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  1. I duplicated your scenario with an open .pdf within Evernote. 50/50 whether it's licensing or programming.
  2. @Steven Eff, I noticed this too, along with the process of changing my Home screen background images remains broken, after updating to v10.8.2. Ugh!
  3. So I updated Evernote today to 10.8. The new home feature looked interesting, and I wanted to change the background to one of my own photos. Once I selected one of my old photos and applied the change, Evernote immediately reverted the background image to the original image. @Shane D., does Evernote employ a QA team to test their apps before releasing new versions? And when will this defect be remedied?
  4. Hello, Notes sorting in legacy windows vs ios 14.4.2 Hello, When identically sorting notes in the current iOS app, and the legacy desktop version on windows, the results I see are very different. It’s almost like I’m not even looking at the same software from the same vendor – has anyone else encountered difficulties with sorting notes being out of sync on the phone and Windows?
  5. It will be enlightening to see if Evernote fleshes out this beginning step of in-note table editing, allowing column width adjustment, row height, etc.
  6. I removed Evernote Thursday because of perpetually stuck web clips not importing, and installed ver 10.5.1 for iOS yesterday. Downloading selected notebooks is a very different experience now: so far, my largest notebook, which contains more than 11k notes, is almost 60% downloaded since yesterday. This is a new and welcome change to initiating offline availability. Hopefully the company will continue fixing what they broke, with subsequent releases.
  7. My largest notebook contains approximately 10,000 notes. Major instability and download times occurred - more than once.
  8. The note edit protection toggle button at the bottom of a note Is supposed to prevent note changes. But tags, and notebook location can be changed without tapping the edit button: I can add and delete note tags, move the note from one notebook to another, and the changes are saved. The note has now been edited. @Shane D.can you bring this to the Dev team's attention? I posted about the topic a few weeks ago but there was too much editorializing.
  9. A loss for words I have spent the past several weeks trying - unsuccessfully - to download the notebooks I want to be offline, and have become more and more angry about the pile of rotting garbage that is Evernote v10 for iOS. I believe that either @DTLowor @PinkElephant suggested deselecting the offline notebooks in settings, then restarting the app. And then begin downloading the selected notebooks again - via settings. For that, thank you. Son of a ***** if it didn't work! I did this with the notebooks one at a time, smallest to largest, until finally only the largest one remained. Made up of over 10k notes, and bigger than 10GB in size, Evernote took the larger part of a full week to download, but it successfully finished. Oddly enough, it's like I don't know what to do with the app now that offline content is really there. I spent so much time trying to restore basic functionality that I haven't made time for evaluating the note editor, etc. No app should be this defective and deficient - there truly is just no defensible excuse for this. I hope that perhaps some sense of how much they've f**ked us with this app - all of them, really, gets in front of Ian.
  10. That makes sense, but I do belive my original post merits further discussion, as Evernote's Edit Protection feature is far less robust than it could be.
  11. As a paid member (premium) I have access to this. Thank you for the illustration.
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