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  1. This has been discussed many times before. Here is the reference: Which Strategy Causes the Least Pain/Effort? (Daily backup to ENEX/HTML, or Time Machine Auto-Backup)
  2. Actually, you can restore individual Notes, since each Note is represented by a folder. Just restore the Note folder to another location, and copy the contents. If you restored the entire Evernote folder (while the Evernote app is NOT running), then when you started the Evernote app it should automatically do any conversions that are necessary. If not, then also restore the Evernote App that is of the same date as the Evernote folder. Then start the old EN App. After it has finished loading, then would need to export to ENEX any Notes that you wish to use with your current EN account. Of course, when you restore the entire Evernote folder, you need to do so disconnected to the Internet. Otherwise the current EN Cloud will overwrite what you have just restored. After restoring, then would need to export to ENEX any Notes that you wish to use with your current EN account. I won't repeat details here, but the short version is that, IMO, it is easier, less burden, to just use TM for my backup, and then, IF I need to restore prior versions of Notes I can't get from EN Note History, then, and only then, incur the overhead of restore/export. IMO and IME, an actual restore is rarely needed. So I would rather not incur the pain of export to ENEX until I actually need it, which may be years, or never. So far, after using Evernote for over 7 years with 16K+ Notes, I have not needed ever to restore from my backup. I have used the EN Note history a couple of times.
  3. Since you are using a Mac, I wonder why you don't just use Time Machine (TM) for Evernote Mac backups? I have found the TM backup strategy to be superior to the traditional (Windows?) backup strategy using full and incremental backups. Without having to restore full backups, and then multiple incremental backups, TM provides you with a restore of all of the files/notes at any given point in time. Although TM does incremental backups (only changed files) on an hourly basis, it combines these to provide a full restore of the latest version at any given point in time. Just to be clear, EN Mac stores all of its Notes as folders/files, rather than in an actual database.
  4. What do you mean by "skimming quickly"? Could you please be more specific? Exactly what actions by the user might cause this?
  5. FYI, here's an article published by on 2016-10-13: Evernote confirms a serious bug caused data loss for some Mac users
  6. That is terrible advice!!! Just because I have not accessed a Note in a year does NOT, by any means, mean that the Note is not important. In fact, it may be very important. It may be an archive of some important events, documents, etc from much earlier in my life. I urge everyone to ignore this terrible advice by @gazumped!
  7. I realize this is an EN Win thread, but just for comparison, and to encourage consistency across EN apps, I thought I'd share how creating a new note works in Evernote 6.9.2 (454158) on macOS 10.11.4. Creating a New Note in EN Mac 6.9.2 If you use the EN Mac global shortcut for a new note (set in EN Prefs): The new Note is created (in its own window) using the user's default Notebook; regardless of whether the current view is for "All Notes", or for a specific notebook. If you use the File > New Note (or its shortcut) for a new note: The Note is created in the main Evernote window. IF the current view is "All Notes", then the default notebook is used. IF the current view is for a specific notebook, then that notebook is used. I suppose the preference for this behavior will vary somewhat among users, but for me this behaves just as I would intuitively expect it to behave.
  8. @Evernote ( @Evernote Alex) Where are the announcements for Evernote for Mac 6.9.x Updates? AFAIK, there have been two updates, 6.9.1 and 6.9.2, but I have not seen any announcements or release notes posted by Evernote in this forum. For the longest time, Evernote always posted an announcement for every update, but recently it seems to be sporadic. It really helps to have these announcements so that: We are aware of an update We know what bug fixes and changes are provided We have a place to post any issues we find with the update. Please continue this practice.
  9. Thanks for the reply Chuck, but you actually missed my specific concern: In the iOS Photos app, after you tap a photo, it appears in a new screen with a Trash can. Why not follow this convention? There is plenty of room at the bottom of the EN iOS screen to add a Trash Can.
  10. I agree. Please provide this. This is similar to this request:
  11. This would be HUGE! Please add this feature ASAP.
  12. Has this issue been fixed?
  13. I just want to add a note why this feature (deleting photos in Note) is so important. The Evernote auto-photo / auto-document feature is very cool when it works. But all too often, it does not work, producing a photo that is flawed, and needs to be deleted. The problem is you may not know which is the best photo until after you have finished the "auto-photo" process, and you are back in the note. So now, reviewing the Note, you need to delete one or more photos. But how do you do this? Cal has pointed out the ONLY method for doing this, but it is NOT easy to use, nor is it easily discoverable. Come on @Evernote! Do your best to put yourself in a normal user's shoes. Please make it very obvious, very intuitive, to delete a selected image/photo in the Note body.
  14. It is easy to get excited about a new OS update, but that excitement is quickly dampered when existing issues remain unfixed. Have you guys fixed this GUI gap: