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  1. I just read this 12 days after it was posted, so maybe other comments might mitigate what I'm about to write. "Less than 2% of our users use tags." (quote from Ian Small, Evernote CEO) First, I find this extremely hard to believe (even though I heard Ian Small say those words myself), given that Evernote does NOT support a full hierarchical NB (a la folders) structures. I am astounded! Without NB hierarchy and without Tags, how do these 98% organize their Notes!?!?!? If it is true, I am sorry to say that it speaks very poorly about these 98% of EN Users. They e
  2. I'm quite calm and chilled out. It is you who seems to be picking a fight by making your post. Stick to the topic. No one needs your advice and you're not a forum moderator.
  3. It absolutely was disrespectful. You should know better than to use those type of phrases, regardless of the source or translation. The tone of your post comes across as excusing Evernote. In fact you literally are providing excuses for why we should not be concerned about posting an update that literally says "Evernote for iOS version 10.1 is now available", the key word being "NOW". This is NOT about placing blame, but holding them accountable for doing proper QA of both the app and their posts. Why waste users time checking for an update that is not there. Waiting anot
  4. Auto sync between my iPhone 11 EN iOS 10.1 and EN Mac 7.14 is one thing that is doing very well. Takes about 15 sec max, sometimes only 2-3 sec.
  5. Well, it looks like I spoke too soon. The test note I created in EN iOS 10.1 iPhone resulted in DUP Notes, with one of them being blank. Nothing has changed from the pre-Ian Evernote behavior of releasing updates with obvious bugs. Screenshot of Note List in 10.1 Showing Dup Notes The Dup that is Blank:
  6. First of all, I am NOT your "young padwan". This remark is very disrespectful. Quit making excuses for Evernote. Please let them respond to my direct posts to them. IAC, Evernote should have waited until they could independently verify that the update was in the App Store. This is just common sense and good customer service.
  7. OK, the 10.1 update is now available in the App Store. Good News! It fixes two critical bugs that were preventing me from using EN iOS: Now syncs properly from Notes created in EN Mac 7.14. A List Note created in EN iOS is now properly saved (previously it was often lost), and it syncs well with EN Mac. Kudos for fixing these bugs. However, Ver 10.0 should NOT have been released with these bugs, especially after 9 months of EN iOS Beta testing.
  8. @AgnesP, since I could not edit my above post, here is a screenshot:
  9. Actually it is NOT available. The App Store is still showing Ver 10.0.4. You guys should really double-check both the app and the app store before you publish things. Every time we learn what you say is incorrect reduces our trust in you, which is already low due to the many bugs in the initial release of Ver 10.
  10. Roger that! Let's hope the nail will survive and respond appropriately. 😉
  11. Shane and @Ian Small, I hope you guys and the entire Evernote Team are doing well. I have to say that I, and some of my colleagues, are getting very concerned about the health of Evernote. Your "Behind The Scenes" series started out really well, and we had been receiving an update about once a month. It has now been 3 months now since this last update, and nothing posted elsewhere. You guys have been in re-development nearly two years now, so I think it is fair to expect some results to start showing up. I know you don't like to share any type of projections, but I think your
  12. Yes. Nothing, NOT one thing, that affects backup and restore has changed with Evernote. If you have any specific questions about the process, feel free to post them. FWIW, I prefer AppDelete to ensure that all files related to the app are removed. I've been using it for years without any problems. I have not checked AppCleaner recently, but when I decided to go with AppDelete, AppCleaner did NOT remove all of the files it should have. But don't rely on me or anyone else, do your own homework to ensure you get the best app for you.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I haven't test your script, but it looks like a very clever script. 👍
  14. I believe Evernote has stopped making any updates to most, if not all, of their apps until they are ready to release the complete rewrite of these apps. I just watched the latest "Behind the Scenes" video, and the Evernote CEO, Ian Small, indicated they are in the "Preview" phase of most of the apps, with about 25K selected users (private Beta group). The next phase is Beta, and then the GA release of course. They did not mention a time frame, but I would not be surprised if it took at least 3-6 months before the GA release. Could be longer. I know that's hard to accept, and hard
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