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  1. JMichaelTX

    Need help

    That is correct. But CMD+Delete is also a standard macOS shortcut to delete text from the current text cursor position back to the start of the line. So, IMO, anytime the cursor is in a text box, CMD+Delete should NOT delete the Note, only the text.
  2. JMichaelTX

    Clipped article formatting in narrow left colum

    I am seeing much the same in EN iPad from web clips I have made on the Mac in Chrome using the EN Web Clipper. The Note looks find in EN Mac 6.11.1, but not in EN iPad 8.16.4. @EVERNOTE: Please fix ASAP. This makes the Note in EN iPad unreadable.
  3. JMichaelTX

    Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 3

    For everyone's benefit, here's how the Toolbar looked in EN Mac 6.11.1 I do like keeping the number of tool buttons showing to a minimum, so that I can see all (most) of the Note tags. Since everybody has a different need, it would really be great if you would allow us to choose which Tools are shown, with the remainder in the Overflow Menu. Thanks.
  4. JMichaelTX

    Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 3

    I'm very concerned about your UI redesign of the Note toolbar. I'm also confused as to what it current looks like as of Beta 3 (I have not and will not update to any EN Beta). Could someone please post a screen shot of the current Note toolbar, and of the items in the Overflow Menu. Thanks.
  5. JMichaelTX

    .cdb file rebuild is ruining my SSD & lag, lag

    I highly recommend you submit a support request directly to Evernote. See the link in my signature. Also, please post the versions of Evernote and macOS that you are running.
  6. JMichaelTX

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    @gbarry or other Forum Moderator: could you please move all off-topic posts (including mine) to a new thread, so your new CEO, and the rest of us, can clearly see messages to/from the CEO. Thanks.
  7. JMichaelTX

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    If that is your purpose, that's fine. But, IMO, it is not the best tool for that. Some would argue that mind-mapping, diagramming, and outline tools are better for that. I use Evernote to quickly capture thoughts and ideas, and some follow-up actions. But when I comes time to use that info, I generally use another tool. For me, it is best used as a Personal Information Manager (PIM), as I mentioned above. Before I found Evernote, I had been searching for years for a good PIM, found none, and was using my PC's file system. That was Windows. Even the the great Mac file system with tags and great Spotlight search, I find Evernote to be better in general. (However, I do use the Mac file system for some things, like scripts, some legal and financial documents. Mac Spotlight is an awesome tool (which, BTW, does provide the auto-complete of Tags.)
  8. JMichaelTX

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    First a quick Note to @Ian Small: Welcome aboard! I hope you are able to do what the other CEOs have failed to do: Focus on making Evernote truly great at its primary purpose of being the world's greatest Personal Information Manager (PIM). (I known "PIM" is an old, out-of-fashion term, but, IMO, it is the best term to succinctly describe Evernote) Focus on making Evernote truly profitable. Don't be lured by the false promise of having 250M+ Users who pay nothing. When you have #1 well in hand, then focus on making it great for small businesses. I look forward to hearing from you soon as to how you are going to turn-around Evernote. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, about Tags . . . You make an assertion without offering any examples or proof. As user who uses tags as the primary means of organizing and finding Notes, I totally disagree that Tags are a "nightmare". They work quite well for me. Perhaps the issue is in your organization of Tags. This I totally agree with. All devices should support the same Tag structure, meaning that iOS devices should also support Tag hierarchy. Also, when typing "tag:" in the Search box (on all devices), Evernote should provide a auto-complete popup that searches/finds the tag as you type -- just like the Tag Filter works on EN Mac. If Tag hierarchy was properly supported (on all devices), then there would be a way to first select a Parent Tag and then display/find ONLY its Child tags. The UI needs to be designed for this, but, as an example, if you type "Finances~", the tilde ~ would cause Evernote to display its Child Tags of Bills Institutions Insurance Investing Taxes All of this would help both the experienced "engineer" types, as well as newer users easily and quickly find and assign Tags, avoiding any duplicates of similar keywords. I strongly oppose this. It would destroy my entire organization of Notes. No one is forced to use Tags. So if you prefer some other means of organizing your Notes, you are free to do so without impinging on other users.
  9. JMichaelTX

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    Why inevitable decline? Perhaps 3rd time's a charm.
  10. JMichaelTX

    How to write Daily Review with Contacts?

    You could write an AppleScript to present a list of Contacts, and then assign an EN Tag to the Note for the selected Contact. I would probably use Tag naming convention something like this: CON.ContactName where I have removed spaces in the name. By using a prefix like "CON.", it will be easy to manually assign and filter the Tags.
  11. JMichaelTX

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    I'm perfectly calm. I asked a very important and rational question. This is just one more example of Evernote's poor QA. It is irresponsible to push out half-baked designs to get their users to do the review and testing that Evernote should be doing first. It was well-said by @luckman212: They are wasting beta user's time to find bugs/flaws that any first-year intern could easily find. Seems like good work for interns and college co-op students.
  12. OK, but that does not make sense to me. The Evernote data folder MUST be in this location (if you installed from Evernote.com. App Store install will be different): ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote It sounds like somehow your Evernote Mac installation has become corrupted. Previously, you stated you had a backup of com.evernote.Evernote here: If you still have that backup, then I would suggest that you do this: Detach the external hard drive with your backup Completely remove Evernote.app, and all related files, using an app delete tool like AppDelete. Now follow my procedure from above. Obviously you will need to attach your external drive just prior to Step 4 above. If you do this properly, you should be able to replace the ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote folder (and all subfolders) with your backup. Make sure Evernote.app is NOT running when you do this. Questions?
  13. JMichaelTX

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    @nicolml(Evernote): Can you please explain why you would bother to release such an obviously flawed design, even for a Beta??? This comes across as more like an Alpha release rather than a Beta release. You are wasting your beta users time, and probably irritating some to the point of not testing any more Betas. This is exactly why I now never upgrade to a "Beta" release.
  14. Since you're having problems with this approach, I'm just curious if you tried the approach I suggested:
  15. As you have found, you can't simply copy the Mac Evernote folders to Windows. But you can get your Mac Local Notebooks to EN Win using a procedure like this. This procedure is untested, and you need to review/edit carefully before you proceed. Install EN Mac Start EN Mac and let it finish setup Quit EN Mac and disconnect your Mac from the Internet Replace the com.evernote.Evernote folder with your backup Start EN Mac Export all of your Local NBs to ENEX files, one NB per file Copy these ENEX files to the Windows partition Import into EN Win