about software design/development. See how that works? It's possible that the design of the word list was intended eventually to support such things as pluralization, case endings, and the like, something that a simple word list might not be as well suited to. Hard to tell, unless you want to dig in and plumb the depths of CEF change logs (https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef/commits/branch/master) (I don't). Fact of the matter is that the spellcheck dictionary is an artifact of the CEF system, of which Evernote is the consumer; the user is the consumer of the Evernote application. The dictionary is not necessarily meant to be user editable, and that being the case, its format could validly be determined to be the business of the CEF library, and not in user space. The fact that at some point, someone figured out that you could hack the dictionary, well that's cool and all, but nowhere is there any contract between user and CEF that that should be the case. As the user-facing part of the equation, it's up to Evernote to provide a UI for dictionary editing, and they did provide a way to add new words -- just like in Google Chrome, btw. If users want a way to edit or remove entries, then they should ask for that (and they are, and it's a valid & useful request). But to rant about things that were never meant to be a public part of the system is a different kettle of fish. It's like the folks hereabouts who figured out how to hack in a different colored background for the text editor by modifying the executable. Clever detection, sure, but not guaranteed to work in any other version of Evernote before or after (if I recall correctly, it did for a while, then something changed, and it had to be re-hacked. Well what did they expect? There's no contract between Evernote and its users that its internal logic/processes will remain the same forever. In those cases, if it breaks, too bad. If it seems serious enough, Evernote should consider changing their UI/UX. That's what we do where I work; sometimes we make the change, sometimes not. Ultimately, my take would be that Evernote offer a full system for adding, removing, or editing words in the dictionary. That way, the format of the dictionary could change, for whatever reason, without any expectation on the part of users to go under the hood to get what they want. If they do, it's on their own lookout.
  2. In the English version, it's Settings / Notes / Auto-link phone numbers
  3. Requests for some of the things that you mention, e.g. Latex support, have already been made. You should seek them out in the appropriate feature request forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/449-product-feedbackfeature-requests/) and add your vote/commentary. Being specific about what you want is far better than vague requests like "needs to work on an application more consistent with the current use and rediscover itself".
  4. OK, here's how to do it: First things first: if you want to attach a formula to a table, you're going to need a way to refer to the table if the formula is outside the table, either in the body of the note elsewhere, or in a different table. That goes to the internal anchor problem/request that is already present in the Evernote wish-o-sphere. And you probably need a way to define a landing spot for the result of the calculation, a la a code block or suchlike. So a new Evernote element to add. Note that for calculations done wholly inside a table, the previous items are not really necessary. All of this needs to be encodable in ENML, of course. OK, so now we have a way to attach tables to formulas, we probably want to make sure that the tables are regular rectangular grids. You can create irregular tables in Evernote, and those would be awkward to use (though not impossible). Given a rectangular table, we could then adopt the Excel cell referencing scheme A1, C43, AB7, etc, including the absolute referencing $D$8 stuff. Oh, and including the range stuff, e.g., A1:B10, etc, etc OK, so now you have a way to reference cells and ranges in your table, now you get to the real fun stuff: formulas!! things like (again using Excel as an example): =SUM(A1:C20), =A1+A2*A3, etc, etc. To do that, you need a little formula parser, the read & validate & eventually evaluate a formula. Probably no need to worry too much about performance here (famous last words), as any really large, computation heavy table calculations would likely be far better served by, um, using a spreadsheet. Probably want to be able to copy from a spreadsheet into a note, and vice-versa, and have things Just WorkTM. Sure, there's lots of fussy little details to worry about, but it seems pretty straightforwards, right?
  5. That's true enough, but if you have a lot of notes, it's not a lot of help, since you can't sort by # of tags (same for the Tags pane in the Windows application). So useful, but doesn't scale particularly well.
  6. Thanks for digging that up before I could get to it.
  7. Evernote's native note storage format is ENML Ihttps://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php), so HTML-ish, but contains Evernote-specific elements..Anyway, round-tripping back and forth between Markdown and ENML is problematic. Converting Markdown to HTML (or ENML)? Pretty straightforward. Converting arbitrary HTML to Markdown? Not so straightforward. So what's your solution? I don't think that Evernote is going to change its internal format any time soon...
  8. No idea. This worked fine for me with Evernote up and with two user accounts open concurrently, and also with Evernote completely shut down. And I've never seen the error, though most of my use of ENScript is for purposes of generating ENEX backup files for storage elsewhere. Is this error repeatable? @gazumped This use is convenient if you want to write a quick text note into Evernote from the command line, without needing to switch contexts. You can also use it, as the OP says, to automate, as in storing program run logs into Evernote.
  9. The answer to questions like this is almost always another question: what are you trying to do? Edit: The reason for my return question to you is that you can read lots of stuff about Evernote, some of it good, but even good advice might not fit your needs. Until you figure out what you're trying to do, you won't get much out of Evernote. If you try to describe what you're trying to do here, there are lots of people here in these forums who can give you great advice as to how to approach your use case.
  10. This topic seems to be more like a feature request. Moving to an appropriate feature request forum (I think that General is best, since it applies to all Evernote applications, as far as I can tell (though the workaround is a Windows-only thingy). Go ahead and upvote; I'll join you... @hanseric, if you want to change the title to more reflect that it's a request rather than a how-doI?, that would be great.
  11. Just pullin' the numbers out the web app. But remember that there's a public beta that uses the new Large Header/Small header... stuff, and the classinc one that doesn't, but there's also the limited access beta, that I didn't get into in time (I guess). Maybe that's the one being referred to here. But in which case, the post should probably have gone here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/640-new-search-experience-currently-web-only/ I share your confusion...
  12. They also posted near-identical topics on the not receiving text messages, so no need for them to start any more new threads on the problem. Oh, and I merged them already .
  13. It was a pretty half-baked guess and I didn't take time to elaborate. In my world (Win32 application, processing 3D view shortcut commands, as opposed to text processing), for something like Ctrl+Shift+W, we get an uppercase 'W', and we check the states of the Ctrl and Shift keys to see whether they're up or down (both down, in this case). I we needed to distinguish between Shift+W and 'w' with Caps Lock on, we'd have to test the Caps Lock state as well. So it's up to the handler to decide in straight up Win32 programming. Not how things play out in the web keystroke handling, though. BTW, my web version is "Evernote Web v5.30.0"; this is the normal user's beta web version (which is the same as the "classic editor"'s version). Is 6.8.0 the beta program's version?
  14. Yes and no. But mostly no, in my opinion. Since this is a lengthy thread, there's a fair bit of Windows-specific information included here that would never apply to the Mac. Seems fair to search for the same topic in the Mac-specific request forum and add to it (or create a new one if it's not there already). We can merge topics if they're deemed to be redundant, and moved to the General section.
  15. I heard that there's some program out there that can help you collect random bits of information like keyboard shortcuts, names of good beers, etc. so that you can find them easily. I wish I could remember the name of that program....
  16. Weird: I had the key already existing in the registry, and I tried changing its value's extension to .png and back to .jpg, renaming the key and deleting it altogether (to test the default), changing the case of filename from "ScreenClip.jpg" to "Screenclip.jpg" etc, all without exiting/restarting Evernote, and it all worked fine on the fly. Clueless...
  17. In my opinion, Evernote doesn't need another parallel system of similar functionality to the existing tag system. Tags already do much of this sort of thing, at least in the Evernote Windows application: you get partial tag recognition with droplist suggestions in several parts of the UI (e.g. Filter by Tag: Alt+Shift+T). Moreover, tags, like keywords are metadata, i.e., not part of the note text: you don't need to edit the note text to add or remove them. And the postpended underscore just seems awkward and unfamiliar. As an alternative, I'd support the much more familiar '#' prefix to denote "on-the-fly" tags in the text of a note: that would require Evernote search to change so that the '#' character was used in literal text search, which it isn't currently (like most other special characters, including '$', '@', etc.), so that's a drawback there. Curiously, the only special character that I'm aware of that is supported in literal text search is '_'. So it's a bit of a mystery to me why posfixed '_' is being used. A search term of _blah is probably going to be functionally better that blah_, and prefixed '_' lets you do a limited form of Boolean OR searches like _blahxyzzy, _blahfubar, etc. using a search of _blah*. This is something you can do today in Evernote. Since prefixed '_' is relatively rare in English text, I could see having Evernote treat these as pseudo tags when typing in tag names elsewhere in the UI, but prefix '#' has a lot of currency in the online world these days, hence more familiar to more people. Adding the proposed keyword scheme to Evernote would likely make entree to Evernote for beginners more difficult that the current "tags vs notebooks for organization" situation. My inclination would be to make the existing tags facility more powerful without losing its inherent simplicity. A new, separate keywords system would seem to muddy the waters, from my point of view.
  18. Just a simple UX suggestion: currently, to show or hide the left panel, you can go to the View menu and use the relevant menu item, or use the F10 shortcut key. Since my memory cache of application-specific shortcut keys is only so large, it would be simpler and more direct if you could also toggle left panel state by double-clicking on an unused area in the panel.
  19. This is the reason that we use the forum quoting feature, so that responses to an individual are clearly to that individual...
  20. @DTLow is right: in general there's no way to do this. But if you use wildcards, you can accomplish something similar with a little work.:if the names of TAG2, TAG3, and TAG4 have identical prefixes that TAG1 (or or other tags) doesn't have. So for example, let: TAG1 = Task, TAG2 = Release8.0, TAG3 = Release8.1, TAG4 = Release8.2 Then a search for Task Release8* would find notes that have "Task" and any of the "Release8" tags. Granted, this is pretty awkward, but if you have a similar type search that you do a lot, it might be worth it to rename certain tags to make them compatible with this scheme. Note that this type of technique will work with standard text searches as well, for what that's worth. For Evernote search reference: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php, and https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax
  21. This is for the screen cap. You have to add the entry to the registry to change format, otherwise it defaults to PNG (I tested this by renaming the entry to "xScreenClipperFileName"). I don't know what it does if you renamed the filename to have an extension other than .jpg or .png. Exercise left for the reader. I don't know whether you can change the web clipper's image format type.
  22. This misses the point: in the Windows Evernote application, you can make the display size larger or smaller by clicking on an image, and using the resize tool that appears (the blue rectangle: the square in the lower right corner is draggable): No tables are required for this. However, @lisec wants the ability to make the image file size smaller, which in the Windows application (checks the forum, yep, Windows Requests) cannot be done without using an external tool. Using the tables trick does not solve this.
  23. This feels like it might be something you can fix in Faststone : what format are you saving to? If it's JPG or some other compressible format, then maybe you can configure its compression. Like @CalS, I use the Evernote clipper for my screen clipping in Windows. It's secretly configurable (via registry entryL https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26123-archived-screenshots-in-jpg/?tab=comments#comment-139638) to use JPG or other format, rather the default of PNG. Compression is not configurable, as far as I know.
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