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  1. I applied this fix, and I no longer get the error, and my Notes are still being indexed by Spotlight: Actually, what I did was this: I zipped and deleted the EvernoteSpotlight.appex folder: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/PlugIns/EvernoteSpotlight.appex
  2. I totally disagree. It is NOT "just expected", at least not by many. Yes, those in teams or organizations might need collaborative editing, but for most Evernote users, whom I believe are just individual users, we do NOT want to complicate the EN Editor, nor delay delivery of the new Evernote for collaboration features. That was tried by a previous Evernote CEO, and it was a disaster. Further, I don't think collaborative editing, as in multiple users changing the same document at the same time, is a good idea. In fact, it is a terrible idea. If you need full-on document editing with version tracking by user, then use MS Word or similar. Let's keep Evernote simple until the basics are completed and reliable.
  3. @Alexander Schatten, see my post at Search with "stack:Active"
  4. In addition to, or instead of, using a "Archive" tag like @DTLow suggested, you can create a Stack, that I call "Active", and put all NBs that you consider active (not archive) in that stack. Then it is easy to do a Search with "stack:Active" plus whatever else you want.
  5. This whole forum (discussion.evernote.com) is officially "user supported", but Evernote employees often respond to various posts. As you noted, the official statement says this, points back to this sub-forum.
  6. Glad that it worked for you, but it did not for me, using a very similar procedure. IAC, for those with a large number of Notes, that is not a very practical solution. Obviously, the solution is for Evernote to focus on this for a bit and solve it.
  7. For those of you on Twitter, I suggest a Twitter campaign to put pressure on Evernote to get this fixed. I don't do Twitter or Facebook, or I would start it.
  8. I think this is a question best put to Evernote Support. See the link below in my signature.
  9. Agreed, it is hard to understand why this issue has NOT been fixed six months after it was first reported.
  10. Which do you want: (1) Web page clipping; or (2) web page archive (ala Safari)? You can activate the EN Web Clipper via a shortcut (set in the Clipper Options), or by clicking on the EN Clipper button in the toolbar.
  11. @Nick L. or any Users of Ver 7.14, can you please confirm, or refute, that in Ver 7.14 you can set a hyperlink (Format > Link > Add) using a URL to these: file URL: file:///some.path/someFileName.ext email: mailto:someName@someDomain Thanks. @Nick L., while I'm here, could I please ask you to reinforce, to your Dev Team, our request to allow Non-http url schemes in notes and links as valid link URLs. ALL USERS: If you agree with this request, please go to Non-http url schemes in notes and links and cast your vote for it. Thanks. I think, at least I hope, that this would be a simple change, just a matter of changing the validation of what is allowed in the Add Link dialog.
  12. Thanks for sharing that. So I guess it was NOT broken with the Ver 7.14 release. That's good -- I'll update now.
  13. Looks like you may have introduced a bug:
  14. @SMcCandlish, OK, it just tested this running Evernote 7.13 (458080) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), and it worked: file:///Users/Shared/Dropbox/Mac%20Only/Scan%20Inbox/ExamplePDF.pdf mailto:SomeUser@SomeDomain.com So this must be a change between EN Mac 7.13 and 7.14. Too bad. I was just about to update to Ver 7.14, but I'll hold off for now.
  15. Is this new with Ver 7.14, or has it been that way for a while? Well, these are referred to a "URL schemes", which can be used to open any app on the Mac that has properly registered the scheme. So, EN Mac should allow any registered URL scheme. Period. This, of course, includes the standard "file:///" and "mailto:" schemes. @Ian Small, I know you've got a much bigger fish you're trying to fry right now, but could you please add this change, which I think is just a dialog validation issue, to your fix list. It would be really great, a big benefit to lots of Mac users, if you could add this fix to your short term list for EN Mac updates. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Just viewed your last video about the new mobile versions, and I have to say many many thanks. That is long over due -- in fact that should have been the Evernote design philosophy from the very beginning.
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