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  1. How can that home feature be turned off? When will you implement fast scroll witch was still present in the legacy version? When will I actually be able to download my notes on my phone again? Cause the function is not working.
  2. Did not use it in combination with Office documents. Totally agree on the performance part. The app and the notes load very slow, and you cannot use fast scrolling.
  3. I'm still using the legacy version on the PC (6.25), cause as I can see, there's no point to upgrading to V10, just yet, cause of all the issues. However, the Android version keeps getting better and better with each update.
  4. There are also issues with web clipping and hyperlinks don't open. They just go blank.
  5. The app looks and feels great. It's much better then the PC version. That one still needs some serious work, hence why many of us are still using the older itterations. 2 things however with the new Android version: 1. It opens very slow and older notes load very slowly. I have an S10+ so it's definitely not a hardware issue. 2. You can no longer add note shortcuts to your homescreen which is a big minus in my opinion.
  6. Thank you for the idea! Why didn't I think of that...
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