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  1. This is one of many issues with this feature. I took a break from scanning business cards for reasons beyond my control and I am horrified at what is now available for us compared with what was possible to do: Top of the list - the one you mentioned, that there is no way to add to contacts There is no way to edit the fields in a contact once scanned (and I can't really see the point of having a separate contacts app in Evernote) There is no longer a way to specify a default notebook for business cards You cannot easy connect with LinkedIn (I know this was taken away a while ago) These features, especially the ability to save to contacts, was one of the main reasons that I upgraded to Premium and now, with this feature gone, I cannot see any reason to stay premium. Please bring all of these back but especially the one in the title.
  2. As most WIndows fans know, you can pin frequently used files to programs that are pinned to the tashbar, so that you can open them quickly with the program. It would be so nice if you could pin notes in Evernote to the Evernote icon when it's pinned to the taskbar.
  3. Yes, that is correct, this post is only relevant for the mobile clients. Is there there a phased rollout of the update? I have no trouble updating all my other installed apps on my Android phone, but even after deleting cache and storage for Google Play, I still don't get offered the chance to upgrade to 10.6. I know I could probably uninstall and reinstall Evernote but I am trying not to do that because I want to see if the old shortcuts will start working again after I do the upgrade. If I uninstall, they will probably disappear.
  4. This is very nice but I am still stuck on 10.5.1 with no update available for me in Google Play. When will this update be generally available?
  5. Can you all please make sure that you upvote this since you seem to agree with me.
  6. Until the new recent release you could add a shortcut to a note to your Android home screen. You took away that feature. I used it a lot. Pleaser bring it back.
  7. I like that you can create checklists. However when I mark an item as complete, I want it to move to the bottom of the list so that I can only see unfinished items in my list. Having a long list of checked off items interspersed with checked items is not helpful.
  8. I came her to post that indeed http://getgui.com/blog/windows/evernote-sticky-notes-error-411-length-required-on-request-activation-link-to-re-authorize-user-account-sync-notes/ should fix it, Low_key you beat me to it! Evernote, as a paid subsriber to your product, it's too bad that you just shrugged this off as a third party app rather than trying to help or even better still, providing this feature as part of the base product.
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