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  1. I renewed my legacy premium plan (the discounted one) in May @cfibanez via my recurring PayPal payment. My upgrade offer, which popped up in the Android app, took me through to an immediate subscription within the Play store - meaning I'd be charged the discounted fee (was it $45 ? Can't remember) immediately, followed by the full price $55 in 1 year. So, as I think has been reported elsewhere: - You're billed immediately (irrespective of how much time you've left to run out of your current subscription) - The offer is 1 year - full price thereafter - You might need to cancel your original method of payment (mine's a recurring PayPal payment as I said above) if you inadvertently subscribe via the app store.. I'm sure Evernote wouldn't charge you twice but then again.... For now, then, I'm hanging (clinging) on to legacy premium. But I hope these bloody popups bugger off.
  2. This is great to read, @gazumped, as I am a big "note merger" and it was one of the immediate turn-offs when I trialled v10 last year. If it's in the web interface, might that mean it'll appear in Electron v10 desktop also?
  3. Gosh - still this bad then. Thanks for saving me the time to dip my toes back in those waters. No thanks!! I am the same as you then - 6.25 until either they sort this mess out (growing less and less likely by the month, now), or force us to alternative products, which I still haven't found. 6.25 is still the champ, but I have high hopes for Amplenote, if they just opened up the storage options a bit more.
  4. Closest for me, @Reuven, is Nimbus (although I didn't care for their responses to some technical questions I had for them so I have not jumped) and Amplenote. I'm a Windows user, not Mac, but if you're Mac, there are more, closer, options (Bear, Devon, Craft). I'm after OCR, tagging and unlimited storage (of any filetype). Currently Evernote still only offers all that. (Legacy; I can't use v10 either on Windows or Android, so I'm looking to leave.) Upnote looks interesting. Notesnook looks promising, but (at the developer's own admission), they're not there yet. What's important, as @PinkElephant says, is there are a lot more apps springing up since that megathread over on Reddit. So it really is a case of watch this space, although Evernote have the advantage of maturity (even if they don't know much about software deployment).
  5. As am I - for how long will we have this legacy version though? Their new pricing plans indicate some momentum and they likely don't need us stragglers staying on 6.2x.... Still nothing (yet) to match v 6.25, but for me, the latest Android app is utterly unusable so I am looking to get off Evernote altogether now.
  6. Yes - I use any symbol I tend not to type much, such as hash.
  7. I have a workaround for large notes - I prefix each section title with a hash symbol (pound symbol for American friends) and simply search for that symbol to jump back and forth to each section. Certainly not the same as in-note anchors, but (just) better than nothing.
  8. It's still the single reason I have stayed with Evernote (legacy). Sure, it's clunky by today's standards, but I've still not found better (and I've done a lot of searching now). Not sure for how long legacy will be around however...
  9. No OCR with Joplin I can handle (just), but I'm struggling with the Joplin bug (?) where deleting a note containing an attachment doesn't delete that attachment. At least, not yet. (A month after deleting the note.) As you say though Scott, this is amazing progress for an application so new. And progress far more rapid, excitingly so, than Evernote has ever managed.
  10. Try disconnecting from your network and trying to "log into" Evernote offline. Try this a few times - it might not work the first time. Then, if the client opens, disable sync. Good luck!
  11. Gotcha. Sorry - thought all OSes were 6.25.
  12. How many notes did you migrate @tony10000? And how are you finding search? Some interesting new developments in Notion announced this week.
  13. Great comment. I feel the same - happy (and excited) for a product to mature (Notion, Obsidian), but I'm veering towards trying to embrace markdown and choosing a tool simply as a front-end manager for a (massive) set of markdown files. That way I'd feel less locked in; less of a hostage as you put so well. Notion still feels locked in, although I do use it. Obsidian is also on my radar. Evernote got stale and ignored too many users too many times. Joplin, for all it's immature UI and rough edges, is exciting, growing and has a collaborative development community. Typora, from my first few sessions, is a joy to use. And I'm starting to enjoy the "restrictions" of markdown. Forces you to get on with writing and thinking less about the presentation. I like that, although sometimes I still want a splash of colour in my notes. Anyway, none of this changes the fact that my migration, which I had never planned nor wanted to do, will need a lot of planning and methodical hacking to get to work. I doubt v10.9999, or whatever they come out with, will ever match 6.25.
  14. Perfectly put; I'm pretty much the same. I was a lurker on the forums until v10. I'm currently trying to trim the fat from my notebooks before I start the slow migration. But working across two note apps, each with their own way of working (and manually recreating internal links and OCR) is a massive, disruptive pain in the arse. 10.3, announced today, offers some hope, and a roadmap of sorts, but it's all about trust now. And I no longer trust Evernote. Too many ignored requests, ignored fixes and seemingly ignored beta feedback has done it for me. And yet I've not found an alternative that meets legacy (and no, I'm not going anywhere near Nimbus now).
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