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  1. No OCR with Joplin I can handle (just), but I'm struggling with the Joplin bug (?) where deleting a note containing an attachment doesn't delete that attachment. At least, not yet. (A month after deleting the note.) As you say though Scott, this is amazing progress for an application so new. And progress far more rapid, excitingly so, than Evernote has ever managed.
  2. Try disconnecting from your network and trying to "log into" Evernote offline. Try this a few times - it might not work the first time. Then, if the client opens, disable sync. Good luck!
  3. Gotcha. Sorry - thought all OSes were 6.25.
  4. How many notes did you migrate @tony10000? And how are you finding search? Some interesting new developments in Notion announced this week.
  5. Great comment. I feel the same - happy (and excited) for a product to mature (Notion, Obsidian), but I'm veering towards trying to embrace markdown and choosing a tool simply as a front-end manager for a (massive) set of markdown files. That way I'd feel less locked in; less of a hostage as you put so well. Notion still feels locked in, although I do use it. Obsidian is also on my radar. Evernote got stale and ignored too many users too many times. Joplin, for all it's immature UI and rough edges, is exciting, growing and has a collaborative development community. Typora, from my first fe
  6. Perfectly put; I'm pretty much the same. I was a lurker on the forums until v10. I'm currently trying to trim the fat from my notebooks before I start the slow migration. But working across two note apps, each with their own way of working (and manually recreating internal links and OCR) is a massive, disruptive pain in the arse. 10.3, announced today, offers some hope, and a roadmap of sorts, but it's all about trust now. And I no longer trust Evernote. Too many ignored requests, ignored fixes and seemingly ignored beta feedback has done it for me. And yet I've not found an alternative t
  7. Title says it all really. Any way I can restore the behaviour when clicking an internal "evernote:///xxx/xxx/xxx" style link in v6.25? Thanks!
  8. I think Nimbus will swallow up a lot of users moving off Evernote. It's no coincidence they're on appsumo (despite them saying they wouldn't do a LTD again). Good to know about Standard Notes - looks like a very interesting alternative.
  9. I'm trying to come around to the benefits of switching from writing in rich (HTML) format (EN) and move over to writing in Markdown. Then, once I'm comfortable with it, and accept its limitations (and embrace its advantages over HTML), I'll probably switch to Joplin. I don't trust Nimbus. Love Notion, but it's not a great match for me (I'll use it for more tabular stuff). Of course, I hope to stick with ENv6, but I can't see v10 improving anything like enough much before my premium renewal is due in 5 months. No guarantee from them. No comms nor roadmap. Gutted. And p*ssed off!
  10. Exactly what I'm doing, @PinkElephant. It's different for everyone. I think this is a great thread for alternatives -
  11. I found the same, @CalS - I've trialled Nimbus quite a bit now and search (among other things) let me down. Lovely UI and great potential, but the product still feels immature compared to EN. And some of Nimbus' weak answers on appsumo have put the final nail in the coffin. I can't trust this product to deliver, and I can't wait around for it to become as seamless and solid as EN6.5 . So, for me, it's either v10 with massive improvements, or I'm out. And at this point I feel like I'm a stuck record on this topic now, like a lot of us. EN have let a lot of people down, and I don't feel I can tr
  12. My EN library is closer to 70GB, but downloading just headers to Android doesn't trouble it. If Nimbus can't handle that, Nimbus isn't for me.
  13. You tried asking about the Android sync on the Joplin forum? Nimbus Note haven't reassured me about my huge Evernote library. To quote just now: "I just replied to someone who has 90GB file Hate to say, but it looks like your married to EN for the rest of your life :)" which doesn't instil confidence. Nor have they adequately answered my questions (despite asking them twice now). Judging by their comments (not just this above), they're not for me, so I won't be jumping to them as part of their current offer.
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