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  1. I have great patience waiting for bug fixes. Please do continue to make this your top priority. So many users today seem to expect monthly, even weekly updates to apps. Instant gratification seems to be the rule of the day. IMO, we all, including you developers, would greatly benefit by delaying release of app updates until they are ready, until you have had ample time to conduct extensive QA testing. Stability is a feature.
  2. This topic seems to be closed now, but I just made an update to the script I posted. Here is my revised script: Script to List All Tags in EN Mac Account ### UPDATED 2017-03-20 7:57 PM CT ### use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later use scripting additions --————————————— tell application "Evernote" --————————————— --- GET LIST OF ALL TAG OBJECTS IN EN ACCOUNT --- -- Each Tag Object has: -- name -- Text name of Tag -- parent -- Parent Tag Object set tagList to tags --- GET NUMBER OF TAGS --- set numTags to count of tagList --- GET LIST OF TAG NAMES --- set tagNameList to name of every tag end tell
  3. It is issues like this that reaffirm my decision to NOT upgrade to Betas, or even to the latest production version of Evernote on any platform. Thankfully I'm still on EN Mac 6.9.2 and EN iOS 7.17. I will stay on both until Evernote has demonstrated that a production version is stable and reliable, and does not break my primary workflows. For several years now, Evernote updates have become very risky, very unreliable, with many new bugs being introduced with each release.
  4. You may want to checkout the AppleScript provided by Veritrope: See Evernote Mac Import Folder Using AppleScript from You should be able to add the macOS file tags to this script.
  5. I forgot to mention another tool. While it is not strictly a snippet manager, it can be used for one, and much more. See Typinator. I have a colleague who uses Typinator extensively, and raves about it. It has excellent search feature, and then can auto-expand/paste into whatever document is frontmost. I am in the process of moving all of my snippets to: Typinator Mac files With the use of text tags (like @EN) in the file name and/or contents, I can quickly find the snippet file I want by using either Spotlight directly, or a Finder Search (that uses the Spotlight technology). Once I have found/selected the file in the Finder, I can quickly open in any app by using LaunchBar, another great tool. If you are interested in Typinator, you can get it, and 6 other apps, for $20 at BundleHunt.
  6. OK. Moved your topic to the "Mac Help" forum.
  7. I have assumed for a long time, well before this event, that the US government, and others, either do or could have access to everything I have transmitted over, and/or stored in, the Internet and Cloud Services. All of this access would be illegal without a court order. So I don't transmit in plain text anything that I consider sensitive. I use PDFs with AES 256 encryption for anything sensitive. Even then, for really sensitive stuff, I don't transmit or store anywhere other than my local Mac.
  8. I moved your topic to the "Windows Desktop Help" forum, assuming that you are referring to the EN Win client/app. If you're not using EN Win, please let us know and it can be moved to the appropriate forum. I don't know of any (but I'm sure there are some) snippet managers for Windows. I use these on the Mac: Quiver SnippetsLab
  9. Anything is possible, but, as the other guys have posted, hacking your master password in a password manager that runs ONLY on your local machine is very unlikely, especially if you use a very strong password for it. Your master password is NEVER transmitted anywhere, unlike all the passwords you enter into online accounts. Perhaps it has happened, but in 20+ years, I have never heard of anyone's master password on their local machine being hacked.
  10. I don't really understand what you mean by new and old "MacOS". Are these different physical Macs? If you still have your original ("old") Mac where you did the ENEX export, then you can do this: Using your OLD (original) Mac: Make absolutely sure the old Mac is disconnected from the Internet. This is VERY important. Open Evernote Mac. It should NOT be able to sync since it is disconnected from the Internet. Export all of the Notes in each Notebook to a separate ENEX file for that Notebook. Name the ENEX file to indicated the NB Name. Using your NEW Mac: Import the ENEX files from Step #3 above, each file into a separate Local Notebook. Again, name the Local NB for the original NB I would use a naming convention of "L_OrigNBName". So, for example, if the original NB Name was "Project1", name the Local NB "L_Project1" Once you have imported all of the ENEX files into Local NBs, then you can create new Sync'd Notebooks, using the original NB Name Slowly Move the Notes from the "L_" notebooks to the corresponding Sync'd Notebook If you have more Notes than your account monthly upload limit will allow, you may have to spread out the upload over time. If you have any doubts or questions about the above process, ask before you proceed.
  11. Tags are NOT inherently a better form of organization. It depends greatly on the use case and user preference.
  12. The folder structure used is entirely user-designed. My folders are generally very logical and well-organized, thank you. Folders are just another tool. Any tool can be misused.
  13. Thanks for advising us of this issue. To All Readers: I agree with @amanda_h that you should always use a unique password for every web site/login. To make this easy to manage, you can use a password manager like 1Password, which I highly recommend, or like LastPass. There are other choices. Using 1Password, once I log in to 1Password during a session, I can quickly auto-fill the UserName and password for every web site I visit, using a hotkey (that you can assign).
  14. I agree, JB. Evernote search for text in images is awesome, the best I know of.
  15. While some users do use the term "folder" when they mean "Notebook', you know better. When you incorrectly use the term "folder", it misleads and encourages others. Please help us encourage everyone to use the proper Evernote terms. Regardless, my point still is still valid: With Evernote we cannot have hierarchical Notebooks, so we are denied this browsing option. Yes, we can somewhat model this using tags ( see Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks ), but it is not the same.