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  1. Evernote for Mac 6.12.3 Beta

    No. My complaint is about the usual release, more focused on new features than on fixing bugs. If Evernote provided better testing and QA, then there would be fewer new bugs in each release. But, in the advent of the release of a material bug, then I would welcome a quick release with the bug fix (it still needs good testing and QA to make sure the fix doesn't break something else). A good example of this is version 6.11.1, which was entirely focus on fixing the bugs (and some changes in behavior widely objected to) in 6.11. I was much encouraged by 6.11.1, but unfortunately Evernote reverted to prior approach to new releases with 6.12+.
  2. Evernote for Mac 6.12.3 Beta

    That would be great! 👍
  3. Evernote for Mac 6.12.3 Beta

    @EdH, I know you are probably referring to this ver, 6.12.3 Beta, but just to confirm, paste from Excel does NOT work properly for: Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.11.6. This is nothing new. It has been reported, and ignored, for years now.
  4. Evernote for Mac 6.12.3 Beta

    @DTLow, I don't know if you intend to be this way, but you continually come across as excusing and apologizing for the very poor testing and QA by Evernote. Why don't you give it a rest, and let Evernote defend their own software, their own decisions to release. It is NOT our job to risk our critical daily workflows by testing beta software. I think it is a fair expectation of Evernote for their entire team to produce software that is reasonably free of material bugs. I'm not asking for "bug-free" software -- we all know that is near impossible. But it is also clear that Evernote could and should produce software that has many less bugs than they do. They should especially fix all of the obvious bugs that most of us see as soon as we run the app. ATTN: @Evernote ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) Why this continual rush-to-release, especially when you know there are serious bugs in the release??? EN Mac 6.11.1 seems reasonably stable, with very few, if any, material bugs. Why don't you guys just stick with that version until you can properly design and test the next version? As far as I'm concerned, every 6.12 version has been way premature, still in early beta condition, that no one should risk their critical workflows with. If you guys would figure out a way for us end-users to install a Beta version while keeping and not impacting our current production version, I would be glad to test it. Or, if you want to pay us for beta testing, I would install a virtual machine to test the Betas. But I also expect you to do you part first.
  5. Evernote for Mac 6.11 Beta 1 Released

    I agree. However, you may want to post your issue in the latest EN Mac Release thread. This thread is very old, and is about an old beta version. See
  6. Evernote for Mac 6.12 GA

    Just so everyone is aware, a new update has been released:
  7. Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 GA

    Just so everyone is aware, a new update has been released:
  8. Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 GA

    Unfortunately since the advent of wide-spread high bandwidth Internet access by most users, the developers, but primarily their testers and QA staff, have become very lax in properly testing a public production release before actually releasing it. However, I do have to say that Evernote seems much worse in this behavior than any other company/developer that I know of. I remember a time, about 5 years ago, when EN Mac and EN Win releases were so reliable, and had so few (if any) material bugs, that I automatically updated Evernote as soon as the release become available. Those days are now long gone, and I NEVER automatically update any software. I often wait weeks, even months, before I make an update, all the while doing my due diligence to ensure the update does not contain any bugs or changes that would break my critical workflow.
  9. mac Conflicting modification?

    You may want to post your issue (which many others have), in the latest EN Mac release thread:
  10. Photos sideways when pasted into Evernotes

    Actually it is the opposite. The photo metadata is providing the correct orientation, but Evernote is ignoring the metadata. This is a long-standing issue.
  11. Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 GA

    Which HTML code do you find odd? There are a number of different ways to produce a line break in addition to the <br> tag, including use of the <div> tag: <div>some text here</div> This put the text on a new line. Evernote often uses this in the Note EMML.
  12. Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 GA

    Well, I suppose if you have upgraded to a broken release, then an update is welcome. But that is not my point. The release that caused the initial issue should NOT have been made. Releases 6.12 and 6.12.1 were clearly premature, and each release introduced new, serious bugs. My point is that we could certainly wait a while longer after 6.11.1 before a new release is made to ensure that it does NOT contain serious bugs, or even material bugs. There are many, many apps that have only 1 or two releases a year. This seems much preferable to me, as it gives the developer the proper time to design and fully debug a new release. I suspect many bugs come from premature design. With only, let's say two, releases a year, Evernote would have plenty of time for design, and to engage in extended beta cycles to identify and fix all bugs before a production (GA) release.
  13. Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 GA

    Sorry, but ALL EN Mac 6.12 releases have been far to buggy for me. I'm still on 6.11.1. Please quit releasing new releases (GA) until you have fixed ALL of the material bugs. I was so hopeful with 6.11.1, but you guys have really dropped the ball since then. Do you realize that? Do you understand the impact you have on millions of your customers when you release very buggy releases like 6.12 and 6.12.1???? Please slow down your release cycle. We don't need new features nearly as much as we need you to fix all material bugs!!!
  14. Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 GA

    @Chantal Leonard, thanks for the update. Does this fix the conflicting changes bug in 6.12.1 reported by many?
  15. MAC: Find and Replace?

    Yes, that is a BIG concern. It is one, of many, reasons why we need Evernote Mac (like Evernote Win) to fully support Find & Replace. If they already have the Find & Repalce code for EN Win, it seems like the design is known, and a port to Mac should not be that hard. Or so it seems to me.