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  1. Which do you want: (1) Web page clipping; or (2) web page archive (ala Safari)? You can activate the EN Web Clipper via a shortcut (set in the Clipper Options), or by clicking on the EN Clipper button in the toolbar.
  2. @Nick L. or any Users of Ver 7.14, can you please confirm, or refute, that in Ver 7.14 you can set a hyperlink (Format > Link > Add) using a URL to these: file URL: file:///some.path/someFileName.ext email: mailto:someName@someDomain Thanks. @Nick L., while I'm here, could I please ask you to reinforce, to your Dev Team, our request to allow Non-http url schemes in notes and links as valid link URLs. ALL USERS: If you agree with this request, please go to Non-http url schemes in notes and links and cast your vote for it. Thanks. I think, at least I hope, that this would be a simple change, just a matter of changing the validation of what is allowed in the Add Link dialog.
  3. Thanks for sharing that. So I guess it was NOT broken with the Ver 7.14 release. That's good -- I'll update now.
  4. Looks like you may have introduced a bug:
  5. @SMcCandlish, OK, it just tested this running Evernote 7.13 (458080) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), and it worked: file:///Users/Shared/Dropbox/Mac%20Only/Scan%20Inbox/ExamplePDF.pdf mailto:SomeUser@SomeDomain.com So this must be a change between EN Mac 7.13 and 7.14. Too bad. I was just about to update to Ver 7.14, but I'll hold off for now.
  6. Is this new with Ver 7.14, or has it been that way for a while? Well, these are referred to a "URL schemes", which can be used to open any app on the Mac that has properly registered the scheme. So, EN Mac should allow any registered URL scheme. Period. This, of course, includes the standard "file:///" and "mailto:" schemes. @Ian Small, I know you've got a much bigger fish you're trying to fry right now, but could you please add this change, which I think is just a dialog validation issue, to your fix list. It would be really great, a big benefit to lots of Mac users, if you could add this fix to your short term list for EN Mac updates. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Just viewed your last video about the new mobile versions, and I have to say many many thanks. That is long over due -- in fact that should have been the Evernote design philosophy from the very beginning.
  7. You might try AppDelete, which I believe initially checks all related folders/files. Years ago AppCleaner was reported as missing some files, so I started using AppDelete. It has always worked well for me, and I've never seen any reports about it missing files.
  8. To be clear, are you saying that dragging the attachment to the email also works in EN Win?
  9. It appears you are using EN Win, so this may not help you. But for those EN Mac users who are lurking about, I find that I can Do Either: Drag the attachment from an EN Note to the Outlook 365 icon in the Mac dock Drag the attachment from an EN Note to the headers section of an open compose email (OL 365). Running Evernote 7.13 (458080) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).
  10. Many thanks for posting. This looks very interesting. Will check out tomorrow.
  11. Could you please upload, or provide a link to, your Alfred workflow. Looks very impressive.
  12. I agree with the need for Evernote to provide full OCR as part of the app, especially when there are free developer tools like Tesseract OCR that do an excellent job. The great Mac automation tool Keyboard Maestro now provides this OCR tool, which I use almost on a daily basis because KM makes it so easy to do so. For more info, see Keyboard Maestro 9 adds support for OCR .
  13. I think you and maybe some others completely missed my point. So let me spell it out: The notion of having Styles in any kind of text display, and/or text editor, is so old that it should automatically be provided by default, in the very first version of any decent app that supports text editing. It is a long-since well-proven UI for a text editor. Or, as you said: "Heading styles are a great idea for note taking and organizing text in a note taking program."
  14. As compared with a more professional tool like DevonThink Pro.
  15. As @DTLow suggested, try PRINT to PDF. Select all of the Notes, then File > Print. This will print each Note to a separate PDF file. Fortunately there are tools that will merge all of these PDF files into one PDF.
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