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  1. Lbugs: I hope you see this. I've been trying to figure out for a very long time this morning how to troubleshoot the message: "Failed to start up Evernote for Mac" when trying to use my ScanSnap S1300 scanner, which I haven't used in a while. Amazingly, this string of words doesn't even come up in a search of EN. Instead, and as usual, I found a lot of Evernote personnel "help" messages that were snarky and over my head. Thank you, thank you for mentioning the steps you outline above, which finally worked for me, in particular, redownloading FROM WEBSITE.
  2. If I'm printing a calendar page, I don't need to have "calendar" at the top of it. Using a Macbook.
  3. Oh heaven forbid anyone criticize Evernote. I agree with previous poster that some of us have lives beyond our computers and don't have time -- every single time we sit down to use Evernote -- to relearn it. In addition, I just want to use it to scan stuff and organize it. You change the functionality of it and, boom, I can't use it the same way as I used to. Why can't I open my docs in Preview anymore? Why can't I effectively search for answers to problems on your "knowledge base"? Most of what I find on the EN website are efforts to sell me *****. How about standing behind the product you've already taken my money for? I am unable to work today and I'm really, really frustrated. Documents that were previously OCR'd are not that way any longer. Unbelievable. And then you get snippy when YOUR CUSTOMERS get angry? Wow.
  4. Suddenly, my OCR quality is way down. And use ScanSnap to OCR?? Takes much longer and why, then, do I have a "premium" acct with EN?
  5. Well I used to be able to open my docs in Preview and add text boxes and highlighting there. Can't do that today. Great. I'm prepared to work on this today, Sunday, and now I can't. Really effing frustrating.
  6. Same here. Used to be able to "open in Preview"
  7. And you can only clip as a .pdf if you have the full Adobe version. Here's what I did: After I clipped the article, bc using "selection" did not work, I opened in Evernote, highlighted portion I did not want, then used "cut" from the edit menu.
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