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  2. Per the Tools > Options > Note settings, the note text font is set to Tahoma 10, and the note title font is set to Segoe UI 10. I don't believe I've ever changed either of these, so I assume they're the defaults.
  3. Unfortunately, Evernote no longer runs Yinxiang Biji — it's been separated and is it's own company now. I'm not sure how much support Evernote can give you regarding Yinxiang Biji now.
  4. Mine work well in chrome and safari I don't think so
  5. A login button is at the top right corner of the web page. Increase your window size, or decrease your view size.
  6. Yes, it works on google chrome in web, but not in safari in web, but it does sometimes work in safari web.
  7. Unfortunately, I have been relegated to doing a screen shot of the meeting and attendees and pasting it into Evernote. This is pretty silly but the Evernote team does not seem overly interested in providing this functionality, even though meeting notes are likely a top use for Evernote.. (Shrug)
  8. Are you talking about the evernote.com home page? I see the login link at the top of the page. A screen cap of what you're seeing might help. Alternatively you can just save a bookmark for the actual login link target: https://www.evernote.com/Login.action
  9. Now I am up to 20K notes and depending on the computer speed varies significantly. I installed on a desktop the other week since my laptop was not working, and it was really fast on that computer. I wouldn't complain about that speed for sure and that was a decent computer as far as processor and RAM goes. But the key to Evernote is to "remember everything" right so that means if you use it like your brain's extension you will eventually get to high number of notes, thus, it should be a fairly quick system no matter the size of the database or the number of notes in my opinion.
  10. Glad you are getting something out of your clipper. I normally use Firefox, but also have Chrome and Edge. I tried adding Evernote to Chrome, and I got the same result. I'll have a go with Edge next. Cheers.
  11. Not really, it was just wishful thinking at the time.
  12. @Eva S I talked with Evernote support and they said it's likely Evernote is sanitizing the input from Zappier and their tech team is looking into it, but no ETA. She suggested a good work around - just set up an evernote template instead of using the Zapp to create a note.
  13. Yes, I just noticed this last night as well. Looks good so far.
  14. Thanks for your answers! Sad that different windows only work with a mac, but good to know there's really no other way except opening Evernote several times in different browsers. So I will stop looking for an other way to try it now... And using tags as an addition to different notebooks might be a solution, I will definitely try it out. Thanks a lot! 🙂
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  16. Which device/platform are you using? Please post a screenshot of your deletion attempt. This is my delete process on my Mac, right clicking the notebook on the notebook page
  17. That's the version I appear to have. There are still problems with search.
  18. I've noticed that another build of 8.9 has been released. Dated April 15th. Could anyone confirm whether this issue is still present?
  19. Hi, I am unable to delete a notebook. It is not the default notebook; I have emptied the trash; i have updated the evernote app; it is synced and i have restarted my laptop. Any ideas how to solve this? BW R
  20. Especially using dark mode, the highlighter isn't so prominent. But I honestly find myself using it as a work around for not being able to do inline code blocks (I'm a software engineer).
  21. Hey there - just wondering if you found any way to do this inclusive of meeting attachments?
  22. @MatS14 To unblock someone just start a new WorkChat thread with the email of the user you blocked at first. After you submit the message a splash screen asking you to unblock the user will appear. Hope this helps.
  23. Installed desktop program for Windows. File - New note, or right click - new note. Nothing changed in the tools menu. The program is as it comes by default.
  24. @MatS14, Thanks for reporting. This is a known bug and we're working on a fix.
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