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  1. This is the way it has always been. The only app I know of the encrypts the data stored on your Mac is 1Password. The key to Mac security is NOT sharing your Mac login credentials with anyone. Period. In addition, you can have the macOS encrypt everything, so that it is not readable unless you are logged in.
  2. You can achieve this by setting a Reminder (no date) for the Note. Then, click on the Reminders tab in the Note list panel. If the Note is not at the top, then you can drag/drop it there.
  3. You can't directly place objects/text a specific place in Evernote, like you can with OneNote or PowerPoint. One kind workaround would be to use tables in Evernote, and put the objects in the cell you want. You can change the color of the table borders, so you could make them "disappear" by setting border color to same as Note background color. Yes, very easy to do. You can attach just about any file, with some limitations on file size.
  4. You might consider using Evernote Tags. See Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks (pNB)
  5. Open the PDF in the Preview.app, or other PDF tool, and then delete the blank pages in that app.
  6. Exporting to ENEX files is the safest, most secure method. But, you could also temporarily copy each Local NB to a Sync'd NB, which you share with yourself. Then on the other Mac, join that shared NB, and copy to Local NBs. When done. just delete the temp Sync'd NBs, and empty the EN trash.
  7. As @DTLow says, Spotlight search of Evernote is intermittent, unreliable. After numerous tries are reindexing, I had to do a clean reinstall of EN Mac 7.11, and then do yet another EN > OPT-Help > Troubleshooting > Recreate Spotlight Search Index. So for about 2-3 weeks it has been working. Just tried it on a recent Note and Spotlight found it immediately.
  8. Good point. Like a lot of politicians, past Evernote CEOs have failed to deliver on their promises. A great question. Until we see some results, we won't know for sure. But I can say this: The current CEO, Ian Small, seems much more sincere, more well grounded, and has taken a different, if not unique, approach to really fixing Evernote. I really like his demeanor and these Behind The Scenes videos. All that does give me hope, and some confidence, that things will really change this time.
  9. @Ian Small, thanks for another great video. Structuring the Beta version to run separately, side-by-side, is huge for me. This will enable me to actively participate in the Beta Program.
  10. I had a very similar issue after upgrading to Mojave and EN Mac 7.10. After trying a number of things I had to do this: Remove EN Mac 7.11 and ALL supporting files using AppDelete NOTE: If you have any Local Notebooks you want to keep, you MUST first export all of them to ENEX files. Download latest version from Evernote.com, and install After about 4 hours, I had to goto menu Help, holding down OPTION key, and then to Troubleshooting > Recreate Spotlight Search Index . Wait a day or two, and then everything was working fine. If you prefer, you can first try just recreating both Search Indexes shown above. I tried that, seemed to work at first, but then I was still missing some Notes. All of your notes are most likely still there (in the EN Cloud), and maybe even on your Mac, but the faulty index is preventing the EN Mac app from showing them. If you have a Premium account, I highly recommend that you file a support case (see link in my signature below).
  11. @Ian Small, thank's for another great video. In general, I love the direction you are headed in with respect to tags. However, I do have one UI request: Please don't waste so much vertical space on the listing of tags. This would apply to all devices, but especially to mobile devices. It is far, far more important to those of us who have lots of tags (> 1,000) to see as many tags on the screen at one time as possible, and still be readable and touchable. Also, please greatly improve the contrast of the text. The light shade of grey used for the Tag Names make it very hard to read.
  12. I have seen the same behavior running Evernote 7.11 (457846) on macOS 10.14.5.
  13. I am in a very similar environment, so I encounter the same need. I suppose that "clean and tidy" is in the eye of the beholder. When I look at your example, which you call "very messy", I do not see why you consider it messy. It seems well organized to me The questions are clearly marked, without adding any real clutter The only thing I can think of that might help would require a feature not in Evernote: Collapsible/Folding text sections. Can you please show us an illustration, using any tool, of what you would consider "clean and tidy"? I have been using a very similar layout to capture Q&A within my Notes. The only thing that I do that is somewhat different is that if the question requires an extensive answer, then I generally put both the Q&A in a separate Note, and just include the Note Link in my main set of notes.
  14. BUG REPORT: "All Notes" Selection in Note List Fails to Show ALL NOTES This has happened several times now, for no apparent reason. Running Evernote 7.11 (457846) on macOS 10.14.5. See
  15. I have had the same issue several times now, and each time this fixed it: OPTION-HELP > Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index. You would not think ALL notes would require such an index, but evidently it does. It made take several hours to rebuild your index.
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