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  1. I agree that you don't need to defend your assertion. However, it apparently is NOT self-evident to Evernote designers. IMO, it is not only self-evident, it is extremely obvious. I have no idea why Evernote has not implemented this feature (selective sync). (Please, no rebuttal from pseudo programmers who have no idea about the real level of difficulty of doing so.) Even if this is hard to implement, it seems to me that it is just a matter of time before many of us have more notes than will fit of some of our devices.
  2. Thanks for the update. Has this BUG been fixed:
  3. I don't think that Evernote "OCR" has ever been better than most OCR tools. For one thing, Evernote does NOT provide true OCR. It provides a best guess at creating an index for the image. This is quite different from recognizing actual characters in the image. But even if Evernote "OCR" was equal to external OCR, having the actual text that is OCR'd that is part of the PDF which you can select, copy, and search using PDF tools outside of Evernote make it more than worthwhile to me to OCR the PDF before it put it into Evernote.
  4. In addition to the Mac System Preferences, you can right-click anywhere in a Note and make sure "Smart Quotes" is unchecked:
  5. I'm not sure there is a reliable way to confirm this. Perhaps an Evernote employee will jump in with a good answer. If you go to the menu Note > Show Note Info, you can view the Image Status property. I just ran a test on a small PDF that I added to new Note, but it immediately reported "No images to index". So, I'm not sure whether it is reporting only direct images, or also images in the PDF. Obviously, the most reliable would be to select the note with the PDF, and do a Find (⌘F) on text you know is in the image in the PDF. In a quick Find text, Evernote found text in the scanned PDF within a minute of when I uploaded it.
  6. This should be a very low priority, IMO. How often, and how many users, actually need to create a new note from template at the same time? Seems like a very, very, limited, use case to me. I don't think I've ever seen another app that offers a quantity to create when creating a new document, etc from template. Does EN Win not have the "Duplicate Note" action that is in EN Mac? (menu Note > Duplicate Note) Assign a shortcut key to this menu item, and just press it as many times as you need a new note.
  7. How would you know this? Are you an Evernote employee, or do you have access to Evernote design documents? If you have done any real programming, you should know it is pointless to guess about someone else's code, particularly putting your guesses (but stated as if you have real knowledge) in a way that could easily mislead those less informed. I see no point, no value in it. Why don't we just leave it up to Evernote to comment (if they choose to do so) on the difficulty and/or incentive to make any change.
  8. Have you tried a clean reinstall? See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac If that does not fix the issue, then I would definitely submit a format bug report. Since you have Premium account, you are entitled to full support. I recommend that everyone who experiences a bug to submit a bug report. This will make sure that Evernote is aware of the issue, provide your environment data to help identify/fix the issue, and put more pressure on Evernote to fix. Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG: " to make it clear. Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners. Other Ticket types available to Free users are "Data Loss", "Crash", & "Sync Issue", "Payment/Billing Issue", and "Log in issues".
  9. What is "CE"? I did a google, but no help.
  10. If you'd like to increase the probability of Evernote fixing your issue, you might post: What versions of OS and Evernote you are running Details and steps to reproduce your issue Post in the forum topic where the update was released Of course, you can also submit a formal bug report
  11. Glad to help. Please note that the script is now maintained on my GitHub Gist: Create Rich Text Hyperlink with Custom Protocol from Selected Text
  12. I agree, like it or not, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, are the defacto standard formats for word processing and spread sheets. So, it is strongly to the advantage of any app to provide excellent support for these formats. It has nothing to do with whether or not you like Microsoft. It is all about being compatible with the formats required by the people and organizations you work with. So, @Evernote and @EvernoteAlex, it is greatly to your advantage to make EN Mac, and EN Win, as compatible as possible with MS Word and MS Excel. This means that copy/paste between Evernote and Word or Excel should work seamlessly, ensuring the formats are properly translated. In fact, if you wanted to go above your competition, you would offer direct export to Word and Excel, and import from Word and Excel. Doing this is a win-win for both Evernote and your customers.
  13. Perhaps so, but having other apps that do this but are NOT tightly integrated with Evernote is if little, actually, no, help. We don't want just this one feature. We want it along with all of the other Evernote features. Having this feature directly in Evernote would be a huge benefit.
  14. I agree Evernote needs to improve note formatting and properly handle undos. Until they do so, as a workaround, I have found that if I first do a Simplify Formatting (⌘⇧F), that will clear out most, if not all, complex HTML coding (in the entire note) that prevents proper formatting in Evernote.
  15. I'm not sure why you continue to repeat something that is incorrect. In the digital world of Evernote (and some other apps), "Notebooks" are real. They are not labels, they are containers which contain zero or more Notes. If there is anything that is not real in the Evernote digital world, it would be "labels". Evernote does NOT any entity or property called "label". So if you are trying to state the "truth", then you are far from it. I have no idea what your point is, or why you keep slamming users who would like to have a more capable Notebook feature in Evernote, that behaves much like Mac/PC folders (which are also containers). It seems very natural to me that at least some users would like the "folder" feature in Evernote since from the invention of PCs and Macs, we have had folders (also called "directories" early on). May I remind you of the title of this topic: "Feature Request: Notebooks within Notebooks". The operative words here are "feature request", so why not allow users to make a request without berating them?