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  1. Thanks for your reply. Are you sure that this content is OCR'd? I did not think that it was. Even if it was, it does not seem right that EN gives different results when searching All Notes vs. when searching just within one note. This has happened to me many times.
  2. Thanks for checking into this. I agree with your sentiments about being better to find hidden content. It is strange, though, that it would be found when searching All Notes, and not within just a single note. I have experienced this behavior many times.
  3. Yes, my issue was the "false positive" when searching All Notes. The correct result was obtained when just searching within the note. I have experienced this often - where the results of a single note search differ from that of the All Notes search.
  4. No, if you look at the screenshot I provided, there was no typo. I searched for "asila". And this was just one example. I have gotten incorrect search results many times.
  5. Yes, there are images in the note. Here is the full URL: https://www.sfchronicle.com/travel/article/Top-10-California-parks-Spend-the-night-but-12902181.php#
  6. Evernote often has incorrect results to searches done over all one's notes. Here is a simple example. I searched on the term "aslia", and it returned one note. But then when you search within that note, it shows there are actually no matches. The search within a single note seems to always work. I have attached two screenshots - one showing the global search result, and the other showing the conflicting search result within the one note. I have also attached an activity log. Evernote_6.18.4.8489_20190909.log
  7. Evernote is telling me that I have uploaded way more than I actually have. After my monthly allotment reset, I have uploaded notes totaling about 1.3 MB. I know this by adding the totals that appear in the Note list. But when I click "Usage", Evernote says that I have uploaded over 16 MB. Any ideas what is wrong? Screenshots attached.
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