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  1. This is complicated, and is probably best resolved by submitting a request to Evernote support using your old Premium account. If you want to try it yourself, you might try this process: Change email for new free account to a temp email address. Change email for OLD premium account to your desired email (which was for the new account) Share all Notebooks in the new account with the old account In the OLD account, copy the Notebooks and Notes from the shared new account to your OLD account. Your OLD account will now be your NEW NEW account, which is using the email originally in the new account. Any questions? Ask before you start.
  2. Bug Report: Double-click on Image Does NOT Open Image in Default App
  3. As @DTLow mentioned, it is better to place a request like that in a new topic, or existing topic of the same subject. But, as a quick workaround, you can just use the keyboard shortcut of ⌃⌘K, as shown in the menu:
  4. Thanks for asking. I guess if I can achieve the same structure, style, and use, then I don't really care how it is done, as long as it is just as easy (for me) to do as nesting tables. And, of course, it has to display the same on all devices. I don't have to create or edit it in EN iOS, but I definitely need it to view properly there. One other point is that it has to copy/paste well into other apps like MS Word 2011. However, I don't see how merging cells could achieve the same result. I have done a lot of work in MS Word with tables, including merging cells, so I am very familiar with that technique/process. I have also done a lot of work over the years with HTML tables. Nesting tables with HTML is very simple, so I am somewhat confused why it would be a challenge with Evernote, which uses a superset of HTML, correct? While it would be great to nest tables directly within EN Mac, my primary concern remains being able to copy a table from MS Word 2011 and paste into EN Mac, and have it retain all of the style and properties (view the same) as it had in Word. I hope you can release EN Mac 6.11.1 soon with just the fixes for tables (and other fixes), and then focus on the improvements later. EN Mac 6.9.2 is working well for me, but does have a number of bugs that you have fixed. Thanks again for your great support here, and in really getting things done with the Dev team.
  5. Johnathan, since you also manage the EN iOS editor, I wanted to make sure you are aware of some significant issues with tables in EN iOS 8.2: Please make sure that the EN iOS will properly display the tables that are created in EN Mac 6.11.1. Thanks.
  6. Nested tables are very useful when you have complex data with Parent-child relationships, and you need to show multiple properties of the child. The last Word 2011 example is one simple use case, but here's a more compelling use case: This is a real-world use case where I am tracking various metals and stocks. The template comes from Word 2011 (but this is a screenshot from EN Mac 6.9.2), and I'll be happy as long as you at least support that (as you have shown you do in your most recent internal build). Being able to put a table inside of the cell for a specific equity allows me to quickly see at a glance what's going on. I have all the data I need at my "fingertips". Just so you know, I create the table using Word 2011, then paste into an EN Note "template" that I then use many times via the "Copy Note" command. Please let me know if you need more discussion and/or examples.
  7. Wow! You guys are really on a roll! I've never seen Evernote move so fast. Please give my most sincere thanks to your entire Dev team! Your example looks great!
  8. Table Feature Request for the Future Johnathan, I'm not asking for this for 6.11.1, and this has nothing to do with copy from Word, but two table features that used to be in EN Mac long ago that would be very useful to have are: Allow use of horizontal line (rule) in a table cell Allow insertion of a table in the cell of another table To be clear, these features are NOT in 6.9.2 and I would not want you to even try to add them for 6.11.1. But at some point in the future it would be great to have them. Thanks again for your fantastic support and response.
  9. Johnathan, thank you very much for asking. Here's a great example that offers more challenges: Word File Attached: Word 2011 Table in a This table provides the following features that work in EN Mac 6.9.2 This entire table was designed in Word 2011 and when copied into EN Mac retains every property Table width auto-sizes as I type, or delete, text in a cell, but does NOT expand to full width of Note window Uses a table in a table Had different border width on the sub-table than on the parent table Uses a very fine, black line as a border for most cells The cell shading color is retained as it is in Word Provides a nice, thin white border between the parent table cell and the sub-table in it.
  10. Doesn't work for me when pasting a MS Word table into a EN Web Note. Table formatting is NOT preserved. Screenshot of EN Web Note:
  11. Many thanks Johnathan. I am really loving your fast and appropriate responses in this forum. You are providing a great example of great customer service. I hope others will follow your approach.
  12. IMO, Evernote is not ready as a tool to serve as serious repository for code snippets. For that, I suggest you consider these tools for the Mac: Quiver The Programmer's Notebook SnippetsLab I have used both, and currently favor Quiver.
  13. BUG REPORT: Table Looses All Formatting when Pasted from MS Word 2011 Evernote 6.11 GA on macOS 10.11.6 The Paste works perfectly in Ver 6.9.2. Please fix this bug ASAP. Restore handling of table paste from Word 2011 as it was in Ver 6.9.2. Use Case: This bug has a major impact on usability of Evernote for my workflows I have many templates that are designed using MS Word 2011 None of these templates now work. All of the existing Notes that used these templates now have lost all of their formatting Steps to Reproduce Create Table in Word 2011 that uses "Automatically resize to fit contents" Select entire table Copy Create new Note in EN Mac Paste Word 2011 file (zipped) is attached: Asset Template Table -- Word When the table is pasted into EN Mac it changes from "resize to fit" to expand to fit Note window. The row height is NOT retained Cell border color is not retained Screenshot from Word 2011 Document Screenshot of Same Table in EN Mac 6.9.2 Screenshot of Same Table in EN Mac 6.11 GA
  14. No. @DTLow is NOT an employee of Evernote, and all of his posts, like mine, are just his opinion. You can tell if the post is by an Evernote Employee by the avatar. For example:
  15. I cannot reproduce this in Evernote 6.11 (454874) on macOS 10.11.6. Clicking on an image in the PDF does NOT change the window position in any way.