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  1. Thanks for the correction. Indeed, there wouldn't be much point in encryption if everything got indexed and saved to a non encrypted location. At this point, Evernote obviously isn't set up to do this, but that's the result of design decisions rather than technical limitations. Again, I'm fine if that's what they want to do, because it is their app to design, but ideally I'd like to see them adopt this suggestion and introduce a new feature such as an encrypted notebook or full database encryption (end to end). Zero knowledge, in my opinion, is something that has become increasingly standard in the industry. Five years ago (Snowden leaks) Evernote didn't seem like an outlier when it resisted implementing more robust encryption, but they've stood still while Apple and others have passed them by (at least, in this respect). That doesn't seem like a very good business strategy, and it certainly isn't responding well to the needs of some users (like me), who need encryption for work files. Yes, we can use a different app to encrypt each of thousands of files one at a time and then put them in Evernote, but that isn't exactly "user friendly" or feasible. It's far easier to just switch to a competitor and get work done––something I hope Evernote will think about now that it has new leadership.
  2. Yep. It might end up being like their bullet lists, if done poorly. But, if done well, we woukdn’t even know it’s there. I can’t read their minds, but judging by years of interactions, it seems to me that EN staff know it “can” be done, but aren’t doing it. It’s a choice, and one for them to make, but their competitors are choosing a different route. Apple? Seemless note-level encryption with the touch of a button. If there’s any complaining out there, I’ve yet to hear it. OneNote? It apparently has encryption for sections of some kind. I don’t use it, so I can’t say for sure, but it seems OK.At any rate, it’s there. DevonThink (OSX and iOS)? Turn it on once (like FileVault) and it is seamless encryption for the entire database — you never have to think about it again, and it is searchable, etc. I OCR stuff in it all the time. If there are any complaints about the encryption, I haven’t heard them. Bear, VoodooPad, Saferoom (app for Evernote), etc. So many other folks have this problem solved. In EN, we’re still stuck with blocks of text.
  3. LOL. It’s tough to call the drivel I produce knowledge, so maybe I’m at zero as well.
  4. Other apps have zero-knowledge full encryption and nothing is broken—search works fine (the index is generated by your device and the data is kept locally just like Evernote does for offline use, except that unlike Evernote, the content is never shared unencrypted with any home base on the cloud). Of course, Evernote couldn’t do things exactly the same way by just plugging in the new feature and turning it on. To get the OCR, it’d have to be done locally on our devices, for example, or we’d have to waive our encryption (perhaps with a zero-knowledge encryption feature just for designated notebooks). It would, in other words, require some imagination, but I think it is more a lack of will / interest than a technical issue at this point. If other apps have had fully encrypted databases for years now, some of them created by individual developers, then I think a team of a few hundred folks at Evernote can handle it, IF they wanted to do it. They don’t. They’ve said as much in the past, even though there were hints at some point about “sexy” encryption. So, here we are.
  5. I think ot was nice for the CEO to post. He’s surely busy, and I appreciate him taking the time to share his thoughts. I generally think it’s helpful to separate Evernote’s promises (the features it promotes and offers) from user requests (the features we think it shoukd have). In other words, differentiating the Evernote that “is” from the Evernote that some people (few features are going to get universal agreement) thinkbit “ought” to be. In this case, I interpret the CEO as recognizing that Evernote hasn’t been living up to the standards it has set—it promises certain things, but isn’t delivering, so he wants to take care of that. Personally, I think this ought to be done in days, not weeks. Additional security features and other “new” stuff is fine and all, but I’m in no hurry to see them break stuff rushing to churn it out—the all-too-common problen with past releases. I think slowly and steadily building new functionality into it while rigorously testing each release is the way to go. My personal wish list begins and ends with zero-knowledge encryption of everything. Other apps have it. It can be done. It is being done. So, make it so. By the way, in answer to the queries above: Google and Evernote staff “can” look at anything they want, though they say they don’t do it except in limited circumstances. I have nothing against staff at either company, but we shouldn’t be required to “trust” strangers, and no one should have the power/burden of access to so much personal information—Google staff (in violation of internal rules, of course) have been caught snooping in the past, so... zero knowledge please.
  6. I agree with jefito. It’d be difficult not to get behind a goal of improving existing stuff. Best of luck to Evernote and its new CEO in 2019. For those of us that have been here since the beginning—over a decade now—it’d be really exciting to see the app finally fulfill its potential.
  7. Update: sluggishness plus notes that cannot load. Also, spontaneous reproduction of notes (reported months ago as well -- it could be iOS or OSX, I guess, but I can report that it is at least still a problem somewhere).
  8. I don't know the specifics of the user's problem, but it sounds similar to what I have been seeing on iOS as well, with some notes simply not loading. Eventually, I sometimes get the not-so-helpful message that Evernote was unable to load the note. I don't know if it is related to the devices or not, but I can at least confirm that this has happened several times today on my iPhone. The exact same note appears just fine on my iPad and Mac. It appears to be a bug, and not user error. Perhaps it is related to the sluggishness of the app in the most recent update. Or, maybe I've just been hit by a tachyon burst or something from the main deflector dish at EN HQ. Whatever it is, it quite literally makes the app unusable, so I hope this will be addressed in future updates.
  9. Hi. 8.17 here. Thanks for the update. For the next build, could you speed up the time to start a note? 5-10 seconds is just too long to wait. Maybe it is OK for others, but it just doesn’t fit my workflow. It seems to me like speed is kind of Evernote’s thing — after all, what is the point of building a slow productivity app? Please reconsider whatever decisions led you to accept slowness as OK. If this is a bug, and unintentional, how did it make it into the public release? Please look at the QA process for the app. Until the next update it’s unusable in my workflow (again, others may have more patience, and I may be an edge case here) and the web version doesn’t work on mobile (several years now since this very helpful mobile web client was abandoned), so I’m paying for an icon on my screen... Also, images added to notes from the camera roll don’t always go where they are supposed to (the end of a note instead of the selected location).
  10. Please see the thread announcing an ongoing attack / attempt to access accounts using passwords obtained from some other service.
  11. I haven’t seen this for a few days, but it’s been cropping up evry once in a while for the past few months. It’s a terrible time waster.
  12. I don’t have any interest in going back, because I’ve had an endless string of irritating minor bugs + occasional big ones. I can’t actually remember a time when everything just worked. To be fair, Apple comes along every year or so and breaks stuff with new ios versions, and forces everyone to runa around like chickens with their heads cut off to build, revise, or aabandon apps in time for it. I’d just settle for an app that works. I also take a serious look at the Surface every time it gets updated. No time to actually pull the trigger this year. I’m already too busy. And, that is what makes any bug that much more frustrating. I’ve got stuff to do.
  13. The two most troublesome issues on the iPad app for me are the notes that fail to render despite being downloaded for offline and being (usually) unable to search notes offline. Both problems defeat the purpose of having offline notes in the first place, so I hope this is solved soon.
  14. Thanks for letting us know and good luck with whatever alternative solution you find. In my case, I prefer to save sites as PDFs. It isn’t ideal, but it saves headaches down the road. Fortunately, there are several well-polished ways of getting data into the app.
  15. Please report this to customer support. It might be unauthorized access to your account due to any number of reasons — not necessarily a security breach at Evernote (actually, at Google, because EN is using their servers now). The more information customer service has, the sooner they can help you out. In the meantime, it never hurts to change your passwords (random, long, and unique—use different ones for every site). A password manager is helpful for this.
  16. The bugs that I’ve run into, such as notes that don’t sync properly, seem rather serious. Those are ones I don’t think should exist in any beta, because it means a fundamental, core feature (as I define them) is broken. Some messiness in rolling out a new design like this seems inevitable, and I‘m not terrible bothered by it.
  17. Hi. I’ve had the same problem. Who knows why. I already reported it to the staff. Going forward, I’d recommend good backups (TimeMachine) and occasional export of all notes as html. It saves a lot of headaches.
  18. Hi. I think you’ll find GoodNotes or some other dedicated app is simply better, and it is exceedingly unlikely that Evernote will somehow leapfrog them to become a superior one. This is true of any app (apple notes, for example, is also inferior), because, especially in iOS, apps that specialize tend to be more useful than ones that try to do everything for everyone. Is Evernote the problem? Maybe. Penultimate was never a good fit for my workflow (PDF annotations and notetaking in multiple languages, including vertical, left to right ones). But, it did work well for some folks. So, when Evernote bought it, I guess there was some potential there for something. Similar to Skitch, though, it seems to be a tough thing to turn it into aan industry leader without losing focus. Eventually, Evernote sloughed off most of its app ecosystem, and here we are today—I doubt Evernote is likely to go back to intensive development of multiple apps, which is the only realistic way they could compete with other dedicated apps. At any rate, GoodNotes with backups in PDF to Dropbox makes everything available to any device (even Windows), the content is OCRd, and it is easy to get into Evernote.
  19. I have had the same issue for at least teo months (reported here on the forums and to CS), but I’ve observed it happening when I’m offline. While online, everything is fine, and all my notes are downloaded for offline use, but as soon as I lose an Internet connection (on a plane, train, etc) nothing can be found. Perhaps, in your case, the VPN could be losing the connection and that might kick you “offline.” Does this seem like a possibility? I see the spinning that usually indicates a problem with the Internet connection. The solution? Never go offline It might help to make table of contents notes for important stuff and save that note into your favorites. Hopefully, at some point, Evernote will get this sorted.
  20. Indeed, for many, many years the documentation has mistakenly said that PDFs are searchable for Premium and Business members. We've recommended before that they change the wording to indicate that PDFs get OCR'd for Premium and Business members. As DT noted, PDFs can be searched at any subscription level. One interesting thing about Evernote's OCR (still supplied by ABBYY?) is that it can be done in two languages simultaneously. That's pretty cool, and generally not available in other software, so it is sometimes a good idea to let Evernote do the OCR instead. If a document is OCR'd when you upload it, Evernote will use that version, and will not OCR it, so you have to make that decision before uploading.
  21. Rather than hacking detection (as you said, it’s not hacking), unauthorized devices or new logins ought to be detected and an email sent to users (like gmail does).
  22. This is obviously serious, and needs to be looked into, but I am not so sure about "hacked." There are several very easy ways to gain access to someone's account (in any service), and one of those is to try out passwords / login details obtained from a hack of any service, even if it is totally unrelated to Evernote, because people often re-use the same password across sites. This is probably going to be done by a "bot" of some kind, so no amount of human speed is going to help you out. And, I wouldn't be surprised if they use a VPN, which masks their identity by routing their connection through a server in another country. VPNs are pretty common, and the IP address probably doesn't tell us a whole lot about where the person actually is -- it could be your next-door neighbor or the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop just using a VPN. "Hacking" an account (to me) implies some sort of problem with the service. Gaining unauthorized access seems the most appropriate. It's a minor distinction, but making it reminds us about the need to regularly change passwords, use two-factor authentication whenever possible, use random passwords, make our passwords long, and make them unique. I agree that a notification would be nice
  23. I'm on 8.16 here in Japan. Maybe there is a lag because I'm in the Japanese app store? At any rate, no crashes for me at this point. I'd recommend contacting support.
  24. 12. Note numbers don't match This is something that seems to crop up every once in a while (according to my memory of the last decade, at least). A notebook in iOS (iPad and iPone) has 18 notes (2 from a while ago that shouldn't be there, but are) and OSX has 16. Why? I don't know. There's nothing special about the two notes.
  25. 9. (New) PDF files not displaying Same as 8. I can't view a bunch of my files online or offline. I just have blank squares where I ought to be seeing files. I open my Mac and it's all there. So... at this point, all I can rely on Evernote to do in iOS is display text. And, even that may / may not be searchable if I'm offline. This isn't a good situation, I'm afraid. I reported some of this stuff a while back via tickets already and no movement yet. I hope you'll at least consider looking into this Again, I'm not requesting a new feature. It'd just be nice to consistently be able to see images and PDFs in iOS. 10. "Intitle" search isn't working Sometimes stuff comes up, and sometimes it doesn't, even when working online. This is a new one for me. At the moment, an intitle search that should pull up the note I am viewing can't find anything. The note is right there in front of me, but the search cannot find it. Usually intitle works, but I've had this happen multiple times recently... *an addendum to #8: iOS can't see the image, my Macbook Pro can't see the image, but my Macbook can. I cannot explain it. I have them all sitting in front of me right now, all synced, and still no luck. It's a note from back in July with no changes either. At this point, I have to throw my hands up in the air. I do hope you'll get this sorted. * the notes that are causing me problems appear to all be from before July, when I moved many of my notes into a local notebook in order to avoid a different problem (reported). Perhaps there is some kind of connection with the fact that they were in a local notebook. 11. Export problems I'm trying to export my notes. But, the content of some notes cannot be downloaded. I am guessing it has something to do with the issues described above. It seems that I'll have to export hundreds of notes via copy / paste. This will take a while, I'm afraid. Obviously, this isn't an iOS issue (I think this thread got moved here, because I didn't mean for it to be here). If you could pass this along, I'd appreciate it.
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