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  1. Hello there, I want to change my email from business back to my personal email. It can;t be done, because the system tells me, the email address already exits..... Can you help me?

  2. At 61, I'm still a novice at organizing notebooks but you and Evernote have helped me a lot. Thank you.

  3. Posted under my other account. But rest assured, it is ME! (Another thing JMiU can appreciate!) Carry on! Nope, they never removed. me. Sorry to disappoint. Yeah. Ok. Whatever. Right. You win. Not really. I'm just not interested in continuing this dickering with you. But hey, it's just like old times... One last parting word... NOISE!!! (JMiU can appreciate that.)
  4. A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing. Sorry, you are late to the game as well. Perhaps you & JMiU could get a group rate on tutorials on how to read a thread. Clearly you missed this post (emphasis mine for those who find it difficult to follow a thread): But thanks to you, too for playing! Better luck next time. WRT OP's post being unclear...again, if you thoroughly read the post, you would see that *I* was not the one saying OP's post was unclear...
  5. A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing.
  6. The Evernote of the past couple of years seems to be totally different from the Evernote of 2008-~2013. Certainly distancing themselves from their customers is a very noticeable difference. About three months ago, my last premium account expired & I have renewed none of them & don't plan to. I used to use Evernote at least once every hour I was on the computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. and often more than that. These days, I never open the app & use only the web version maybe three times a month to look up an old note. Prior to 2008, Evernote used to be a Windows only, payware, non-cloud app. People loved it but not enough people loved it enough to support the company. They were ready to close their doors when they took a different direction... Being a multi-platform cloud app. I'm guessing it's deja vu all over again in that millions of people loved it, but not enough people loved it to pay for it & sustain the company... IDK, but certainly they have taken a different direction & are no longer concerned about being a 100 year company (b/c the issue of large databases not scaling well - to the point where the app becomes totally unusable, b/c the same search across different platforms yields different results, b/c record counts differ across different platforms, etc) and appear to be focusing on more of a business use. I truly miss what Evernote used to be to me & what it would have continued to be for me, had they addressed some of the issues I've mentioned here & in other threads. I used to be the poster child for using Evernote. But no more. I've yet to find an alternative that works well. But at least the apps I'm forced to now use work, even if it's a cobbled together thing. Whereas Evernote became 100% unusable to me on my idevices and my PC.
  7. Oh, sorry, my bad. No one needs to ask me. I just do it. You're very welcome. Yeah, as CSHilling says...check the email address you typed in. Sounds like that's the problem - typed in wrong. User error. How silly would THAT be!
  8. Ummm....if you have a free account, it's not stupid at all, since you can no longer email to free accounts. It's undeliverable not b/c of the email address, but because it's not a part of your service.
  9. So JMiU still feels the need to make unnecessary NOISE and stick it to those he doesn't like. (Sigh). Some things never change.
  10. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/29/a-note-from-chris-oneill/ While I'm sorry for those who have lost their jobs, this is the first positive thing I've seen from Evernote in a couple of years now. However, I don't want to be overly optimistic... but if he follows through on this, it may be that Evernote will be returning to it's core product and one that I would consider paying for once again. Hopefully, the scalability issue will be addressed. I suspect that one is not an easy task & will take a year or so. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  11. I understood your request from the first post. I don't know how to say it any more clearly. Any changes to synced notes needs to be synced to the Evernote servers (cloud). Since Evernote's usage is based upon UPLOAD (not the amount stored in the clouds say like Dropbox), then any changes to synced notes needs to go against your upload amount. If you've used it all up, you will need to wait until your upload refreshes (or upgrade your account to a larger upload amount).
  12. Regardless of your opinion on Gaz's replies, right there is your answer. It's Evernote's product and if they choose to not implement any stronger/better encryption, it's certainly their choice, If it's a deal breaker for anyone, then it's the user's choice to use an app that better suits their needs.
  13. Changes to synced notes would need to be synced to the servers. How else would those changes be replicated to any other computers/devices you use?
  14. Hey! Even better! So put your money where your mouth is and do it your own darn self, if you think it's such a great idea! There are all these people posting in this thread that I'm sure will back you up financially. Make it happen!!! Git'er done!
  15. Sorry, but Metrodon (bank robber?) is correct. Offline access to notes has NEVER been free except when notes were cached or individual notes were "favorited". And favorites have been gone for many years. Here's proof ( see link below) by way of someone else complaining in July. 2013 and that thread links to a similar complaint in October 2010. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39907-used-to-have-offline-access-to-notes-without-premium/
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