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  1. Sorry, but I don't share your confidence. It's a complex problem. Not only are the Local Notebooks (LNB) now in the Evernote Cloud in your active Notes, but they are also in the Note History, and internal backups that Evernote makes. Also, the LNB (from each device) are now on every device where you have an Evernote account. I hope Evernote will be able to remove all of these LNB copies, but I'm not counting on it until I see it. (Of course, since I determined long ago that using EN Beta versions are far too risky, I have NOT installed this, or any other EN Beta, for many years. My thanks do go to you brave souls who test the Beta's, to identify bugs and bad behavior before it goes into production.)
  2. I highly recommend 1Password. Been using it for years on my Macs, iPhone, iPads, Windows. Every account I have has a unique, complex, password, making it very secure. 1PW makes it a snap to use on the Mac by just pressing a hotkey when I get a login screen. !PW offers many other features, like securely keeping your credit card info and software licenses. The highly encrypted 1PW database is sync'd across all my devices using DropBox.
  3. I have found this approach to be very helpful, and easy to use: Create/Assign a Tag for each person, using this naming convention: Peo.<FirstName><LastInitial> So, for John Smith, it would be: Peo.JohnS I use the first name because it is almost always easier to remember and spell than the last name. If I have more than one person with the same name, I add something I can remember, maybe the last name. So I might have: Peo.JohnSmith Peo.JohnSilver This works great in the Tag Assignment and Tag Filter, when I can just type "peo." and it shows a drowload list of people. Of course, typing more narrows the list, so "peo.j" would just show the above two Johns. Assign this "people" Tag to every note associated with that person. I have another tag, "MasterNote", that I assign to one, and only one, note for each entity, like a person. This Note would, for example, have the full contact info for the person. Finally I have a Saved Search named "Contacts", that lists one Note for each person: tag:Peo.* tag:MasterNote To create a clickable email address, usually just entering the address and return creates the link. If not, or if you'd like the link text to be the name, select the text, and press ⌘K to enter the email address.
  4. This is a huge BUG! It is a major invasion of our privacy! We have always thought that it was impossible for Local Notebooks to be sync'd to the Evernote Cloud. @Evernote ( @EvernoteAlex, @Chantal Leonard, @BSR) : How could you allow this to happen? We expect much better testing, even for a Beta version, BEFORE you release any software for public use.
  5. @BSR, thanks for the clarification. It would be very helpful if Evernote would advise the user who submitted the ticket that a bug report had been filed.
  6. It is not "re-work". Proper use of tags minimizes false positives, as noted in the original post of this topic. Tags can also be used as Pseudo Notebooks , overcoming the major limitations of normal Notebooks.
  7. As @DTLow said, EN Mac does NOT support true Styles. The only thing you can do to change all Notes, is to change your Default Font in EN Preferences. However, this will change ONLY text that has NOT had any styling applied to it. The only option I can think of for changing the style of multiple Notes is to write an AppleScript. However, this would be a very significant challenge since you would have to do one of these, and both are not easy: Change the underlying HTML to add the styling you want. Select all (or, if possible, parts) of the Note text using GUI scripting, and apply the individual formatting choices (bold, font, size, etc) that you want. Again, while both are feasible, it will be a challenge, even for an experienced AppleScript programmer. So, unless you have many, many Notes to reformat (say > 100), it is probably not worth the effort. Oh, just thought of one other possibility. Change your Note font and size in EN Preferences, and then go to each Note, click in the body, and press ⌘⇧F to "Simplify Formatting". Test it out on a few notes and see how you like it. It will often reset the Note font/size to your EN default, and get rid of a lot of junk formatting. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  8. I don't know that it will be identical to the Web Clipper Preview, but you could try: Click anywhere in the Note, then goto menu Format > Simplify Formatting. This usually cleans up a lot of garbage that was in the clipped Note.
  9. Since you seem to be having trouble printing to PDF, I'm going to assume you are running Windows, correct? Using EN Mac 6.9.2, I was able to print (save to PDF) easily and successfully. My Note is several pages long, formatted with Tables and other formatting It has two PDFs attached It has one image. When I select the Note, and Print, I have the choice (provided by the macOS) of "Save as PDF". When I choose this, the result is three PDFs: One PDF of the Note content, including image, but with a placeholder for each attached PDF A PDF for each attached PDF. All had a file name of the Note Title (but I can change that) Each of the attached PDFs had the same file name plus a ".1" and and ".2". The quality of all of the output PDFs is excellent. If it were me, I'd print each Note to a separate PDF file (or set of files), and make sure the output PDF file name had a meaningful name. I would then put all into a zip file for upload to my accountant. Another option is to put all of your tax Notes into a separate Notebook, and share that NB with your accountant. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  10. Many thanks Peter (@kvitekp) for responding to my post, and for the many great answers you gave to our questions about On Demand Sync. They really help to clarify this feature.
  11. What about using the EN global hotkey for a new note? I haven't tried this -- it's just a guess.
  12. That is one approach, but I think you will ultimately find it constraining. As I said above, I would put the Contacts from OL into my normal "Active" Notebook, with a Tag named for the Contact Name. You could also assign a Tag of "Contact" to make it easy to find/filter these Notes.
  13. From Evernote's perspective, the owner of the email account is the owner of the Evernote account. So I believe that he will need to convince someone in his former company to change the email registered with the Evernote account to his personal email.
  14. I have a Macbook Air with 128GB SSD, and it is nearly full. I have 17,000+ notes which require ~15GB, or ~17% of my SSD. I don't know what percent of users have > 5GB DB, but my guess is much higher than yours, particularly of users with paid accounts. I don't have much use for this "on demand sync", but a selective sync of notebooks would be very useful. Did you see my use case above?
  15. BTW, Ghostery is a great tool. Checkout this video (and others) for a short, but very helpful intro: