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How to sort the text within a note

Howard Hill


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2 hours ago, DTLow said:

I'm curious - what alternative process would you recommend?

I actually see the requests forum and user votes as a great method of cataloging and valuing user requests

Excellent question. Survey the userbase (email), communicate that this is the process to provide feedback, feedback within the app, Help > Feature Requests.

I poorly communicated my early comment. What I meant to convey is that users may want something but may not have voiced it, and therefore looking here may not provide a strong pulse of what the userbase actually wants. It's a solid vehicle to gauge interest from those users that know how the forum & voting works. I would love to see an EN to community feedback loop to show when a request has been scheduled on the roadmap and when it's been implemented. I think that's a way to communicate how well this collection mechanism is working. I've rarely seen this in other forums. 

I've been on Evernote for years. It's been great. However, the lack of better font & paragraph formatting, sorting, outlining, beyboard shortcut to move paragraphs up and down, and a number of other text-related items has me really frustrated because after all these years I think things like these ought to have been incorporated by now. It's as if EN's focus is not on the rich-text-formatting within notes, but on other things like search, organization, sharing/groups, etc. EN is great, but my frustration has grown over continued rudimentary in-note text options. 


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@Hemenway  Just for the protocol: A requested feature is nothing to fix. It is not there, period. You can't fix what is not existing.

Second, if I read the thread, it goes back to 2012. And it is by far not among the most commented or most voted here in the forum. So please stick with the facts, this is not a pressing feature for most - it may be one for you, but this is not the point you make.

Third if it would be easy, they would probably have added it (or maybe not, who knows). I assume it is not that easy. An EN note is sort of a (small) webpage - when was the last time you went to the internet, and a page screamed at you "SORT ME" ? It could be done, no doubt, but not inside of the limited code used to build an EN note.

So back to the basics: Your use case requires sorting. You can add any attachment that is sortable to EN (like a spreadsheet), and use it. Or you switch to another app that supports building sortable tables. As I see it your worst option is to rattle at the gate and scream "Sort it ...!"

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I unsubscribed to EN's useless notifications about all the word processing type improvements they were making because just about every time I tried to use them, they were either incomplete or didn't work.  Getting assistance from EN's "help" people is a ***** shoot.  All of my work has to be done in Pages, etc. and set up as an attachment (so convenient).  Lately, I've been getting massive emails about using EN for businesses.  Dream on, EN.  I've been with EN for years as well, @Hemenway, and I stick with it bc I've found it to be superior to other storage systems, but that's all it is for me.
As for the ridiculous assertion that not enough people -- in this forum -- have specifically asked for this particular feature,  I certainly hope that's not the only measure by which EN determines interest.  And I also hope that the criteria for adding a feature isn't whether or not it's "easy" for EN to do so.  Sheesh.

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The editor is build for lean, fast, simple note taking. I think it does a good job on this.

Wishing features that are neither there nor advertised, and then ranting along about what is missing is a circular argument.

If EN is not serving your use case, move along and find a better solution.

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