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  1. Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    Well said, @AndreasM. I don't understand why 2 or 3 Evernote apologists continue to spread false rumors. To All Others: If you are not sure about your facts, if you can't cite a linkable source, then please don't post. Doing so only adds to the confusion. Evernote has long since lost the integrity to give the the benefit of doubt -- quite the opposite, actually.
  2. Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    Perhaps that is the problem -- no one is holding Evernote accountable. If you wish to always give Evernote a pass, no matter what they do, then that is on you. Many others of us choose to do differently. Maybe you have not noticed -- but in recent days/months, there has been a new sense of holding those in power accountable for their actions (or lack of actions).
  3. Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    Wrong again, @gazumped!!! Evernote management and developers need to be held accountable for this huge mistake, whatever the cause. They need to come clean, be totally honest, fix all of the many issues they have created. Actually, since Ver 6.13.2 still works just fine, I don't know why they don't just revert to that until they have totally fixed, extensively tested, and verified all bugs are fixed.
  4. Web clipper not working properly on chrome browser

    Really? Where in that quote does it say that the Evernote Clipper was broke by a Chrome update, and the Evernote was forced to release a new version???? Or is British English really that different from American English? LOL
  5. Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    Bugs in this latest 7.1 Version of Chrome Clipper: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of the above are bugs or missing features of the latest Ver 7.1. I'm with @snugla1, I'm still on 6.13.2 (downgraded same day I got upgraded, without my permission, to 7.0), and, like every other Evernote product, I'll stay on 6.13.2 until no adverse reports are made with the new, and not-so-improved, EN Chrome Clipper. If many of us are still running 6.13.2 on the latest version of Chrome, what was the urgency to push out a half-baked update?
  6. need a script

    OK, now that I have reread your request, I'm not sure I understand it correctly. Do you want to export all of your FMP records to Evernote Notes? OR Simply extract data from a selected field in a selected record in FMP, and use that to search for Notes in Evernote? It would be helpful if you could post a detailed set of steps of how you are doing this manually now, along with screenshots of the data in FMP, and then in EN Mac.
  7. need a script

    I don't know FMP that well, but I have a colleague who is an expert in it, and is in the process of exporting a large FMP database to Apple Pages. I will ask him about this, and once we know how to get the data out of FMP, putting it into EN Mac will be easy. I'll be glad to help, but you may need to be patient, as I don't know how long it will take my colleague to response. Feel free to ping me with a PM here if you don't hear from me after a week.
  8. Conversion from Windows to Mac

    There should not be any problems with Sync'd Notebooks. Just setup your Evernote account on the Mac, and it will sync/download all of your Sync'd Notebooks from the EN Cloud. That's where you will need to take specific action on your Windows machine before you give it up. As I see it, you have two choices: Convert (move) the Local NBs on the Windows EN App to Sync'd NBs, and make sure it fully syncs to the EN Cloud. Once the above has completed syncing, Open your EN Mac app and let them sync (download) to your Mac Once that sync has completed, then move the NBs to Local NBs on your Mac. Once you have verified all of the Notes in all of your Local NBs have been transferred to your Mac, you can remove the temp sync NBs that you used to transfer the Local NBs. OR Export all of your Local NBs on the windows device to ENEX files, one ENEX per Local NB. Copy those ENEX files to a USB drive, or a Cloud service like DropBox. From that location, import into EN Mac, being sure to select Local Notebook (which is the default). Make sure you keep your Windows computer with EN Win app installed until you have verified you have the Local NBs on your Mac. Questions?
  9. Web clipper not working properly on chrome browser

    Facts in the Field This unsubstantiated rumor started by @gazumped seems to live on by those who choose to repeat the rumor. IMO, no one should state this rumor unless they have a referenceable quote from Evernote. What I can say is based on real facts, the behavior of the Evernote Chrome Clipper on my iMac-27: I'm running Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181 (3325.181) on macOS 10.12.6. EN Chrome Clipper was working fine. Evernote then pushed out an update, without my permission, to EN Chrome Clipper 7.0 This version had substantially few features than Ver 6.13.2, most notably it lost the "Remarks" field in the Clipper. When I reverted to EN Clipper 6.13.2, using the same version of Chrome, the Clipper and Chrome worked fine. I've not been using both for about 1 week without any issues what-so-ever. So, I do NOT see any evidence that Chrome broke the EN Clipper on the Mac.
  10. If you are referring to the code block, it is working fine for me, running Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6:
  11. The Evernote Editor

    From the blog mentioned above: It is very sad that after nearly 5 years of working on a product that "we've been working on for quite a while", the so-called "Common Editor" is still not finished, still not stable, and in many respects worse than it was before.
  12. Here is the Evernote Chrome Clipper 6.13.2 for Mac that I downloaded:
  13. @gazumped, I'm glad to see you state that no-one, including yourself, knows what happened. So why were you spreading misinformation? (don't answer --that's a rhetorical question). However, I can report, as I did above, that EN Clipper 6.13.2 is working just fine with the latest version of Chrome. So that makes me very suspicious of anyone who states or suggests that Chrome broke the EN Clipper. So, @gazumped, please do as you say: "So I'm going to go back to answering those queries where I may actually do some good."
  14. For everyone's benefit, but especially to notify @Evernote, here's another thread on this same subject:
  15. Web clipper not working properly on chrome browser

    This is incorrect, misinformation spread by @gazumped.