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  1. Shrug? Evernote can sort notebooks. Evernote can sort notes. Why not sort the contents of notes? Just a hierarchy. Purposes are identical - to find stuff by looking.
  2. PS Just thought (ouch) that sorting lines of text satisfies the same need that is met when sorting a list of notebooks or a list of notes. It simply helps one to find stuff more easily than if it is presented in a random list. I guess it depends really on whether having that type of information is a fairly common use for Evernote. It is for me )
  3. Thanks for the replies. I didn't appreciate that the presentation of a list in alphabetical order would be considered an unusual feature (list management?). I think of it as a fairly basic way to make single lines of text easy to read. Anyway, thanks for all the replies and helpful ideas; I shall take your advice and wait and see. Howard
  4. Evernote doesn't support sorting of the text within a note (alphabetically) and I think this would be a great feature to have. I have several lists of this and that, and after a while it becomes hard for me to find what I want. I prefer my lists to be alphabetically ordered. I have seen several requests for this feature, but invariably this feature is misunderstood with the sorting of notebooks or notes. It is neither of these things; these features are already present in Evernote. I did raise this with Evernote Support, but they just acknowledged my request and then closed the ticket couple o
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