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  1. All going well, you should see the Add tag option at the bottom left of your note. There is also an icon with the image of a tag and a + symbol.
  2. Can I create Notebook stacks within a Space? If so, what platform supports this, Windows, Mac, Web? I was working on a Mac today and could not see a way to do this.
  3. Yes, I do have a business account. I also have a personal premium account. In the personal account I can add Evernote in the web interface by creating an email and clicking on the dropdown menu- bottom of message (three dots). You will see Evernote listed there and you then execute a sign in to your Evernote account. I have included a link to the MS instructions, however in my Outlook the drop down is on the bottom of the message and the interface is a bit different. I am not sure how well this cascades to your desktop. Evernote for Outlook
  4. I have a MS Office 365 account and Outlook v16.23 in my Mac. The 'Save to Evernote' icon appears on my toolbar and works for every email account I have operating there; MS O365 Exchange, iCloud and a standard IMAP account. I loaded the 'Send to Evernote' feature in my O363 online 'dashboard' where you can select apps. When I first installed, it took some time to appear on my desktop version of Outlook. After a restart it was there and has worked well ever since.
  5. Hate to pile on but we are getting this as well in Evernote for Business. We are using Apple OS as well as Windows 10.
  6. I like the update - well done. The Tabs feature is an excellent productivity boost particularly when working across Notebooks as I do with projects or content development. I understand the sentiments regarding the separation, however I see it as a big improvement for small to medium businesses. This new way of separating Personal and Business is more aligned with how businesses view information management and intellectual property. I have had a couple instances of 'push-back' from people in businesses with 30+ employees who raised concerns with the Windows version. I am hoping this structure or similar is added to the Windows version to appeal to the broader business market.
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