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  1. How to move Note List from left to top? I just installed the new update and it messed with the layout. I can't find option about customizing the layout. I only see options to toggle visibility of some panels.
  2. I am unable to break off from the list when I want to type above it and the list is the first thing in the note. If I hit enter or shift-enter, it breaks the list and I end up with empty list points! It doesn't work like MS Word where I can hit enter to push the list down then go up with the up arrow key and start typing in th empty area. I had to create a new note and enter a few empty lines then copy the list. It seems for certain tasks I have to think ahead and create the proper empty spaces.
  3. I don't have ' insert block option'. I like to paste and keep the same formatting. Using Windows 10 and Evernote It's not a big deal. I just remove the space. It's an odd behaviour.
  4. All MS Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel have a 'Keep Text Only, paste option. It would have been useful if Evernote had a similar option, hence my post. Most of the time I only want to paste the text without its formatting when I am copying from another source, like a web page or source code. It's not a text editor only useful option. As I mentioned in my original post, I just paste and then remove the formatting. A two step process.
  5. It doesn't work. It will still paste in bold even after turning off bold if the cursor is under a bolded line. Try it.
  6. There's no need to rewrite anything. Evernote already can export all the notes into a single file. A simple use of like Javascript's or C#'s indexOf string function can find any character or string in any text collection. Really.. it's not hard. I am a software developer. Evernote is about saving and syncing notes across devices. Searching and retrieving notes should be very flexible. I won't wait for anyone. I will just export into a single file or files into an empty folder and search manually. Most people don't have gigabytes and terabytes of notes for Evernote to depend on indexing only.
  7. No No. This is a very poor workaround. If I am pasting a note of 500 words, I am not going to create 500 tags. Evernote should be able to search like a text editor search. Just go through all the words. Indexing is used for instant searches. Machines are very fast now. Character by character searches is a none performance issue. All text editors do it and results is almost instantaneous. I would rather wait for a couple seconds to get a result than a non searchable software. Saved indexes and plain dumb searches can go hand on hand. They compliment each other. Not replace each other.
  8. If I am pasting under a bolded text which I use as title or header, the pasted text is bolded tool. Yeah if your text is all plain text, then naturally the pasted text is plain text too.
  9. When I copy text from a text editor which has colored formatting and the text has a dot and I paste the text into Evernote, Evernote adds a space before the dot.
  10. If I copy some text with formatting, there's no easy way to just paste without formatting. The paste option will paste with the formatting and Paste and Match Style will paste matching the text before it (never found this feature useful). Why no Paste Plain Text? I have to paste then do another step of removing the formatting.
  11. Evernote needs to support searching for any text regardless if where the part resides. All text editors can do such searches. I use Evernote to recall any kind of text. So let me be able to do it!
  12. I have a note on sqllocaldb, a computer command. I couldn't remember the command but remember localdb. Searching for localdb returned nothing.
  13. There are many times when I can't remember the full word I am searching. Just a part of it. I really wish Evernote supports searching for partial words, regardless of which part. I have to export all notes and search them outside of Evernote.
  14. I installed Evernote on my computer at work and it can't connect. I followed the instructions in other posts about IE and still no go. My company also blocks evernote.com web site. Evernote is not starting unless it can connect first to Evernote's server over the net. Not happening unless there's a workaround. My Evernote at home works fine. How do I get my notes collection from my home computer and use Evernote at work in offline mode and make it use those notes? I don't care about syncing at this point.
  15. I am copying text from a Windows app (RegexMagic) and the text has several background colors for the characters.. Meaning one character has one background color, the next character has a different background color. When I try to paste this text, the text is modified, There are extra spaces and the dot h=which was in there is removed. The two paste options paste the same wrong text. Seems like a bug to me. The text is a regex expression. I have to paste in a text editor first to remove the formatting then copy from there and paste in Evernote.