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  1. RE: @Jerome S, looks like you have a great system for exporting. However, I rarely, if ever, need to export my entire Evernote account. It appears that your premium version allows export for selected Notebooks. Could you please confirm. Also, I really need to export for a tag, or set of tags, since, like many of us, I use only a few (< 5) Notebooks. Can this be done?
  2. Well, I don't know about how "hugely popular" this feature is, but it seems of a rather limited use case to me. Before Evernote implements a feature like this, I would much rather see a robust Find-and-Replace feature that could easily accomplish the same thing, and much more. If Evernote wanted to give us something really powerful, they could provide Regular Expression support in Find-and-Replace.
  3. If the entire table width is within the page, then all of the text should be shown, expanding the cell down as needed. Please make sure we have a table setting that will auto-size table width to page width. 99% of the time this is what I want, and do not want to be scrolling right/left to see the entire table. This will be particularly important when viewing the same note/table on other devices, like phones and tablets, and even laptops with small screens.
  4. Issue: Tag Context Menu (Right-Click) in the Left Panel I totally agree. I see no reason why the tag context menu in the Left Sidebar Panel should be different from that in the Tag view, or in EN Win. Tag Context Menu in EN Mac Tag View Tag Context Menu in EN Mac Left Sidebar In fact there need to be more options in both. Please add these actions to all Tag Context menus: Move Tag to be a child of ... (and then select a Tag) Filter Notes by this Tag Add this Tag to Note Filter Thanks.
  5. It is possible using the WordService by Devon Technologies. However, using the WordService services with Evernote will remove all formatting of the selected text. So, we really do need for Evernote to develop and provide a corresponding set of actions that will work with formatted text in a Note. Also, be aware of the following if you install WordService : You will need to goto System Preferences > Keyboard and enable the services you want to use Many of the WordService services have shortcuts preassigned to the service. Most of these conflict with EN Mac (and other app) shortcuts, so I just remove all of the shortcuts. Here are the services provided:
  6. If you haven't already, I would quit Evernote, and restart your computer. After the restart, before you launch the Evernote app, use the EN Web app to delete all of the duplicates. If the auto-dup continues, then I would export the Note to HTML, delete the Note (and any dups) and restart your computer again. You might also export the Note to ENEX so that you can send it to Evernote for analysis.
  7. Just right-click on the image, and click "Save image as..." EDIT: Better still, select the image (and any text you want) in my post, and then click on the Evernote Web Clipper.
  8. I have the same left panel. I'm running Evernote 6.9.2 (454158) on macOS 10.11.6. Here's an animated GIF showing how to expand the left panel, and show your NB list:
  9. EN Mac does not provide for this, but you could create a macro to do it using Keyboard Maestro .
  10. @DTLow has provided the direct answer for you. But I'd like to ask do you know that almost all of the editing functions have shortcut keys?
  11. Chrome

    I agree, this is a major issue for really web clipping for any purpose, classical research or otherwise. It should be obvious to all that when you capture text from a source, it must include, author, date published, and URL to be useful for later use/analysis. I am working on a Mac AppleScript that will capture this info from a web page, IF it is available. The issue is that there is no standard form/format used by all web pages for this info, although the better sources, like NYT and WSJ, usually include this data in the HTML metadata of the page. The key parts of my AppleScript are really JavaScript, which could be used by any tool (Mac or Windows) that can do JavaScript injection of a web page. I then have another AppleScript which uses this info to insert the following type of info at the top of the EN Mac Note of the captured web page: Unfortunately, my script/process does NOT work on all web pages, or even a large percentage of them. This is mostly due to my lack of JavaScript skills. I would hope that the experts at Evernote could make this work much better. If anyone is interested in this script, please reply here, and I'll notify you when the script is ready. Attn: @Evernote ( @gbarry, @rubenb, @Chantal Leonard ): Would you please look at providing us with this data at the top of all clipped web pages.
  12. The ScanSnap Profile Manager should provide this capability directly. Please take a look at the ScanSnap Users Guide for details. There is also lots of help available if you will just Google "scansnap evernote".
  13. I don't know of anything better. You could use AppleScript to search for all asset notes (using a tag), parse the title into description and price, and then build a new note with a table listing the assets and a total at the bottom. Alternatively, you could have a master Excel file outside of Evernote, but with a EN Master Asset Note with a link to the excel file. Then your AppleScript could just update this Excel file.
  14. I am not seeing this issue in Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.11.6: What masOS ver are you running?
  15. Just added this link you can download the template to your Evernote account.