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  1. I was able to clip this page AFTER a I got this popup, and did a reload as requested: Running Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (3029.110) on macOS 10.11.6. Having said that, there are definitely some web pages that can't be clipped with the EN Web Clipper.
  2. Generally, use of AppleScript with Evernote is fairly straight forward. But in this case you will have to deal with the HTML code/content to find the text that is highlighted. I'd say it is of moderate difficulty, depending on your knowledge/skills of HTML and RegEx. Getting the HTML content of a Note is easy: This will put the HTML content of the Note Selected in EN Mac on the clipboard. Paste the below script into the Script Editor, select one of your notes with highlighting, and then run the script. tell application "Evernote" set noteList to selection -- Notes selected by User in UI set oNote to item 1 of noteList -- get first Note set htmlStr to HTML content of oNote set the clipboard to htmlStr end tell Just paste into any text editor to see results. Finding and extracting the text that is highlighted will take some good RegEx skills.
  3. What platform and EN app are you using? If you are using EN Mac, then it is possible to extract the text highlighted by the same color using AppleScript.
  4. Then how are we supposed to indent (text, lists) in a table cell?
  5. Copy Table from EN Mac to MS Word Has anyone using this BETA tried copying a table, formatted with the new tools, to MS Word? If so, is the format retained? Copy Table from MS Word to EN Mac Has anyone tried copying a table created in MS Word, then pasted into EN Mac BETA? Is the Word format retained in EN Mac? Here is an example table in MS Word, if yo would like to use it: Word 2011 Table in a
  6. I have 18K+ Notes and my EN Account folder is 12.63GB. Most of mine are web clippings, with a fair amount of PDFs, and some Word and Excel files. No PPT files. I have ~2300 Notes with PDFs, with the max size being about 55MB, but most being << 10MB. You state that your primary + backup = 25GB. So if I assume primary = backup, then that is about 12.5GB for 14K Notes. Seems reasonable to me. If you are hurting for disk space, then move the backup to another drive. There was a ver of EN Mac (2+ years ago) where a bug cause PPT files to use excessive space, like 3X the size of the actual PPT file. You might double check those Notes with PPT to make sure there is not an issue there.
  7. @Chantal Leonard et al: These sound like great improvements. We've been asking for better table management for years. Thanks for finally providing this. I look forward to a solid, no-material-bugs GA release, so I can put all of this good stuff to use. Bug Fixes As always, this is my top priority, favorite feature. There are a number of bugs reported in Vre 6.11 and 6.11.1 that I don't see listed as fixed in your 6.12 BETA 1 list. Could you please comment of these? (for the bugs, see the release threads). Request for Color Options I haven't used the BETA, but just based on your screen shot, I'd request that you provide an option to pick any color, in addition to the preset list. That would be the minimum. If you'd really like to make it great, then you could provide options in EN Mac Preferences to select the colors we want in the preset list. BTW, one very cool way of doing this is to all selection of a custom color palette in the standard Mac Color Picker. Picking a Palette would auto-set the preset colors. My Custom Color Palettes Example of Custom Color Palette Thanks.
  8. I should have done my homework first. See IQTELL Alternatives in the IQTell forum.
  9. Thanks. Thought I'd capture the announcement here, since the IQTell forum will go away at some point. Closure of all IQTell services , posted 2017-06-21 I suppose this is a question better asked on the iQTell forum, but does anyone here have a suggestion of alternatives to IQTell?
  10. What's your basis for this? A Google didn't turn up anything recent. Post a link to a credible source.
  11. Thanks, @DTLow. That looks interesting/promising.
  12. Nice thinking out-of-the-box, @DTLow! @delicatefilms, just in case this is not obvious, I'd create a new Note just for this purpose, and sync your account. Then do the copy that @DTLow referred to. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  13. To help get you started, here is my simple KM Macro that pastes from a KM Named Clipboard: And here is the result in Evernote Mac: As you can see, it retains a nicely formatted table that even includes real EN checkboxes. If you need any help with KM, please visit the KM Forum, where we have a great bunch of friendly and talented KM Users, as well as the KM developer, who are always ready to help.
  14. Yep, you're right. Keyboard Maestro can retain the table format using its saved Named Clipboards. So you just copy the table in Evernote and paste it into a KM Named Clipboard. Then paste from the Named clipboard when you fire a KM trigger. Works great.
  15. Same here. I'm NOT upgrading to EN iOS 8.anything until Evernote gets their act together. This is really unbelievable that they have issued so many 8.+ versions, yet so many bugs remain, almost all created by the first Ver 8. Come on Evernote, you can do better than this. If Ver 8 is really that hard to fix, then START OVER with a new version from scratch.