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  1. I really tried to figure out how to utilize LN for personal info and tasks, but once I was no longer a (then) IBM Business Partner (2001) and thus no longer getting free software, I had to abandon that dream. If you ever come across something similar (esp with workflow included), please post here. I've followed you. As a Red Cross volunteer, I'm looking closely at the MS Sharepoint suite of inter-related products and I think I'll be able to cludge something together with them although I can't have my personal data store on the ARC servers so I'll have to see what's available retail. It is so bizarre to be using MS products again after being so critical of their pathetic attempts in the 90's to compete with Lotus Notes! Here we are 25 years later!
  2. First off, the legacy app has so many bugs, TMTC, and obviously they won't be fixing any. Secondly, it is only a matter of time before it will no longer be available. I use the premium version which requires a subscription and certain functions that they could drop at any moment; In fact the entire sync function is totally dependent on their servers and their support. You're in a dream world if you think EN, the company, will lift a finger to ensure that these services go forward.
  3. It has to do with how much time and effort we have put into EN to have it really alleviate a lot of pain in handling our information needs and desires. It also has to do with the tremendous challenge of researching and choosing an alternative and then moving 10's of thousands of documents, notes, etc. over to a new system. I was a Lotus Development Business Partner before I retired. I loved Lotus Notes; consulted with clients; developed various workflow/business processes with it. If there was any way to use it as a personal tool, I certainly would today. But, sadly, it isn't affordable for personal use. Then I found Evernote and it satisfies my information needs. Now, after years and 20,000 notes, I have to go through that process all over again. I'm sad and really pissed off.
  4. I appreciate your post and agree re: the web clipper. I read a post from an EN employee that said it was impossible to install the legacy version, but then, by chance, I found a link to it so that's what I'm doing. I already had it on my other computers (but getting rid of two of them). I'm a long time Premium user so I was shattered by the idea that I had to suddenly switch to another tool. I would love to know what template you are using for journaling. Thanks for your valuable post.
  5. Why? because I didn't find those in a search... What I'm wondering is why wasn't it easier to get to them.
  6. Nope... not serious... just pointing out how stupid and ignorant they were in making this decision.
  7. What really shakes me up is this: how is it that Evernote, the company, didn't know that it had a user base that tolerated crappy, buggy releases for nearly a decade and who would cry when they realized they had to get a divorce? Didn't anyone there realize how valuable having a user base like that was? My immediate thought was that another company had taken them over. Maybe we were a cult? I'm now going through the stages of grief. The only scenario that makes sense for Evernote spending people and money capital to produce such an abysmal product such as 10.x is that they were taken over by an investment group that wants to see its demise... reminds me of what happened to a superlative computer manufacturer, TANDEM, a few decades ago. That computer ran circles around IBM and others. Now just a few grey-hairs like myself remember it.
  8. This guy is brilliant and offers great insights on the future field of note taking; thought organizing, and collaboration. Along with pointing out the obvious DOWNGRADING OF EVERNOTE in its 10.x release, his major criticism is that Evernote, the company, DOES NOT LISTEN TO ITS USERS. To me, that is a death knell. The whole point of a product like Evernote is to enable the productivity and effectiveness of its users and if it is making decisions counter to that principle, then it might as well start making kid's video games. I poked around last night and every time I found a post from an Evernote "leader" I found them saying "Tell us what you think." and then closing down any opportunity for user feedback (i.e. the reply option was locked). That says it all. Plus 10 weeks to get a response from the tech support staff. Be Patient? Are you f'g kidding me? Hire more people or release a product that has been adequately tested. I spent 40 years in software development from being a lowly programmer in 1965 (yes, I'm an elder - 78 yo woman) to leading project teams developing major systems for major firms. I'm totally clear what it means when you can't keep up with customer complaints and technical issues. Give me a break!
  9. How do you reinstall legacy. I cannot use the newest version. It is really horrible... modern design? give me a break. I don't use Evernote to win beauty contests. I used it to get stuff done.
  10. That would do the job, but I have a lot of notebooks. It would be a huge challenge to import all of them separately. Plus I have no idea how to set up PowerShell. I'm sure I could figure it out given enough time, but honestly after all these years, why hasn't Evernote simply included the Note book in the enex file? That said, thank you for sending this. Saroj
  11. Thanks. Progress so far: DB is downloaded from servers. unsync'd notes have been imported and now sync'd (just finished). The unsync'd notes all lost their Notebook designation. I had hoped Evernote would have changed that quirk. I recall this from years ago. I guess the only way around this is to create a special tag for each Notebook that shows what Notebook it is associated with. What a PITA. That's 301 notes that I have to reassign now. Saroj
  12. @PinkElephant - again, thanks for your help. The db download is now at 17,227 and still cranking. I don't own any Apple products... I have had too many apps that would only run on Windows-based computers (not that I'm any big fan of Microsoft, mind you) and iPhones cost too much for my budget. sadly the G.S. passed on Friday... totally unexpectedly... no known illness...The White dog in the pic (also a Chi-mix - Jack Russell) died earlier this year after having dementia for 3 years. Now we're dogless.
  13. Meanwhile, I just got a notification of a new version of Evernote... 6.20.2 - If I'm successful in importing my unsync'd notes, I'll trying upgrading before reverting to the older version. Major major, thanks for your kind thoughts.
  14. so it looks like the root of my problem is that my database was messed up. I had 301 un-sync'd notes going back to 2014. I was given instructions on how to rebuild the database from Evernote servers and then import my 301 un-sync'd notes into the new db (which I previously saved and set aside). It has been downloading my notes for well over an hour now... it is up to 13,006... I didn't think to note the total prior to removing the corrupt db, but I'm guessing I had close to 20,000. I'll let y'all know the outcome.
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