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  1. Exporting all notes will not preserve the structure, i e the notebooks and the tags I would need to export each note separately Should I export to ENEX ? (is it XML ?)
  2. I have several accounts, would like to delete the redundant accounts
  3. Even a small Enex size will not be imported
  4. Can you export multiple notes to pdf from Apple Notes ?
  5. Is there no OCR function for text image ? I have been searching this Forum for OCR, and what I see there is no such function in EN Premium Which OCR apps are there ? I need different languages to OCR
  6. What do you mean by "filing feature" and "editor feature"? My observation: Apple Notes does not export multiple documents, has no tags, has only one folder level It has no navigation buttons EN hierarchy (tree) is notes, notebook and stacks EN has also Recent list and back button for navigation. So I use EN
  7. Apple Notes could read it. BTW. Apple Notes resembles EN - how would you compare them?
  8. It is a big surprise that some ENEX files cannot be imported. I wonder if there are other apps that open ENEX Just last wednesday I wrote that I have exported to ENEX. Now again, i cannot import these. So the only backup option is html ? Why does EN make backup complicated?
  9. Here are the steps I have done 1: Saved all notes to both Enex and Html as a precaution 2: EN menu - Help - Trouble Shooting - Open Find Database folder. 3: TM - go to july 2018 and searched. I found it there. Retrieved to Desktop 4: Trashed the folder in 2: and replaced with the new database folder It did not make any difference
  10. This is 18 steps with many warnings, the author also says that he did not even try it so he does not know if it works So this is extremely complex. Is there no easier way to retrieve from TM ?
  11. OK, My mistake. And now that I have this folder 7608426, what can I do with it ?? BTW, what does it mean to recreate the full text search index?
  12. I do not have the TroubleShooting option under the Help menu (version 7.6)
  13. I would like to recover previous notes, how do I find the database on my computer and in Time Machine
  14. No such thing. Perhaps it is in the Premium version? EN help.pdf
  15. I do not have this structure. There is only com.EvernoteHelper and under it there is a log file only The EN team has made EN to a trap since it is not easy to recover backup
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