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  1. JMichaelTX

    7.5 Constant Crashing

    You may want to post your issue in the main EN Mac 7.5 thread to ensure that Evernote is aware of your issue: I would also post a format bug report. See the links in my signature below.
  2. JMichaelTX

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    I agree. @Evernote: May I suggest that you thoroughly test and get user feedback on changes to long-established UI BEFORE you publish a GA release? Just because some new kid on the Dev Team thinks it is a good idea because it follows some esoteric UI guidelines, does NOT make it so. IMO, you should NEVER change well-established UI without very good cause to do so, and without thorough end-user testing. SW development 101.
  3. JMichaelTX

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    Do you realize that you have a duplicate post?
  4. Sorry, I don't get it. What does iOS12 have to do with scripting? I'm not aware of any scripting capability on the iOS devices. Please provide details. The screenshots don't tell me much.
  5. JMichaelTX

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

  6. JMichaelTX

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    That's because it doesn't take much to describe a new coat of paint. 😫
  7. JMichaelTX

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    Sorry, Evernote, but really? Much ado about nothing. 👎 Sure, everybody likes a new coat of paint, a new color, even a new veneer. But it is very disappointing if you go inside and it is the same old broken furniture. The time for fanfare and celebration is when you have really new app that works with very, very few bugs, and maybe, just maybe, you have implemented a few of the long time often requested features. Then bring out the paint brushes and champagne.
  8. This works for me for ALL PDFs, regardless of how they were attached. Running Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6.
  9. Actually this is a core, simple, HTML feature: HTML summary Tag
  10. JMichaelTX

    Chrome Now Available: Clipper 7.4 for Chrome

    Hi @JMichaelTX, thanks for reporting this. I'm unable to reproduce these issues with version 7.4. Does the issues persist after selecting Reset Shortcuts in the Clipper's Shortcuts menu in Settings? @BSR, thanks for the quick reply. I took a few days to respond back to get more experience with Ver 7.4. So, #1 seems to work OK, now. Not sure why it didn't before. Still can't remove a specific shortcut. Pressing normal or forward <delete> does not work. How can a shortcut be cleared? ESC now works. But now I can't get the shortcut to Save (Enter by default) to reliably work. It seems that if I am in a text field of the Clipper, it does not recognize the ENTER. How do I move out of a text field? Pressing TAB doesn't seem to work. Having said that, the clipper seems to do its main job of "clipping" very well, and pretty fast. It may actually be better than Ver 6. Thanks for continuing to work on the Clipper until you got it fixed.
  11. JMichaelTX

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 2

    Just in case you missed it, a new Beta has been released, with 26+ bug fixes!
  12. JMichaelTX

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 3

    @Chantal Leonard, Wow!! 👍 26+ bugs fixed in one release! That's a record I think. 😄 I really, really appreciate your focus on quality -- and I know many others do as well. You may even convince me to update from Evernote 6.11.1 when 7.3 GA is released.
  13. JMichaelTX

    Chrome Now Available: Clipper 7.4 for Chrome

    Thanks for the update. It has been a long an rocky road since you guys took us for ride with Ver 7.0. I just updated to Ver 7.4 today, and the web clipping seems to be fine so far, but I do have these issues with the keyboard shortcuts: The Start Web Clipper does NOT work reliably. I can't find a way to remove a specific shortcut completely. ESC does not work as a Close Web Clipper (cancel).
  14. You are correct that EN iOS (and I think EN Android) do NOT support hierarchical tags -- they show the tag list as one flat list. This is one of the many reasons I don't use any of my iOS devices for any major Evernote work. It's all done on the Mac. In EN Win, you have the option of doing a search with a Parent tag that includes notes with any of its child tags. But we do not have that in EN Mac. It has been a feature in EN Win for about a year now, I think. So, EN nested tags do NOT work like OS nested folders, which is what most of us would expect IF we had EN nested Notebooks. So, you end up either moving to a different Notes app/system, or making Evernote work as best you can. You choice. BTW, you do not need to repeat your posts. You can quote as many other posts as you like, and then just provide one reply. And when you do quote another post, please just select the key part of that post you want to reply to. It will provide you with a "Quote Selection" popup. Thanks.
  15. JMichaelTX

    Dark Theme/Dark Mode

    Can anyone post a screenshot of what Evernote looks like under Mojave?