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  1. I have loaded the Desktop version to this Lenovo Win. 8.1 Touch laptop. The resolution is SOOOOO small. Obviously there is a problem. Can't bear the tiny font. I have a new Dell Win. 7 machine (4 weeks old) and the DESKTOP version is EVERYTHING I need it to be! So I suffer with the Win. 8.1 & Evernote experience using the WEB version.
  2. Part of the problem with Win. 8.1 Touch version is the EDITING process when using it. It stinks! Not reliable at all. Agree with USER above- when is the "tree-mode" coming back? And I can't use Win version on this 8.1 Touch laptop- the screen resolution is so small on the version! I'm relegated to using the WEB version for editing/consuming while on this 8.1 Lenovo laptop.
  3. I have a Lenovo Win. 8.1 Touchscreen laptop and having the DESKTOP to show up without being real tiny. I hate the Win.8.1 Touch Evernote- cannot edit in it effectively! So I have uninstalled it. Currently, due to this Win. 8.1 working with Evernote, I am regulated to using the WEB version only. Question- when will Evernote fix the PC version to work on Win 8.1? (I don't care if the touch feature is enabled, even) I just would like to have the PC version again to work off! Thanks for any help, Mark
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