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  1. There are two elephant icons, one is the Web Clipper, the other one is named what ? I would like this other one always to appear on my dock or my menu in the upper side of the screen (Mac) Is there a preference setting, or any article in the user guide ? BTW, is there a user guid in pdf format for EN??
  2. I have version 7.14. Where is the Recent Notes shortcut ? it is sometimes there all of a sudden, but other times it is nowhere
  3. Too bad. Why is this not possible in EN?
  4. Too complicated. Too time consuming. I throw in the towel
  5. I searched for # or other like this Not possible ?
  6. I have ticked off the shared button, and sent an invitation to myself. It came as a mail, pressed the "Reply to EN" green button It took me to an EN site with my account which said.... "nothing shared yet " This is really complicated
  7. It is very complicated. Can I see a YouTube video on this ? can you publish something so I can see what it looks like ?
  8. It is requiring a full year subscription. Nowhere can I see that it is monthly subscription that I can quit any time and pay only for the months and not the year
  9. Do you think it was private notebook ?? why ?
  10. No way I can get what you show me. Perhaps it works on Premium only, not on free EN
  11. Can you give an example? it does not matter what I write there, email or my name och my dog's name. it still is grey.
  12. THis is what I get when trying to share. It is nothing I can use
  13. I wonder if I can be billed per month for premium and end it whenever I want Is there a tel or chat support?
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